[Article] 170330 “Dream Catcher’s Title Song ‘Goodnight’ Is Heavier Metal Rock”

Girl group Dream Catcher is returning with heaver metal rock.
On the 30th, Happy Face Entertainment posted a track list image of Dream Catcher’s new single ‘Nightmare – Fall Asleep In the Mirror’ through their official SNS channel.
The new single ‘Nightmare – Fall Asleep in the Mirror’ will be like the previous single with 4 tracks. The intro ‘My Toys’ and title song ‘Good Night’ will be followed by ‘Lullaby’, and the instrumental version of ‘Good Night’.
The track named first ‘My Toys’ 
The track opens up with ‘My Toys’ with
a brilliant solo guitar, and the Nightmare story is expected to dissolve in the
heavier metal rock sound of the title song ‘Good Night’. The single completes
here with ‘Lullaby’, a ballad about a heart that doesn’t want to wake up from a
dream. Happy Face Entertainment said, “While
showing Dream Catcher’s character through the debut single “Nightmare”, this
single ‘Nightmare – Fall Asleep in the Mirror’ is filled with authentic
storytelling,” and “Expect to see the appearance of the seven nightmares who
are growing up.”Meanwhile, Dream Catcher will show
off their new single ‘Nightmare – Fall Asleep in the Mirror’ on April 5th
at 6PM. They will hold a showcase to celebrate it on that day. They are
expected to embark on full-fledged comeback activities.

Source: Naver

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