From Argentina to Panama … Dreamcatcher’s ‘World Tour’, ‘Seven Nightmares’ captivating Latin America

‘Seven nightmares’ Dreamcatcher passionately heated up Latin America.

On the 6th of August (Korean Time), Dreamcatcher visited Panama City, Panama, and held their second world tour concert ‘WELCOME TO THE DREAMWORLD in LATIN AMERICA’ while creating special memories with local fans.

Dreamcatcher departed for their tour through five South American countries on the 31st of July. They started in Buenos Aires (Argentina), sequentially [visited] Santiago (Chile), Lima (Peru), and Bogota (Colombia), and lowered the curtain on the Latin America tour by successfully wrapping up the concert in Panama City (Panama).

The relationship between Dreamcatcher and their Latin American fans is very deep. Last year, Dreamcatcher toured four cities in Brazil at the time of their first world tour ‘Fly High’, recording a complete sellout on the tickets. This year, the tour through five countries also got started by the request of Latin American fans though MyMusicTaste.

For Dreamcatcher’s Latin American fans, being able to see the organic plot of the ‘Nightmare’ fantasy story performances makes it even more fun. While presenting their stages, from each of their singles and the albums’ side tracks to unit performances and covers that heated up social media, they showed off their various charms.

Dreamcatcher’s meeting with Latin American fans did not end [there]. Of course, the Dreamcatcher members had time to talk with their fans during spare moments of the concerts, and they figured out various events to complete precious memories together with their fans from the other side of the globe.

In particular, at the last concert of the tour in Panama City, Park Sanghoon, the ambassador for Panama, was on the scene, together of course with Portugal’s ambassador Pedro Pessoa E Costa, and gave an idea of Dreamcatcher and the status of K-POP.

Dreamcatcher expressed their feelings after finishing their tour though the five countries: ‘We were extremely touched by the fact that there are fans even on the other side of the globe that love Dreamcatcher’s music and passionately cheer for us. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We will become Dreamcatcher who return the love you gave with a better image. While looking forward to meeting you all again as soon as possible, we once more want to express our thanks to everyone who was together with us.’

While they finished their concerts in South America for their second world tour ‘WELCOME TO THE DREAMWORLD’, Dreamcatcher will travel to Los Angeles in the US, and is scheduled to attend ‘KCON 2018 in LA’, which is held at the Staples Center on the 11th and 12th of August, as a special artist.


original article: 한국경제TV Naver

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