18 August 2020 News1: Dreamcatcher ‘BOCA’ MV Exceeded 6 Million Views…Explosive Growth

The new music video of the group Dreamcatcher is trending on YouTube. 


According to Dreamcatcher Company on the 19th, the music video for the title song ‘BOCA’ of Dreamcatcher’s 5th mini-album ‘Dystopia: Lose Myself’ hit 4 million views after 24 hours, at 6pm KST on the 18th. As of the morning on the 19th, the video has exceeded 6 million views. 


In particular, on the 18th, the music video for ‘Boca’ drew attention as it continued to maintain soaring popularity on YouTube in Korea. The trend was given by the active viewing of international fans, which is an encouraging result. 


The love for Dreamcatcher of ‘InSomnia’ around the world can be found in Dreamcatcher’s special story. This is because you can enjoy the powerful performance combined with Dreamcatcher’s unique metal rock sound, as well as the overwhelming visual beauty of the music video that captures Dreamcatcher’s unique fictional world, at once. 


In addition, since the news of Dreamcatcher’s comeback was released, fans have brushed up on the last part of the story, and the number of views of the music video for the previous song ‘Scream’ has surpassed 20 million views last weekend, and the strong support for them continues to grow. 


In addition, Dreamcatcher’s new mini-album ‘Dystopia: Lose Myself’ is a continuation of the first full-length album, ‘Dystopia: The Tree of Language’. As told by the subtitle ‘Lose Myself’, it contains a projection of us gradually losing our senses of self. If ‘Dystopia: The Tree of Language’ was the start of a new era for Dreamcatcher, ‘Dystopia: Lose Myself’ further expands this world and strengthens its special narrative. 


The title song ‘BOCA’, which means ‘mouth’ in Spanish, has a ‘Moombahton Rock’ sound, which adds a Moombahton rhythm to Dreamcatcher’s unique rock sound. It contains sharp criticism of a crumbling generation where some people are hurt due to a destructive era of irresponsible words.


Reporter: Kim Minji

Translation by 7-Dreamers Hec & jiulily
Please do not take translation without credit 

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