27 May 2021 Dreamcatcher, there’s no other beagle… high-energy contenders

Dreamcatcher radiated a feeling full of “beagle” charm.

This past 26th, the first episode of Dreamcatcher Mind was released through their official YT account.

Dreamcatcher set off for a trip in a pension. With school uniforms, Dreamcatcher transformed into high school girls. From the start, they showed their boisterous sides. They charged into the first mission: getting the pension key. With some remarks: “Let’s just smash the door”, “Just turn it”, Dreamcatcher evoked laughter with their feisty tongues. 

With Dami’s activeness, the progressing Dreamcatcher cheered when they cleared the 2nd mission, which was opening the room blocked with chains. As the members unpacked their suitcases, Sua and Dami showed off their boxing, and Jiu’s bold and random ending pose caught everyone’s attention.

Dreamcatcher gathered in the living room, and challenged the 3rd mission. They racked their brains for the difficult problem. Absorbed, Sua, for reasons unknown, evoked laughter when she said “this is so amazing. I have no idea”. It made everyone there laugh out loud.

With everyone’s combined power, Dreamcatcher cleared the last mission and acquired the ingredients for a barbeque. A stormy Mukbang unfolded. The first reality show was equaled with the member’s “passion, passion, passion!”. With this comment overflowing with energy, we can look forward to upcoming shows even more. 

“Dreamcatcher Mind” is the group’s first solo reality show since their debut 4 years ago. Having shaken up stages with their strong charisma, Dreamcatcher intends to attack with their reality-escaping variety. 

You can catch the show every Wednesday at 8pm KST on Dreamcatcher’s official YT account.

Source: news.naver
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