19 Feb 2020 Dailysports Interview② “Dreamcatcher “A group we want to become friends with? We want to collab with KARD””

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The group Dreamcatcher returns with their new world ‘Dystopia’ following the conclusion of their ‘Nightmare’ storyline. Dreamcatcher, a group that has continued depicting dark concepts based on powerful choreographies – unusual for a girl group – plans to surprise the pop music world once more.

‘Dystopia : The Tree of Language’, their first studio album released on the 18th, is the starting point of their ‘Dystopia’. It tells a unique Dreamcatcher story about a world darkened by language, harboring wounds. The lead track, ‘Scream’ uses middle age witch hunts as a theme to make a statement about society creating victims of indiscriminate language attacks. Dreamcatcher opened themselves up about what they go through as entertainers and incorporated it into their world of Dystopia.

The members, who started off as the girl group Minx and worked hard to become the Dreamcatcher of today, laughed and jokingly said  “It’s hard, but we love this job. It’s either this job or death for us.” “Idols are so exposed to the public, but all jobs must have their difficult points. A dystopia is the dark ideal but the moment you feel hurt, your reality can become a dystopia,” they said, adding that the track is relatable to everyone.

Other than Scream, the new album lists other tracks that offer a look into Dreamcatcher’s world. It also contains the previously released fan song ‘Full Moon’ and the prerelease track, which is Siyeon’s solo track.



-Could you recommend a track within the album?

Sua: For the first time, we tried Jazz in ‘Jazz Bar’. It made me want to visit a Jazz bar, and is a great song for driving.

Dami: The choreography for ‘Red Sun’ was created from scratch by me and Sua unnie. I’m glad to have participated like that.

JIU: ‘Full Moon’ is our 1st anniversary fan song. It was released as a single, so to see it listed on our studio album is meaningful to us.


-What did you do preparing for the comeback?

JIU: To get my hair purple, I had it bleached twice and dyed 6-7 times. All that to get a pretty color. My scalp is alright.

Dami: Except for our debut track, I’ve kept my hair short. Now, this is the first time I’ve gotten extensions. I’m back to having long hair. It’s our studio album and a fresh start for us, so I thought about what I could do to give people a fresh look, and decided on hair extensions.

Siyeon: Each member focused on their gestures. We each searched for something that would fit ‘Scream’ and came up with gestures ahead of time. I want people to focus on that aspect when they watch us perform.


-Siyeon also has a solo track listed.

Siyeon: Perhaps it’s because I’m the main vocal, but I’ve gotten a lot of chances to do solo stages. I was on ‘Masked Singers’ and ‘V-1’ and the prerelease track for our studio album was my solo track. Being the main vocal is a hefty responsibility, but I’m glad that I’ve been able to promote my team. Our members all have very defined characteristics and sing well so anyone could be the next one with a solo track.


-You all participated more in the production as well.

Siyeon: All the members got a chance to try writing lyrics. We learnt a lot with this album. As we talked between ourselves and continued to work on it I realized how different our worldviews are and how disparate our ideas could be. If we’re given the chance, I want us to release a song purely produced by us. It would be fun.

Yoohyeon: This is my second lyrical contribution. At first my writing was too embarrassing to show anyone but I’m proud to say I’ve improved somewhat.

Dami: As I recorded guide vocals for my compositions, I was told that my singing improved. Though I’m the main rapper, I also sing in this album.



-Any goals or expectations for the promotion?

Dami: I want us to do a collaboration with the group KARD. Our promotions line up this time round, so I’m looking forward to the music shows. I’ll befriend them.

Sua: I want to go on comedy shows. “Omniscient Interfering View” “Save me, Holmes” “Amazing Saturday” and “My Little Old Boy” are all shows I love. I’d love to be a regular on “Alley Restaurant” as well. I’m confident that I’d be good as a server and in other customer-facing service jobs.

JIU: I want to go on “Let’s Eat Dinner Together”. I’m not a picky eater, so I’m curious about what other families eat at home.


Reporter Hwang Jee-young hwang.jeeyoung@jtbc.co.kr

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