Some bits from their interview with bnt News. 

MINX went on a really long hiatus before they reformed and redebuted into Dreamcatcher.

So when asked about how they felt during that long hiatus period, one of the members said, “In that period of time, we fell into a slump severely. I couldn’t  (bring myself) to watch other girl groups’ stages so I didn’t watch the TV. And since I was already under a lot of stress, watching other girl groups perform on TV drove me to the point where I became really jealous.

When asked about how they felt about MINX’s long hiatus:
Siyeon: Just thinking of then, my eyes would turn red. During that period, all of the members (MINX), fell into a slump severely. I refused to and hated to listen to any kinds of songs. Every time I laid in bed, I cried a lot. I did not want to say this, but at that time, I would go to the cyber cafe with Yoohyeon to play “League of Legends” to relieve stress.

Q: Which member gives the best fan service?
Ji-U: My style is that I approach and express myself to the fans first. So, I’ll say hi first. 
Dami: I have ments (kind of like adlibs or something funny) with the fans. When the fans pass by, I’ll go like “You dropped something. Your charm/beauty.” playfully. (laughs)
Yoohyeon: I try my best to be friends with my fans.
Siyeon: A lot of the fans are younger than I am. So I try to be friendly to them like a sister next door. 

Q: Most exquisite member in the group:
Siyeon: SuA unnie has a slim waistline, Dami too. Dami’s pelvis is really no joke. She has a slim waistline and a wide pelvis. Her figure resembles a coke bottle.

Q: Other areas you wish to challenge?
Siyeon: I want to do voice acting, or if I have the chance, I want to do animation dubbing as well. If there’s an opportunity, I’d like to do an anime-like OST.
Ji-U: I want to do acting. I want to do MCing, too. Especially on ‘On Style’s Get it Beauty 2017′ that I currently enjoy watching. 
SuA: I must get to try acting at least once, and if I do there’s a particular genre that I want to do. It’s horror or historical dramas. I want to play a role that’s kind of intimidating/scary, like sword fighting, getting hit or being cruel. 
Dami: I like writing lyrics, so I’d want to challenge my writing and someday, publish a book. 
Gahyeon: Since I attended an arts high school, I get a lot of opportunities to write lyrics. So I’d like to try composing. 
Handong: I must get to try to do musical acting at least once. (She majored in Musical Acting.) My favorite musical is ‘Cats.’ I was really impressed after watching it. 

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