30 September 2021 Announcement regarding Dreamcatcher Gahyeon’s COVID-19 diagnosis

Hello. This is Dreamcatcher Company.

After Dreamcatcher’s Gahyeon tested positive for COVID-19 on Sunday, September 19th, she was admitted to a community treatment center according to the quarantine authorities manual, and she was treated diligently.
As there is no longer a risk of her spreading the infection, we would like to inform you that she has been discharged from the community treatment center in accordance with the guidelines for release from quarantine.
Currently, Gahyeon is getting ample rest after being discharged and is regaining her strength.

Once again, we apologize for causing concern to many people, and we would like to share our sincere gratitude to the fans who have supported Dreamcatcher so much.

Source: Fancafe
Translation by 7-Dreamers jiulily
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