31 Oct 2019 Kstyle Vol.2 – Dreamcatcher’s first Japanese Album On Sale! What are the “mysterious” parts of the members?

In September, Dreamcatcher arrived in Japan with the release of their first Japanese album 「The Beginning Of The End」The day following their showcase, Kstyle quickly slid in to have an interview with them.

Here we present episodes from the world tour, fashion and make-up trends of interest, and many other topics in the second part of this interview.

【Interview & Present】Vol.1 – Dreamcatcher, emotionally moved at their Japanese concert “I cried hearing the fans singing”

【Photo】Dreamcatcher, what fall fashion would you recommend to the fans? “The nude trenchcoats we wore for this comeback are…”

【Video】Reveal of the Japanese songs Dreamcatcher like! Video interview and behind the scenes footage from the interview location.


— At the end of August, you kicked off your world tour in Australia.  Please tell us how that felt.

Yoohyeon: It was the first tour in a while for us so we were anxious to get back on stage.  The reaction was all good so we really enjoyed it. Even the staff told us “wow that was fun” which made me really really good.  With the lyrics and the passion brought to those two days was a very good feeling.


–What is something outside of work that has left an impression on you (from your time in Australia?

Siyeon: Well in Japan and Korea, on the streets you will see pigeons.  But in Australia, there are more gulls and parrots. On the way from the airport to the hotel in Sydney, you can look out the car and see parrots just sitting in the trees.  When I saw one the first time I was like “what? A parrot?” and doubted my eyes (laughs). It was cute~.

SuA: It was my first time coming to Australia so I was a bit surprised to find that my expectation of there being lots of nature with kangaroos jumping around all the place to be very wrong.  There were larger cities with European-style architecture. There were lots of good places for sightseeing, and lots of places I wanted to visit, but I wasn’t able to visit them so I definitely want to come back for a trip again.  I also didn’t get to see a koala~.


What is a required item when abroad?


–During this world tour, you went all around the world.  What towns would you like to visit again for vacation?

Siyeon: Melbourne.  The hotel we stayed in was on a busy street so I felt like I could come and stay there with friends or family and easily be able to find something fun to do.  Also, Melbourne is the place where the street art of us was (Fans created street art inspired by Dreamcatcher on the famous Hoiser Lane as a present to Dreamcatcher).  I went with the members to take a picture there but I want to go back and see it again.

Yoohyeon: But it seems like the street art gets redrawn on top of often (laughs).

Siyeon: Oh, really?  Is it already erased then?  How sad~.

Handong: For me it’s also Melbourne.  Our visit was so short I was left with a lot of regrets.

Dami: I want to go to America.  Because it is the country of English.  I’m not very good at speaking it but I can make the connections with simple words (laughs)

Yoohyeon: I want to go to Holland.

Gahyeon: I also want to go to Holland or Melbourne!


–What is something you must have with you when you travel abroad?

JiU: I have to have a bottle of alcohol-based disinfectant.  Before sleeping, spray the pillow and sheets just to put my mind at ease.  It is a kind of neurotic habit of mine.

Gahyeon: Recently I have been bringing a massage ball with me.  I get swollen easily so, not just abroad, I will massage myself with it up until the time to go on stage.

Siyeon: A long extension cable.  It’s a huge pain to move when the outlet is so far from the bed, isn’t it (laughs).  It is easier to operate if the outlet is near the bed so I bring a long cable to avoid this problem.

Yoohyeon: My camera is indispensable for me.  I like to store my memories of the beautiful scenery as well as the members in this manner.

Gahyeon: Yoohyeon takes a lot of pictures.

Siyeon: She doesn’t take a lot of me.  Take more, please!

Yoohyeon: (laughs)


Dami: Because it is getting cold, I have handwarmers and a blanket.  It’s often very cold in the hotel rooms.

Handong: I am kind of like JiU but with alcohol sheets.  Before using like the counters and stuff, I will disinfect them.

Yoohyeon:  Right, right!  I’m always about to use the counter and remember “wait wait!” and wipe it off.

Gahyeon: huh? We have shared a room before and I have not seen you do that even once~.

Handong: is that so? Sorry (laughs)

All: (laugh)

SuA: I also definitely would bring cleaning items but I am trying to be mindful of nature so I’ll say slippers.

All: right right!!

Siyeon: (randomly in Japanese) They are important!!


–When you are staying in hotels, how do you decide the assignment of the rooms?

JiU: We either play rock-paper-scissors or we do the ladder game.

Gahyeon: We’ve also done it based on the order we show up to get our hair and makeup done.


— What do you do to keep up your condition while abroad?

Dami: I make sure I sleep and eat well.

Handong: I take lots of vitamins.

SuA: I take a multi-vitamin or propolis (T/N: this is an all-natural health boosting substance that comes from beehives commonly made into sprays or tablets)

JiU: I consume echinacea to keep up my immune system’s strength. (T/N: this is an all-natural herb that is usually made into teas to fight the common cold)

Siyeon: Spirulina (T/N: this is a cyanobacterium commonly used as a supplement for vegans that is high in protein and vitamin but also helps regulate the immune system)

Yoohyeon: They’re really professional. (laughs)


Revealing the “mystery” of the members!?


–Dreamcatcher seems to be very in the know about vitamins, huh (laughs).  Changing gears, you announced your comeback in Korea will happen on 9/18. What kind of image will you be presenting with that?

JiU:  Since we are wearing trench clothes, I think the song has a kind of sad atmosphere.  So I want people to be looking forward to seeing us present a slightly more mature charisma than what we have previously shown.  But I don’t want to say too much so the details will remain hidden (laughs).


–To drum up excitement for this comeback, you have been releasing these mystery codes.  Along with those mysteries, what is something about the members that still makes you think “what a mystery”?

Yoohyeon: The inside of Handong’s mind is a mystery.

SuA: I agree (laughs)!

Yoohyeon: Handong is like a cat.  With a dog, you can tell what they are thinking but, like a cat, you can never tell what Handong is thinking.  Sometimes she does very strange things (laughs).

Siyeon: Dami is a mystery to me.  I will never understand why she has a perfectly good bed but always sleeps in the living room.

JiU: Isn’t that just because it bothers Siyeon who lives in the same room as her (laughs)?

Dami: (laughs). That’s not true, there is a reason.  The bedroom only has the bed. Most of my belongings are actually in the living room.  My clothes are there so, when I get home, I put down my bag and lay down as I am and spend some time looking at my phone.

Siyeon: When Dami isn’t in our bedroom, I’ll go to the livingroom and ask “What are you doing here, Dami?  Hurry up and go to bed!” to which Dami will reply “I’m more comfortable here!” (laughs)

JiU: My mystery is how Gahyeon is still a baby.  Sometimes our outfits will have bows on them to tie and she only recently learned how to tie it herself.  She was even asking me to close her belt for her just now.


–In a previous interview, we heard that you were unable to trim your own toenails, is that still true?

Gahyeon: I still ask Sua to trim them for me.

JiU: Gahyeon, exactly how old are you? (laughs)

Siyeon: In my opinion, I think she is lying about her age.  I think she is actually only fifteen years old.



–Are there any mysteries about Siyeon?

Siyeon: I don’t think there are.  I’m a very simple person (laughs).

Yoohyeon: Her voice is a mystery.  Just how high can it go?

SuA: I think the mystery of Siyeon is how high energy she is when she first wakes up.

Siyeon: On most mornings, my blood pressure feels low and I have no energy.

SuA: But this morning, she kept being really loud. I wondered what was going on with her. As for Yoohyeon, her mystery is that she’s filled with so much curiosity that it makes me ask “where does her curiosity end?” She’s the type that acts before thinking.

Siyeon: She’s also very easily convinced.

Gahyeon: Right, right! The hair and makeup artist of our hair salon showed her a picture of short bangs cut above the eyebrows, and suggested that she try the style…

Yoohyeon: Eek!  About that (laughing) After she suggested cutting my bangs, I wasn’t sure what to do. I was tempted to cut them since we were waiting for our comeback.  After she cut it it was kinda…

All: (laugh) It was cute!

JiU: Yoohyeon also has a very inquisitive heart.  A word she says very often is “what if”. (laughs) Always asking me “what if I did —?”

SuA: I don’t know what would happen if she stopped using that word (laughs).  JiU’s mystery is the super long baths she takes. And you can hear all of these sounds, splashes, shouts, tapping, makes me wonder just what she is doing in there (laugh).

JiU: It’s because I’m doing a lot of things.  I’ll do a sheet mask, I’ll wash the room, I’ll wash myself…

Dami: Everyone knows that once JiU goes in, she won’t come out (for a long time) (laughs)

Yoohyeon: I’d say a mystery about Sua is why she likes skinship so much.  She doesn’t just do it to the members, she’s also touching the staff all the time.

JiU: I don’t know since when, but whenever Sua’s arms reach for my general direction, I instinctively avoid them (laughs).

Yoohyeon: I think we’re all like that (laughs).

SuA: That’s not true~ These days, everyone’s quiet even when I touch them.

Siyeon: That’s because they’ve gotten used to it.

SuA: Siyeon enjoys it the most.

Handong: If I stand next to her at our photoshoots, she’ll touch me.  I try not to react but I’m ticklish so I’ll have to ask her to stop (laughs).


Fashion and makeup products they would like to recommend to Japanese fans


–Talk to me about fashion and makeup.  What has caught your attention for this fall?

Siyeon: Recently I have been liking flower patterns so I am looking for that kind of print.

Gahyeon:  I like clothes that are comfortable (laugh) black and common things.  I wear more things that are comfortable than what is fashionable.

Handong: Since it is fall, scarves and long pants, other things that present a classy atmosphere are pulling me in.

Dami: I feel cold easily, so I tend to look for warmth. Things that look cool as well.  For example, I’ll pick my blouses and shirts based on the thickness of the material.

SuA: Shirts for me.  They are comfortable but they look cool.  Oversize shirts are good.

JiU:  Because the temperature can be all over the place in the fall, I like things that I can wear over a shirt or tshirt like a good cardigan.  They can be simple on their own but still fashionably dress up an outfit, and they’re warm, so this fall a cardigan is definitely my must-have item.

Yoohyeon: For our next Korean comeback we are wearing long trench coats and I think they are really cool.  So I hope everyone, fans and all, will watch our performances and like the trench coats (laughs). Maybe they will become fashionable items, who knows.


–What is something that you have recently purchased?

Siyeon: This time, on our way to Japan, I went to a duty free shop and bought a MAC lipstick.  I don’t really wear a lot of lipstick but this color was very pretty. It was called Marrakesh.

Gahyeon: I haven’t bought anything recently, I don’t think…

Siyeon: You got piercings recently, though.

Gahyeon: Ah, you’re right!  I bought some piercings as soon as we returned from Malaysia. I pierced the same place as Siyeon.  I got them so they’d look pretty when we were promoting. I like them a lot.

Handong: I recently bought some blush that suits the fall.

Dami: I wanted to show fans a more natural image, so I recently bought some earphones (laughs).  Earphones are also fashion items, I think, so I bought some pretty expensive ones.

JiU: I like slim fitting skinny jeans but recently I have been liking colorful pants so I have bought some slacks and jeans that are stylish.  I wore them for my airport outfit but they are also part of my daily fashion.

SuA: I’ve also been having my attention caught by uncommon pant colors.  Like khaki color…

Yoohyeon: Yellow?

SuA: Not that far (laughs) white and brown, other similar colors that I haven’t really worn are the ones I want to try and buy.

Yoohyeon: I have been into shirts recently, so I bought one.  I haven’t worn it but I plan to soon (laughs). I’ve recently gotten into pairing a nice shirt with skinny jeans.



— When you are on stage, you have very heavy styles.  What kind of makeup do you like and what is the point of your self-done makeup?

JiU:  I usually use a light eyeshadow but on stage, I prefer using heavier eyeshadow.  I also use mascara to create a very strong general look.

Yoohyeon: I have slightly drooping eyes. But on stage, a sharper makeup looks cooler so I use mascara to raise my eyelines.

SuA: I apply my eyeshadow up above the fold of my eyelid.  It might be slightly overkill but doing it like that makes the eyes seem larger.

Dami: More so than colors, I like using shadowy dark makeup. With a brown tone and not much blush.  The key point is my eyeliner that pulls up from the corner of the eye.

Handong: I am the opposite of Dami.  I like bright colors so I often choose a bright lipstick.  I also like pearl color. I like fresh styles of makeup so I don’t own any with a pearl tint (laughs).

Gahyeon: I used to like bright colors and pearls but recently I haven’t been using eyeliner and eyeshadow.  I’m frequently using just mascara.

Siyeon: I don’t like using an intense eyeshadow or eyeliner and make my lipstick the important part of my makeup.


–Do you have any cosmetics you would like to recommend to Japanese fans or any products you have been using for a long time?

Dami: I have a 3 color palette of eyeshadow I have been using for a long time.

Gahyeon: I don’t have any products I’ve been using for a really long time but I do have a mascara that once I tried it the first time and can’t go back to any other.  If you put just one coating on, it lasts really long. When we flew to Malaysia it was a six hour flight, and I even slept on board but that mascara still didn’t smudge off.  It is a wonderful mascara.

Siyeon: I’ve been using Innisfree’s Broccoli Clearing toner since my teens.  It suits my skin best and even if I try using something else, I always come back to this.

SuA: CLIO’s Kill Cover concealer is superior.  It has very good coverage and lasts very long. It is all I will use now.

JiU: When we travel a lot, my skin gets changed (more or less oily/break outs).  Whenever I have troubles from that I will use the green packaged sheet mask from Teatree.  I sleep with it on for one night and when I wake up, my skin is all cleared up. I would definitely recommend for the fans to try it too.

Yoohyeon: I don’t really have a product that I have been using for a long time.  I’m the type who likes to try this and that, based on people’s recommendation.



–Who is the member who has the most skincare concerns?

Dami: Siyeon.

Siyeon: I used to not have any skin trouble.

Gahyeon: She had skin as smooth as pottery.

Siyeon: I used to get asked by the people around me “How do I get skin like yours” it was that smooth.  But with time, it became greatly full of trouble spots…

Gahyeon: Since when?

Siyeon: Since You And I era.  Since then, I have been worrying about it and have bought over 100,000 yen worth of skincare products to try and counteract it (laughs).

All: (big laughter)


–Who is in the know about trendy foods, sweets, and places to visit?

SuA: Spicy chicken feet are very popular.  Even the members who aren’t good at eating spicy foods are able to eat and enjoy them.  Also horror movies! We watch a lot of them in our dorm.


–Who isn’t good at watching horror movies?

JiU: SuA isn’t good at watching them but we all were able to enjoy watching the movie Annabelle Comes Home.

SuA: Ah! That’s right!  It was scary but really good.


— And lastly, please give a message to the readers.

JiU: To the readers of Kstyle.  It’s been a while since we last came to Japan, so thank you very much for the warm welcome.  The title track of our album 「Breaking Out」is a very good song and the rest of the songs on the album are also very good so we hope you will listen to it a lot!


source: news.kstyle

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