27 Jan 2021: Dreamcatcher Reaches Top in iTunes Worldwide Album Chart [Official]

Girl group Dreamcatcher’s new story drew the attention of the world.

According to Dreamcatcher Company on the 27th, Dreamcatcher’s 6th mini album ‘Dystopia : Road to Utopia’ reached the top in the iTunes worldwide album chart, proving the passionate love they get from InSomnia all over the world.

By country, the album reached the top of the album chart in 16 countries, including Spain, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil. Looking further, their force was on display, with the album entering top 10 spots in 35 countries including the USA, Germany, Australia, Denmark, and the Netherlands, where it reached top 2.

That is not all. ‘Dreamcatcher’ ‘Odd Eye’ ‘Road to Utopia’ and other comeback related keywords trended in the twitter trends of 33 countries,  allowing one to guage the explosive reception the group’s global fans gave to the return of Dreamcatcher.

This is due to the fact that this is the final installment of their ‘Dystopia’ storyline, and the fact that Handong, who has been absent from domestic activities due to Covid-19 made her return, making this a ‘full team comeback’.

The response of domestic fans was also eye-catching. The lead track entered the Genie chart at the number 6 spot, and the album’s tracks swept the top 5 spots on Bugs. This makes this the most successful comeback since the group’s debut, and is a testament to the ceaseless growth of the team.

‘Dystopia : Road to Utopia’ is an album that contains Dreamcatcher’s jouney as they dream of a Utopia. Notably, the team expands the world of ‘Dystopia’ while depicting the tragic duality of Utopia, as seen through Dreamcatcher’s eyes.

Diverse tracks such as ‘Odd Eye’, ‘Intro’, ‘Wind Blows’, ‘Poison Love’, ‘4 Memory’, and ‘New Days’ adorn ‘Dystopia : Road to Utopia’.

‘Odd Eye’ is a Nu Metal track that mixes intense rock sounds and Hip Hop elements. Along with the deep, strong will to work towards a true Utopia once more, the track richly tells the story of the new mini album.

Source Reporter Yoon Sang-geun
Translation by 7-Dreamers Hojoon
Please do not take translation without credit.

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