19 Nov 2020 InSomnia-Japan “Japan Digital Single “NO MORE” MV teaser has been released”

The teaser for Japan digital single “NO MORE” that will be released on November 20, 2020 is up.

In this MV, Atou Rie, a famous SNS content creator, is in charge of making the original character, as well as Pokage, a famous video creator who made the animation.

“NO MORE” is about fighting against slandering on SNS, where the girl with a sharp-eyed sword unfolded in the video expresses the world view of the music.

Please look forward to the full version!


— Character design by Atou Rie—
Atou Rie is a manga artist who is working on ongoing manga “The Liar Android” (Weekly Shonen Champion) and “Namekawa-san Won’t be Mocked”. In the past, Rie has published an essay manga “Can Buzz Change My Life?” and a manga titled “A Battle of the Entertainers” that has been introduced on many television programs. Rie has more than 200K Twitter followers she got from posting her works on Twitter.
Twitter: @tanimikitakane


— Video by Pokage —
Born in 1991 and currently lives in Osaka, Pokage is a video creator focusing on making MV and Game PV. Pokage has worked on some MVs titled “Q-vism – Who-ya Extended/Covered by 花鋏キョウ” and “ヒトガタRock Ver.U-Mol”.
Twitter: @5daime_pokage


—/ Translation note /—
All the titles of Atou Rie’s works are translated literally



Translation by 7-Dreamers Aladdin
Please do not take translation without credit 

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