8 April 2020 Pick Photo “Difficult and curious, Idols with world-building”


‘World-building’ is something recent idols have been sure to have. Fantasy settings in their concepts help determine the group’s color and to differentiate them from other groups. Fans say their love for the groups increases as they piece together the fantasy world and connect the story elements.


They say that you cannot escape their charms once you begin following their novel-like world where members are cast like comic book characters. Let’s take a look at such idol groups with firm world-building.


Girl Group Dreamcatcher


Dreamcatcher is a group that uses the ‘Dream’, more specifically, the ‘Nightmare’ as their concept.


Their group name means “dream fairies who catch nightmares”, and their musical concept is dreamlike and mysterious.


They have handled their Nightmare concept outstandingly well since their debut track, “Chase me”. Their music videos also often feature occult-oriented scenes.


Their spooky yet unique concept, along with their well-done world building helped Dreamcatcher carve out their own style, and now their achievement is such that you instantly recognize the group just from hearing their songs.


[Photo = Market News]

Reporter Son Hae-sun

Translation by 7Dreamers Hojoon.
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