‘Dystopia: Lose Myself’ – Tracklist & Song Descriptions

01 Intro

Composed & arranged by: Ollounder, LEEZ

The tree of language grows uncontrollably full of black fruit and people have forgotten how to say good things. The melody and rhythm of the instruments hint at the title song, and the increasingly faster rhythm expresses confusion/chaos.


02 BOCA [title]

Lyrics by: Ollounder, LEEZ
Composed & arranged by: Ollounder, LEEZ

A song in the ‘moombahton rock’ genre, with Dreamcatcher’s signature rock sounds wrapped up in moombahton rhythms.
An era of irresponsible words. Those words hurt people, even as they grow used to them. Dreamcatcher tightly seals the mouths of those who have lost their sense of guilt. Can they seal those mouths that have blackened the fruit of the tree of language?


03 Break The Wall

Lyrics by: LEEZ, Ollounder, DAMI
Composed & arranged by: LEEZ, Ollounder

The track delivers a message of hope to those who have had to cope with wounds and have closed their hearts, while intense rock sounds shatter such stress and pressure


04 Can`t get you out of my mind

Lyrics by: LEEZ, Ollounder, 마독스 (Maddox)
Composed & arranged by: LEEZ, Ollounder

Old feelings between friends sometimes transform into love. The song speaks for those who get confused and lost in such relationships. An electronic dance track that harmonizes intense beats and melodical synthesizer sounds.


05 Dear

Lyrics by: JIU
Composed by: JIU, Ollounder, LEEZ
Arranged by: Ollounder, LEEZ, JIU

A song that expresses Dreamcatcher’s sincere feelings towards InSomnias, the track gives the listener a feel for the special and affectionate relationship between them.


06 BOCA (Inst.)

Composed & Arranged by: Ollounder, LEEZ



translation by: 7DREAMERS Lyly and HojuneTL
Please do not take translation without credit.

song descriptions source: YesAsia Dreamcatcher Mini Album Vol. 5


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