Dreamcatcher official fancafe announcement 220311 ver.


this is Dreamcatcher Company. This is a notice on the points you should keep in mind as you use the Dreamcatcher official fancafe. Please check all the rules listed below, and we ask for your active usage of the cafe.

1. Membership rules

– ID, sex, age, and the last visit date must be set to be visible to managers.

– It is mandatory to enable email and group message in your receive settings.

  (Privacy settings must allow managers to see member info, and failing to do so will result in a level down without notice.)

2. Nickname rules

– Up to 8 characters in pure Hangul, up to 10 characters in alphabet

– A mixture of Hangul, numbers and the alphabet can be up to 10 characters.

  However, the nickname must be readable. (ex. hello07, 안녕hi3)

– ‘Alien language’ (nicknames that are undecipherable, initials, blank spaces, standalone Hangul vowels or consonants, Chinese characters, Japanese, special characters, swear words, and suggestive terms are banned.

  ex) fffeeess (x), 뛤뜋(x) ,ㅋ안녕ㅋ(x), hello(o) 

– Names of other artists and other fandoms are banned.

– The real names of Dreamcatcher members’ or the team name in standalone form is banned.

– Nicknames that suggest you may be a cafe manager, or a member of the company staff are banned.

– A change of nickname to something banned after you are leveled up to a full member will result in a level down without notice.

3. Messaging board rules

(1) Title

– Choose the appropriate board for your post.

– The title must be within 30 characters, and not exceed one line.

– You may not alter the font size, boldness, font, or color of the title.

– You may not use standalone Hangul vowels and consonants.

– Do not mention other agencies, artists, and fanclubs.

(2) The body and comments

– Use appropriate honorifics for Dreamcatcher members and other fancafe members.

  (Cafe managers have the discretion to give out warnings and level downs)

– Do not mention other agencies, artists, and fanclubs.

– Posts for advertisement, commercial or defamatory purposes are banned.

– All commercial and monetary transactions are banned.

– All posts and comments against the rules or considered controversial may be returned or deleted without notice by managers.

(3) Secret posts and comments

– Secret posts are not allowed.

– Secret comments are only allowed on specified messaging boards. (Deleted without notice)

[Messaging boards that allow secret comments]

* Level up applications (등업신청 게시판)

* Questions and Suggestions (질문건의)

* From. Dreamcatcher (From. 드림캐쳐) (secret letterboxes)

※ We are seeing a recent increase in the number of impolite comments being posted on the secret letterboxes. Such comments are going to be deleted without notice in future. (ex. Defamation, causing discomfort, swearing, etc.)

If impolite comments continue to be posted after this notice, all secret letterboxes will be closed, so please take note.

4. Warnings and penalties for members

– If you break the rules listed in the cafe notices, you will receive warning or be leveled down without notice. The cafe managers may level down or ban users by their discretion.

We ask for your kind and active cooperation with these rules as they are for the healthy and smooth operation of the fan cafe.

Thank you.

Source: Original Fancafe Post (+ update 20220311)

Translated by 7-dreamers HojuneTL
Please do not take translation without credit

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