March 2020 The world’s hottest K-POP group, DREAMCATCHER is releasing their 3rd single in Japan

The world’s hottest K-POP group, DREAMCATCHER is releasing their 3rd single in Japan!



Following December 2019’s issue, DREAMCATCHER appears in MYOJO for the second time! We discuss the appeal of their new song which will be released on March 11th & what they enjoy doing in their private lives♡


K-pop girl group DREAMCATCHER’s charm is their metal rock sound, charisma, and overwhelming performances. They will release their 3rd single “Endless Night” in Japan on March 11th. When we asked the members about the appeal of the new song they said: “Katsuma from the rock band coldrain provides the drum sound for us and it hits you like a tidal wave!” (JiU), “For example, it could put you in a “Comatose State”! The song itself is powerful, but once you hear our voices you could just faint” (SuA) “It’s a refreshing song too” (Yoohyeon). There are 2 coupling songs as well. “‘Over the Sky’ is a fan song released for the 2nd anniversary of our Korean debut. Japanese fans are always waiting for us, so we decided to record a Japanese version” (JiU), ” ‘Silent Night’ has a concept that warns those who want to hurt themselves. When we sang it during our World Tour, it was a great hit among international fans” (Dami) We can’t wait for the release!


The girls are performing all over the world, starting in Asia and moving through Europe and America. What do you really enjoy doing during your private time? “We were abroad for 12 days for our American Tour last year and I read 4 books during that time” (Dami) “I bought long boots, but now I’m looking for clothes to go with them” (Gahyeon) “I purchased two beauty products, one that improves the absorption of serum and another one that cleanses the pores when it’s massaged in. Right after using it, my skin looked beautiful.” (SuA) What do you look forward to when coming to Japan?: “I look forward to shopping at vintage shops. I like to buy used clothes at America Mura and Shinsaibashi” (Siyeon), “I’m not happy until I can eat sukiyaki!”(Gahyeon), “I’d like to see Tokyo Tower up close at night” (SuA), They excitedly exclaimed, “5 years ago I came to Japan frequently, but I’ve never been to Disneyland or USJ. I want to go there someday.”

In addition to the regular edition (1300 yen including tax), there are also First Press Limited Editions A and B which include a DVD that contains the MV and making video. On the March 12th, 14th and 15th release commemorative events will be held! Participation tickets are included with all of the CDs, so let’s apply♪


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