How to join and level up on dreamcatcher’s fancafe


In order to join a fancafe you need a daum account. If you don't have one yet, go to our "how to sign up for daum" guide, it only takes a couple of minutes!


1. Install daum's fancafe app:
Daum Cafe - 다음 카페

2. Open the app. To change the language to English, go to settings

3. Select '언어 설정' (language settings) - '한국어' (korean)

4. Change to system default ('시스템 기본') or English

5. you will have to restart the app in order to see the language change

6. Open the app again and click login

7. Log in with kakaotalk

8. Choose whether you want to login with phone or email

9. search for 'dreamcatcher' by clicking the icon or 'find a cafe'

10. Select dreamcatcher's official fancafe (

11. Select 'join' to become a member of dreamcatcher's fancafe

12. Choose a nickname (*note: see further down)

13. You are now a member of the fancafe. However, you are only an associate member ('준회원'), meaning your access is limited and some pages will not be available to you (see message on screenshot to the right). To become a full member ('정회원') you must level up.

(*Note: Nicknames CANNOT have special characters (ex: “á”, "é") and must be only in Korean or English. They also cannot be related to other groups or be anything that can be confused as a member of Dream Catcher or a staff member. - ex: DreamCatcher81, JiU5, etc.) 


14. to level up, go to the fancafe homepage and select the menu

15. Scroll down until you see 'level up'. Click '등업신청' (level up application).

16. on the application page, select 'write' at the bottom

17. follow the instructions and write your information. (**note) Afterwards, click the gear icon at the bottom

18. make sure you tick 'secret' to lock your post so only admins can see it

19. you can see your own post (but not others'), there should be a lock next to it

20. After completing your application, an admin will review it. This can take a couple of days. Regularly check '등업완료' (level up completed) to see if it has been approved, and '등업리턴' (level up return) to see if it has been rejected and for what reason.

**note: write in your application (use only English or Korean): 
1. Name (real name)
2. Age
3. Gender (여 female/남 male)
4. Country
5. A message of support for Dreamcatcher (20 letters, spacing not included)

*please make sure you private your post (lock icon)
*note for nicknames:
- No alien language, spacing, chinese letters, japanese letters and special characters
- Names of other artists or fandoms will not be allowed
- You cannot use Dreamcatcher members’ names or cafe staff names. Korean letters max. 8 characters, for english nicknames, max. 10.
- If you change your nickname after levelling up, please re-apply again.