Dreamcatcher participates in suicide prevention campaign

03 June 2020

K-pop Association to launch a suicide prevention campaign…Yuk Joong-wan band and Dreamcatcher participated

[Sports World: Reporter Jung Ga-young] The Korea Singer Association (referred to as the “Singer Association”) will launch a “public cultural artist suicide prevention campaign” to prevent the tragic situation of pop culture artists and restore the health of the local music industry.


The campaign, jointly organised by the Korea Singers Association with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Creative Content Agency, commemorates pop culture artists who unfortunately ended their lives and hopes to prevent the recurrence of such tragic events.


In order to maximize the effectiveness of the campaign, the company produced a video featuring Yuk Joong-wan Band, girl group Dreamcatcher and Mona containing messages of mutual interest, consideration and engagement, for hopeful situations. The videos can be viewed through monitors installed on about 500 buses in Seoul and Gyeonggi Province starting early this month, and can be accessed through YouTube advertisements, offline media and websites of related cultural and artistic organizations.


In the meantime, the Singers Association has been working with the government to correct the comment policy and the social atmosphere that promotes malicious comments on large portal sites that contribute the social killing of pop culture artists. There were many voices calling for the suicide of pop culture artists to encourage imitative suicide of ordinary people in society, and the impact on people around them, including colleagues, was also negligible.


The position is that pop culture artists, the main players of the Korean Wave, were exposed to damage caused by some malicious comments and media articles inducing malicious comments hiding behind anonymity. The singing association said, “The sustainability of the Korean Wave that we have worked hard to build is under threat. The foundation of the Korean pop culture industry is also threatened by the decline in social awareness of pop culture artists, the flower of pop culture”.


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Original Source: Sports World


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