Sept 25, 2020: Dreamcatcher’s “Full Moon” wins first place for “Best Fansong” via voting


Dreamcatcher’s “Full Moon” topped the “Best Fansong” voting and won 1st place.


Starplay, a global star fandom app that is being turned into an active voting site by the star fandom, held a voting of “Best Fansong” for a total of two weeks starting from 7th to 21st September.


This voting gained a lot of attention and after a fierce battle full of fan’s love, Dreamcatcher’s fan song “Full Moon” topped the list, accounting for a total of 48.68 percent.


“Full Moon” is a special single released by Dreamcatcher on various online music sites in January 2018 to celebrate their first anniversary. “Full Moon” is a fan song with a young metal genre that melts a longing and affectionate heart on top of Dreamcatcher’s unique storytelling, and features a band sound with a strong guitar tone. Fans “Insomnia” that felt the love through Full Moon, has received great achievements for its excitement, and has also entered the top 100 on iTunes K-pop charts in 15 countries, including Asia, North and South America, and Europe, even though it is not an official album.


Dreamcatcher has expressed extraordinary fan love with ‘Full Moon,’ which was unveiled as a special gift for fans. Dreamcatcher also included “Full Moon” in their first full-length album “Dystopia: The Tree of Language,” which was released in February this year, drawing attention by indirectly expressing their love for fans. On July 3, they sang “Full Moon” at their first online solo concert “DREAMCATCHER CONCERT GLOBAL STREAMING INTO THE NIGHT & DYSTOPIA” held through the My Music Taste platform, ending the performance with a confession of love for their fans.


Dreamcatcher released its fifth mini-album “Dystopia: Lost Myself” in August and had successfully completed the promotion for the music. The title track “BOCA” is a moombahton rock song that tells stories about telling irresponsible words, and Dreamcatcher gave special joy with its distinctive powerful sound and sharp lyrics, and stole fans’ hearts with its “BOCA” stage featuring an eye-catching and impressive dance with stable live performance. Dreamcatcher sold 32,000 copies in just two days after the album’s release, and the music video for the title track has gained more than 4 million views in just 24 hours after its release.


After finishing his album activities, Dreamcatcher showed off a variety of charms from lovely to lively on Newsen TV’s “니들모해?!” video contents and appearing as the first guest on the new concept fan wish fulfillment entertainment program “Ontact Fan Meeting,” they showed extraordinary “Insomania love” by shouting out the correct answers to fans’ problems and showing excitement at the actual phone connections with fans.


Wanna One’s “The 12th Star” came in second with 47.48 percent, followed by IZ*One’s “With*one” and SHINee’s “An ode to you.” The results of the vote can be found on the global star fandom application ‘Starplay’.


StarPlay is currently undergoing the voting on the Best Trot Song until 5th October.


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