26 August 2021 KMagazine Interview: Dreamcatcher likes to empower InSomnia with their music

The members of Dreamcatcher told us about everything in an interview: love, friendship, music, their unusual and marvelous musical concept and, of course, they could not forget Latin Insomnia. They are ready?

Gangnam, South Korea. From a building in Gangnam, the time and date to speak with the members of Dreamcatcher was agreed. At 9:00 p.m., after a long day of work, the girls do not stop, on the contrary, they continue and this time with an exclusive interview for K-magazine and its Latin American audience.

With smiles on their faces and a pleasant “Hello”, yes, in Spanish, Jiu, Sua, Siyeon, Handong, Yoohyeon, Dami and Gahyeon ventured to answer all the questions that their fans left for them.

In addition, they gave new details about their latest single “BEcause”, which follows from their summer mini-album ‘Summer Holiday’.

K-magazine: Dreamcatcher has one of the most interesting concepts in the Kpop industry and now they are back with ‘Summer Holiday’. What is this new album about?

JIU: In Summer Holiday we talked about the fun, emotional, exciting, weird, or maybe chilling events that occur during Dreamcatcher’s unique vacation story.

It is that the girlband is, without a doubt, one of the female Kpop groups with a singular and unusual concept based on horror, and rock music style. With this comeback, despite being a summer release where the songs have a more pastel touch, Dreamcatcher continued to be true to its essence and its dark concept that, of course, we love.

K-magazine: How do you define this obsession for love mentioned in “BEcause” and how does it relate to you?

SUA: Personally, I had comfort in interpreting this obsession when thinking about my obsession towards the members of Dreamcatcher (said while laughing). The fans already know that I always want to be by their side. If you think about it this way, you can easily understand the obsession of love.

JIU: My opinion is that obsession is similar to perfection. It’s like wishing for a perfect love. And I think this quality has a lot to do with Dreamcatcher as we always yearn for a perfect stage performance. We feel anxious and restless when we are not perfectly prepared so we always try very hard to be perfect before going on stage.

In case you’re interested -> “BEcause”, by Dreamcatcher: An unusual summer song

K-magazine: What did you enjoy the most about making this comeback?

SIYEON: For me, it was that for the first time I wore a full wig during the recording of the “BEcause” video so I was able to show a different image and when I learned that this part represents an awkward doppelganger, I found it creepy. (And saying this, She laughed)

K-magazine: What is the song that surprised you the most when you heard the full album?

DAMI: I was personally touched by listening to “Airplane”. When we record, each one (of the members) enters the recording studio alone, and we monitor only the original voice, so listening to the final version immersed me in my childhood.

K-magazine: Throughout these years, we have seen how your musical style has evolved without losing its essence. How was this process of combining and being able to work with other styles such as Latin Pop (BOCA) and EDM (Scream)?

DAMI: I personally do a lot of research and do a search for genres that we haven’t tested. I enjoy finding new music and imagining it with our voices, and I am excited when our members’ voices are in harmony with this genre. This euphoria pleases me and makes me think about another kind of music we want to try next.

K-magazine: We have previously heard these Latin rhythms in your music, do you have a Latin artist in mind with whom you would like to collaborate?

Yoohyeon: I would like to collaborate with Becky G. When I was looking for Becky G videos on YouTube, I saw that she already collaborated with BTS. I wonder what it will be like to collaborate with her, I would like to do it.

K-magazine: The lyrics of your songs are very interesting, strong and at the same time empower your fans. How do you empower them?

SIYEON: We think the best way to support our fans is through music. For example we have a song called “Tension”, and it has beautiful lyrics that are empowering. I would like to whisper this song to the fans every day. That’s why when we sing lyrics like this we strive to do so with the most sincere feelings of support.

YOOHYEON: Songs like “Scream” and “BOCA” have the warning message towards haters so we always sing being aware of the influence we can cause.

Kmagazine: What is your biggest inspiration that motivates you everyday?

JIU: I always get inspiration from the people around me. Whenever I am in difficult situations and I feel depressed, they’re at least one or two people who are always there to support me.

K-magazine: What is the moment you will never forget and what you have done together?

YOOHYEON: I recently went to Han River to take a bike ride with Sua, and the sunset was beautiful, a scene that I will not forget my whole life. (Responds between laughs).

HANDONG: For me, the concerts and the moments that the seven members were together performing perfectly on stage, are moments that move me and I will always remember.

K-magazine: This year we finally see the return of Dreamcatcher with seven members. How has this progress been for HANDONG?

HANDONG: During the time that I was not with them, I saw each of the programs and stages where they performed and the desire to want to be with them was very great, so before returning I practiced all the choreographies. Before coming I missed them a lot but already here, the concern that I had not danced with them for a long time was greater. But despite the worry, we were more in sync than I thought and it made me feel happy and at home.

And yes, InSomnia, we shared with the girls some questions that they left us, and they were very grateful.

K-magazine: If you had InSomnia in front of you right now, what would you like to tell them?

DAMI: “Make some noise !!” The shouts of encouragement from the fans give us a lot of energy but we haven’t heard their shouts for a long time so I want to hear them again. (Responds while laughing)

K-magazine: What would be the 5 songs that you would recommend to a new InSomnia?

Dreamcatcher: “Chase Me”, “Scream”, “Full Moon”, “Airplane”, “Jazz Bar” … Listen to them all of them!!

K-magazine: In Latin America we love this concept of the dark side. If you had to choose one of your favorite witches from TV, movie, or history, what would it be and why?

DAMI: Maleficent. She has a strong image but is delicate in wanting to protect her stepdaughter and her town. This feeling touched me.

K-magazine: Could you send a special message to your fandom in Mexico and Latin America?

JIU: For us, Latin America is very important, since it was the destination of our world tour. That is why I wonder how our fans in Latin America are doing. Their cries of support were so passionate that I still can’t forget it. Their passion was so great that I hope they will show it again when we return to see them.

To end with a flourish, Jiu, Sua, Siyeon, Handong, Yoohyeon, Dami and Gahyeon decided to add a special message for their fans, which they hope to see soon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4IYtMQ-6Wo

Source: K-Magazine

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