11 Dec 2019 “DREAMCATCHER’s concert “Invitation from Nightmare City in USA” a huge success… And a surprise event from local fans as well”


DREAMCATCHER is currently in America holding their HOT tour.

On the 10th, DREAMCATCHER Company revealed, “DREAMCATCHER went to LA and Chicago on the 6th and 8th respectively for “Invitation from Nightmare City in USA”. Naturally, the local fans cheered so loudly and sang in unison. They also brought out a state flag that had DREAMCATCHER’s name on it, so that was a surprise event on stage.”

They added, “The amount of support American InSomnia (fanclub name) gave us was more than we could ever imagine. It’s been a special time that the DREAMCATCHER members and staff will never forget.”

DREAMCATCHER will continue with their tour this month heading to Dallas on the 11th, Orlando on the 13th, and Jersey City on the 15th.


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