Actor Cho Donghyuk, Rookie Group Dream Catcher MV Shoot

New girl group Dream Catcher spent a special day with actor Cho Donghyuk.
Cho Donghyuk joined advancing group Dream Catcher on the set of the MV of their debut song in a studio in Namyangju City, Gyeonggi Province. Taking the male character in the new song’s music video, exerting acting full of unique charisma, and of course filming even overnight, he did the supporting role very well.
There was a more special reason for the meeting of Cho Donghyuk and Dream Catcher. As soon as it passed midnight on the 11th, the Dream Catcher members prepared a cake for the birthday man Cho Donghyuk and gave a surprise birthday party.
Of course Dream Catcher and the onsite staff gave a birthday cheer and greeting, and Cho Donghyuk expressed a grateful heart at the unexpected event.
Cho Donghyuk reported, “I sincerely thank you for preparing a surprise event at the shoot. I never thought about receiving birthday celebrations, but I’m thankful for receiving the cake. I think it’s a birthday I will not forget.”
Regarding Dream Catcher’s debut song music video, “I think I haven’t done a music video shoot in about 10 years.” And we didn’t forget his message of praise, “It’s not just a simple dramatized music video, it’s really interesting. As long as the concept is clear, I hope Dream Catcher will have success in the future.”
Meanwhile, Dream Catcher will debut formally in the music industry in January as Happy Face Entertainment’s new featuring 7 member group. Currently their official homepage is open and each day at midnight, they are releasing concept cuts, trailers, etc.. Dream Catcher’s side showed confidence by saying, “Dream Catcher will boost energy in the music industry with totally unexpected genres and music styles.

Source: Naver

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