1st Concert in Seoul – Rice Wreath Support

Update #3: March 25, 2018

Dreamcatcher’s First Concert in Seoul < Welcome to the Dream World > successfully concluded on March 10, 2018! In total, we were able to raise a total of 300kg of rice to the elderly living alone and needy children! They have received our rice wreaths well and thanks to Dreame and Jupiter Rising, we have many photos and videos to show you about it!


We would like to thank the following InSomnias for their unwavering support for this project:

Wreath design is in collaboration with fansites Unconditional2S, Jupiter Rising, Love To You, Amazing Dong and DearJIU. Thank you for always taking amazing photos for InSomnias!

Original Post

Dreamcatcher are looking to hold their very first domestic concert on March 11th, 2018 if at least 1,000 tickets are sold through Interpark’s new crowdfunding project, ‘Mission Stage!’ Although the concert is not yet a reality, 7 Dreamers would like to invite Dreamcatcher fans all over the world to partake in this project, where we seek to deliver a rice wreath to the concert venue.

Wreath Specifics

Goal: USD 380
• 100 kg of rice
• 2x cheer ribbons
• 1.1m x 1.4m banner
• Custom fan club card

As previously mentioned, the wreath will be delivered to the concert venue. The rice will be donated to children and people in need in Dreamcatcher’s name and contributors’ names will be inscribed on the banner.

If you’re interested in participating, you may do so by

Contributing via PayPal

Send your contributions to seven7dreamers@gmail.com or through paypal.me/7Dreamers. Please include your name either when sending your contribution or e-mail us with your name/nickname and the amount of your contribution.

Fanmaum: https://fanmaum.com/projects/view/2571

Android users can download the app and log in everyday and/or download apps to collect hearts that can then be used for the project tnat will help in reaching the goal. You may also purchase hearts directly from Fanmaum. Likewise, please remember to e-mail us your name/nickname and the amount of your contribution.

In the event that the concert does not take place, 7 Dreamers will utilize the funds to support Dreamcatcher’s next comeback activities and members’ birthday gifts.

Update: February 21, 2018

As of today, we have collected over USD900! We will be accepting contributions up until Saturday, February 24th for anyone who is still interested in contributing. With 226% funded, we want to say our more sincere THANK YOU.