[Interview ②] Dreamcatcher’s New Dreams

Please note this is not the full translation of the article, but a brief summary of the group’s statements during an interview with EToday.

• Gahyeon wanted to be on TV from a young age; not specifically wanting to be a singer, or an actress but just wanted to be on TV.
• After seeing Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation), she realized her dream was to become a singer.

• She was a band vocalist since the first grade of junior high school to the second grade of high school.
• She mentioned not wanting to be an idol, originally.
• She’d like to become a practical music professor so she can teach people what she knows.

• Dami was part of a choir in elementary (?) school.
• She mentioned really liking Girls’ Generation and would watch videos of them thinking to herself how she could be like them.

• Yoohyeon was always fan of the Wonder Girls and wanted to be like them.
• She tends to become depressed at times yet noticed SuA was constantly very happy. SuA then told her to feel happiness in simple things. Yoohyeon is therefore trying to take her advice because she thinks you must feel happiness in simple things in order to live longer.

• SuA loved dancing and attended a dance school despite her parent’s objections, on the condition that if she did not pass the audition within six months, she would give up.
• She became a trainee on her sixth month.

• Handong mentioned auditioning twice but not succeeding.
• She moved to South Korea to study because she wanted to become a musical actress.
• While attending school, she auditioned and was accepted into the company.

• From a very young age, she used to sing and dance at home.
• At the end of elementary (?) school, she put on weight and consequently, lost confidence because of it.
• In high school, however, thanks to receiving praise, she became proud of her talents.
• At her audition, she performed to DalShabet’s Supa Dupa Diva.
• Upon entering the company, she lost more than 10KG.

Source: EToday

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