29 Nov 2016 MINX to regroup with 7 members in New Girl Group ‘Dreamcatcher’

[Sports Chosun Reporter Park Youngwoong]
Girl group MINX are reorganizing their team and starting new. Become as ‘Dal Shabet’s Little Sister Group’, it was announced MINX, who had debuted and had activities in 2014, will pivot with new girl group Dreamcatcher.

On the 29th, according to music industry officials, Dal Shabet’s company Happy Face’s new girl group Dreamcatcher will add 2 new members to existing members Ji-u, SuA, Siyeon, Yoohyeon, Dami and are expected to debut in the music industry as 7 members.

For Dreamcatcher, it’s not simply adding a name and members, they have been longing to to perfectly continue with a new team for a long time. The MINX members decided to re-debut with their own will, and the new members are practicing very hard of course.

Happy Face, while announcing the launch of Dreamcatcher, they revealed “They will bring new vitality to the music industry with completely unexpected genres and musical styles. While taking advantage of the experience they’ve accumulated, they are prepared to be reborn through a new girl group.

Officials revealed to Sports Chosun “They will succeed with concepts and music styles that you cannot imagine within the existing MINX,” and “After a long preparation period, they will greet you through a new girl group debut.”

Dreamcatcher rushed with releasing a logo together with legitimate promotions. They will open the official homepage on the 30th and will release individual member cuts and group cuts, and plan to increase expectation by releasing images sequentially.

Source: Naver

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