27 Feb 2020 NewsEn Article Dreamcatcher Sua “‘Scream’ performance getting good response from my open ribs”

Dreamcatcher Sua said that she exposes her ribs often while performing ‘Scream’.


Dreamcatcher appeared on Idol Radio on February 27th along with Day6’s Wonpil and Do-un, who were special DJs.


During the self-introduction time, JIU called herself ‘Sexy bunny,’ explaining that “I’ve been pushing charisma bunny, but today I’ll be sexy bunny.” Next, Gahyeon called herself “Sexy Cutie”, and then the two made sexy expressions while wearing bunny headbands.


Siyeon called herself “overcoming a nose-bleed”, and explained that “I had a nose-bleed today. I was washing my hands in the waiting room and felt the heat under my nose. I told myself I really was working hard.” Sua called herself ‘Exposed ribs’, saying “My ribs are being exposed quite often as we perform ‘Scream’. The writers gave us a great reaction today,” sharing that she got good feedback from it.


Dami said “Go crazy woo,” explaining that “It’s the lyrics from my rap part. I think it’s a killing point.” Yoohyeon called herself a “MyDay”, adding that “I really like Day6. I even went to the concert.” Wonpil began to ask “Are you really our fan? In our 2nd studio album…” but stopped, saying “Sorry, I think I’m troubling you,” causing viewers to laugh. (Photos=MBC ‘Idol Radio’ V Live screen captures)


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