30 Oct 2019 Kstyle Vol.1 — Dreamcatcher moved at Japan concert, ‘I cried when I heard the fans singing’

Dreamcatcher visited Japan for the September release of their 1st album. The day after ‘The Beginning Of The End’ showcase, Kstyle held an interview with them.

This is the first part where they talked about the listening points of the album, which features new songs alongside songs that had already been released in a very complete package, as well as behind the scenes stories from the recording.

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–How did you feel about yesterday’s “The Beginning Of The End” showcase?

Sua: When I imagine a showcase, I tend to think of something a bit strict. But in Japan, with the fans in front of us, as well as a livestream going, it felt very different. We had so much fun. Of course, we knew we had to show them cool performances, but we were thinking even more about enjoying ourselves.

–The 1st Japanese album ‘The Beginning Of The End’ is a very tight package that summarizes your Japanese promotions up to this point. Was there a song you found memorable during the recording?

Siyeon: The key of the new track ‘My Way -beyond this road-‘ was really low, so we raised it by 2 keys during the recording. Even so, it was still the lowest track we’d ever recorded, so it was difficult to make the song sound right.

Recording behind the scenes story ‘In order to put some umph into my voice….’

–The new track, ‘My Way -beyond this road-‘ was the first time Dreamcatcher worked with Japanese composers and lyricists.

Siyeon: Yes it was. Which is why the song has a different feeling to it. They gave us such a great track. We’d be really happy if we got another chance to work with Japanese songwriters.

Sua: I liked the song a lot too. I especially like JIU’s part right before the climax, when she goes ‘I extend my hand’. The part I had trouble with was the last chorus of ‘My Way -beyond this road-‘, where I go ‘I throw it away’. The key there is really high, so in order to put some umph into my voice, I lowered the microphone to my waist and leaned on the chair by 90 degrees. The staff who saw me struggling like that cheered for me, going ‘good, good!’

Yoohyeon: In my part from ‘Breaking Out’, there’s a bit where I sing ‘Towards tomorrow’ (mukau asue). Not only was the key high, the pronunciation was also difficult. I kept saying ‘asu(tomorrow)’, but in the recording, it sounded like ‘aso’. I had to re-record that part multiple times.

JIU: I was also told that my ‘tsu’s sounded like ‘chu’s. I struggled with the pronunciation.

Gahyeon: In Korean, certain syllables change depending on context, but you need to pronounce every word properly in Japanese, so I had trouble with the pronunciation too. My favorite song is ‘Breaking Out’. I really like the part where I go ‘the place where I wake up from the darkness’. (Laugh)

JIU: Yeah, it was cute, and it suits Gahyeon very well.

Sua: I think that’s another point of worth in ‘Breaking Out’.

Gahyeon: The other members told me that it was a killing part.

Siyeon: I told Gahyeon “Since this is a killing part, you’ve handle it well.” (Laugh)

‘I cried when I heard the fans singing’

–The limited edition B of the new album also contains a DVD of the live performance from May this year. Tell us what you found memorable in the live in Japan.

Gahyeon: I remember that for some reason, I got really emotional during the concert.

Sua: The reason was that the Japanese fans were singing our songs before the concert began.

Yoohyeon: I cried when I heard the fans singing like that. I was crying 10 minutes before the concert. (Laugh) It was a curious feeling. It felt like I was off stage, watching us perform on stage.

JIU: The fact that the part 1 and 2 of the concert had different setlists was fun too.

–Is there something that you always do before a live, or some form of superstition you have?

Handong: Before we go on stage, in order to rile ourselves up for it, we stand in a circle and go “Fighting!!”

JIU: I do some stretching. I need to loosen up my body to loosen up my throat.

–Is there a member who gets really nervous?

JIU: Yesterday, before the first performance of ‘Breaking Out’, Gahyeon suddenly began saying “Ah, I’m so nervous! So nervous!”. (Laugh)

Gahyeon: I’m not always like that, but before performing new songs, or songs we haven’t done in a while, I get nervous. For comebacks after long vacancies as well.

JIU: I wasn’t feeling nervous, but seeingGahyeon being so nervous next to me, I almost felt like I should be. (Laugh)

Japanese fan club launched, “we need to work harder”

–Your Official Japanese fanclub, ‘InSomnia Japan’ was finally launched. How do you feel about it?

Siyeon: I was very moved. We’re able to promote in Japan thanks to the Japanese InSomnias, so we need to work even harder to give our fans more energy, I think. I’m going to be glad if we held events and got more opportunities to communicate with fans through the fan club.

— Was there something you found memorable from this visit to Japan?

Dami: During the showcase, I was really surprised when I saw the balloon light stick. Since they were balloons, their sizes were all different, and they’d blow with the wind. They were so much fun. I’ve never seen light sticks like them before.

Gahyeon: They’re such a good idea. There’s a light source within the balloon.

Yoohyeon: They glow white.

JIU: Really? I thought they were just neon colored balloons.

Siyeon: It looked like the fans were holding cotton candy. It was so cute

–‘Breaking Out’ has its own fanchant. How did you feel hearing the fans doing the fanchants?

JIU: Whenever a new fan chant is written, I always worry if the Somnies will be able to do it properly. They’re hard enough that we make mistakes when we’re filming the fanchant videos. Still, they shouted the fanchants really well. I thought, “InSomnias really are something else”. (Laugh)

Interview: Abe Hiroko / Photography: Maete Hideki

source: http://news.kstyle.com/article.ksn?articleNo=2127199#Kstyle

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