19 Sept 2019 DA: Chart Dreamcatcher hits No.1 on iTunes worldwide album chart

Dreamcatcher captured the hearts of fans all over the globe with their new album.

According to Dreamcatcher Company’s announcement on the 19th, Dreamcatcher’s special mini album ‘Raid of Dream’ reached the top spot on the iTunes worldwide album chart.

By country, ‘Raid of Dream’ scored top spots on the charts of Argentina, Peru, Finland, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, and UAE. ‘Raid of Dream’ also hit 2nd place in Indonesia, Portugal, and Turkey, 3rd place in Russia and Spain, 4th place in Israel, Mexico, Phillipines, and Taiwan, and 5th place in Vietnam. ‘Raid of Dream’ also ranked within the top 10 in Brazil, Denmark,Germany, Chile, Thailand, the USA, and Australia, showcasing the power of a ‘global phenomenon’.

Domestic reception has also been remarkable. The lead track ‘Deja Vu’ ranked top 12 in the Geni Music real time chart, while entering the top 100 charts in other domestic music streaming services, including Bugs and Soribada, marking the best chart performance since the group’s debut.

Dreamcatcher announced the special mini album ‘Raid of Dream’ in collaboration with the mobile game, ‘King’s Raid’, and has begun comeback activities. Their new tracks displays the new challenges Dreamcatcher has undertaken, garnering the enthusiastic response of their fans.

Dreamcatcher is to meet viewers today(19th), via an appearance in Mnet’s ‘M Countdown’.

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