02 Dec 2020 KanStarPress Interview “The cute and cool K-pop girl group Dreamcatcher!”

【Interview】The cute and cool K-pop girl group Dreamcatcher! The second anniversary of their Japanese debut!  Their first Japanese digital single「NO MORE」has been released! “Please fall for our blackhole of charms!”


Dreamcatcher is the Korean girls group that have visuals that surpass just cute while drawing in attention from all over the world with their heavy rock sound highlighting their performance.  They debuted in Japan two years ago on November 21st and now, on the 20th of the same month, they are releasing their first digital single「NO MORE」!  Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, they won’t be having any promotions in Japan, but in August in Korea, the group released their fifth mini album 『Dystopia: Lose Myself』and held performances on music programs that gave a lot of energy to the fans who watched it them.  Also it was announced that Dreamcatcher will be providing the second opening theme song for the anime King’s Raid: Successors of the Will.  So here is the interview with Dreamcatcher who are excited for Japanese promotions!  Somehow, Handong also participated in the interview as well, even though she does not participate in「NO MORE」


–Dreamcatcher first came to Japan in May of 2017 for a concert at KCON JAPAN!  We interviewed you then (☜here is the link) and this time we are doing it for the second time.  FIrstly, please give a greeting to the readers of KanStar!

Jiu: Hello, I am the charismatic bunny leader of Dreamcatcher, Jiu!

Siyeon: Hello!  I am Dreamcatcher’s wolf, Siyeon.

Yoohyeon: Hello! I’m Dreamcatcher’s puppy, Yoohyeon.

Dami: Hello!  I am Dreamcatcher’s panda, Dami.

Sua: Hello! I am the queen of Dreamcatcher, Sua.

Gahyeon: Hello!  I am the lovely youngest apricot of Dreamcatcher.

Handong: Hello!  I am Dreamcatcher’s ice princess, Handong!


–On November’s 21st, you had your major debut 2 year anniversary.  Congratulations!

All: Thank you!


–Please tell us your feelings about performing and promoting in Japan in light of this being your second anniversary.

Jiu: I really remember right after our Japanese debut when we went to Tower Record for the first time.  We saw the exhibition stand for the album in person and signed posters and it really made me feel like we had truly debuted in Japan. I also have a lot of memories about the concerts.  When I remember them, I just miss our Somnias!

Siyeon: I was always really happy to enjoy the close communication I get to have with the Japanese fans.  It’s been a long time since I got to see the fans since our debut 2 years ago so I’m a little sad.  Please stay healthy.  Let’s meet each other soon with smiles!

Sua: I remember every single moment since our debut in Japan. If I were to pick just one, it would have to be the Christmas event from last year. I know it’s difficult right now but it will be Christmas again soon so I hope everyone spends it happily!

Yoohyeon: Wow, it’s already been 2 years!  Time really flies. I remember our first event we held in Japan.  For Halloween, we dressed up on costumes and gave out candy.  I can’t wait to see you all again!

Dami: Me too, I can’t believe it’s been 2 years. I really feel like time is going super fast.  It’s so sad that we weren’t able to meet you all because of the Coronavirus.

Gahyeon: I remember when we had our concerts in Japan, the Somnia’s who were sitting would all get up and enjoy themselves together.  I remember that.  It’s a really trivial thing but I  think it makes me happy!

Handong: I only have good memories from time spent in Japan.  The Japanese Somnia’s left a really passionate impression on me.  What left the strongest impression on me is when I sang a song by Nakajima Mika at our first concert in Japan and the fans cried along with me.  I truly felt that music knows no borders.


–Because of the increase in time spent at home from the Novel Coronavirus, there are a lot of people who have looked at new kpop girl group performances and become new fans of kpop.  To introduce Dreamcatcher to these new fans, please tell us what kind of group Dreamcatcher is.

Jiu: I’m a little embarrassed to talk about Dreamcatcher myself haha. We are a lovely 7 member group made of myself, Jiu, Sua, Siyeon, Handong, Yoohyeon, Dami, and Gahyeon to show off a tastefully shaped pretty group. Our music covers from a showy rock sound to deeply sensitive ballads so I hope you will listen to all of the songs on our albums to give their charms a chance.  When we are performing, Dreamcatcher members overflow with our beautiful expressions! Our biggest strength is how the 7 of us individually work together as a team.  If you think you will fall for Dreamcatcher, please do it soon!


–Like Jiu said, one of the highlights is the cool stage’s you show off but you also show a charming and cute side of yourselves off the stage. Isn’t that gap between the two a big charm, too?

Jiu: That’s right! That part of Dreamcatcher is like a blackhole of our charms, isn’t it?  You can never escape it, I think!


— In August when you released BOCA in Korea for your comeback, you went out to perform on a lot of music shows and a lot of Japanese fans also watched those. What kind of song is BOCA?

Yoohyeon: The word “boca” means mouth in Spanish. The lyrics leave a deep impression of just how much a person can hurt another with just their words.  With the combination of moombahton and rock, there is a 200% chance that Dreamcatcher will make this song charming.


–For your performances of BOCA you have a lot of dancers putting on a forceful performance with you, making the viewer almost feel like they are watching a scene from a musical or a movie.

Sua: Thank you. I think a lot of people are watching the group dance but I think it is Dreamcatcher’s backup dancers who truly make the performance feel like a musical number!  In the bridge there is a part that looks like a tornado where everyone’s breathing just synchronizes that I wish everyone could watch and pay attention to!

BOCA MV: https://youtu.be/MZ4JGye4dQU


–Outside of music programs, you also had stages at events like KCON: TACT season 2 and Japan-Korea Exchange Festival 2020 K-POP Concert.

Sua: Both KCON: TACT and Japan-Korea Exchange Festival were held online so there were no audiences.  But with just the sound and feeling the stage under our feet, I feel the members were still able to make it an enjoyable experience. It was the day we truly treasured having gotten to hear the fans cheering voices.


–On November 20th, you both celebrated your Japanese debut 2nd anniversary and also released your first Japanese digital single, NO MORE.  What kind of song is NO MORE?

Dami: NO MORE is a song on the subject of fighting the trouble of mean comments on social media.  It is overflowing with Dreamcatcher’s particular rock charm.  It is a song that shouts out “Don’t bother me anymore!  I won’t run away, I will fight so nothing is taken away from me again!”  When I first listened to the song, I heard that the rap is at the center of it but I also thought the flow is very fun.


–How was it recording this song?  I felt it with this song too but Dreamcatcher’s pronunciation of Japanese is truly very pretty.

Siyeon: When we were recording, I personally was very cautious of pronouncing the Japanese “T”.  That has a tendency to go from “T” to “CH” so I made sure to pay a lot of attention to that while singing.  Thank you for saying that you think it was pretty.  I’m going to work hard to get better.


–The music video was animated and had original character’s designed by the popular social media creator Ato Rie.  When it was announced that Pokage would be producing the animated lyric video, how did you feel?

Gahyeon: The highlight for me was watching how things were expressed, and watching it again and again.  Also, I feel like the woman character’s wielding swords drawn by Ato Rie really match our song very well.  I’m really curious how other people feel about it.


–Another question about NO MORE.  NO MORE is a song that talks about the damage of slander comments on social media.  On the other hand, what is something that makes you happy to hear from comments on social media?

Jiu: Mine would be “have a good day”.  It makes me feel like you are thinking about me and gives me strength.  It’s a common phrase that people say all the time but it still makes me grateful to hear it.

Sua: Mine is “Is there anything Sua can’t do?” haha.  I’m always working hard to do everything possible.  When I see my personal growth, I get energized.  There are a lot of things I still can’t do so I’m thankful for those who see the things I can do well!

Siyeon: I like comments that are funny!  Things that are cute, I want to try to reply to them all haha.

Yoohyeon: My heart feels the fullest when people tell me that they see how hard I am working.  It’s the side effect of working hard!

Gahyeon: I like hearing “Gahyeon is cute!” haha.  Oh, but I also like when people write “Dreamcatcher are very good!”

Dami: I like all words of help and praise.  They remind me of my original motivation and gives me the strength to continue what I’m doing.

Handong: I like hearing “Dreamcatcher Handong”. More than anything, I’m proud to be part of Dreamcatcher!


–Well then I would like to ask about Dreamcatcher’s TMI (small news things that aren’t important but will make the fans happy to hear).

Jiu:  It’s more Dreamcatcher’s TMI but aren’t we crushingly cute?! Haha

Siyeon:  Mine is also a Dreamcatcher TMI, we are good at anything!  We learn super fast haha.

Yoohyeon: Oh, I recently dreamt that Siyeon and I had a fight!

Dami: I added some pink lights to my room and it really makes the atmosphere feel good.  I’ve also been considering buying some blue lights.

Sua:  I cannot wear glasses for a long amount of time.

Gahyeon: I’ve recently learned the importance of using air purifier and humidifier machines so I’ve been using them both daily when I lay down!

Handong: The charm of Dreamcatcher is our 7 people with 7 colors.


–Lastly, please give a message to your Japanese fans.

Gahyeon: I really miss our Somnias.  How are you all doing?  I want the situation to hurry up and get better so we can meet again.  I’m going to work hard to be able to talk to you until then.  Please give Dreamcatcher’s song NO MORE lots of love!

Jiu: I miss our Somnias.  We can’t meet in person right now but I want you to have a wonderful day where you can look at yourself in the mirror without getting depressed.  I think that is really important.

Sua:  Please continue to cheer on Dreamcatcher’s lovely forms!  I think we all have the same feeling of wanting to see each other.  I am waiting for the day when we can healthily meet up again!  Thank you!

Siyeon:  I miss you a lot.  Until we can meet again, I hope your days are and you stay healthy!

Yoohyeon: Are you happy, Japanese fans?  It’s sad that we’ve been unable to meet for even longer than we’ve all expected but, I think that long time will just make the day when we finally meet again that much better.  Please stay happy until then!

Dami: We’ve been holding online concerts and online fansigns but I definitely do feel the largest energy from seeing and speaking with you all.  I want each day to bring us closer to the day when I can come to you on a plane.

Handong:  Japanese Somnias!  It’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other and I’m always thinking of you.  How much I miss you is always welling up.  I want to see you all soon.  It is possible that with the winter coming, things are going to get worse with the Novel Coronavirus so everyone, please take care.  I’m looking forward when Corona goes away so we can meet again.




Debuting in January of 2017 in Korea.  The group’s name means “an object hung by the bed to capture nightmares, coming from indigenous cultures in America”.  They had their major Japanese debut in November of 2018.

Japan Digital Single「NO MORE」

Download and streaming link: https://lnk.to/NO_MORE

Official website:https://dreamcatcher-official.jp/

Official Twitter:https://twitter.com/jp_dreamcatcher

Official Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/jp_dreamcatcher/

Official TikTok:https://www.tiktok.com/@dreamcatcher_jp

DREAMCATCHER Music Distribution:https://lnk.to/dreamcatcher

Mobile Fanclub DREAMCATCHER JAPAN OFFICIAL FANCLUB「InSomnia Japan」:https://mb.insomnia-japan.com/


text by Shigeki Nakamura

Translation by 7-Dreamers Janjan
Please do not take translation without credit

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