12 July 2020 [Weekly OST] Dreamcatcher Siyeon “‘Into The Ring (출사표)’ OST participation, Feeling Another Thrill”

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“Thank you for trusting me and giving me a chance.”

These are the words of Dreamcatcher’s Siyeon, who is the singer for KBS2’s new drama ‘Into The Ring (출사표)’ OST. In an interview with EDaily, she said, “I have always wanted to work on a drama OST. I did a good job and hope that it made a positive impact on the drama.” 

‘Sometimes I’m scared, but I believe in me / I’m following the pieces of my dreams that crumble like the starlight, my orbit set for tomorrow / Oh my sweet paradise the moment will come to me- ♪’

‘The Ballot’ is an office romance comedy drama that depicts a story of the punishment of bad politicians by Gu Sera (Nana), a college student who chose to run for employment, and Seo Gong Myeong (Park Seong Hun), an ascended elite secretary. 

The cheerful rock style number ‘Good Sera’ sung by Dreamcatcher’s Siyeon is the theme song of Gu Sera, the main character of the drama. The lyrics, that go well with the keyword ‘passion’ remind us of Gu Sera’s struggles in the drama. The lyrics and composition were directed by Park Seong Jin, the music director of ‘Into The Ring’. 

Siyeon, who participated in the song work said, “I sang the song, thinking of the protagonist trying to do what she wanted to be brave.” She added, “The lyrics are very passionate, so I was able to immerse myself in the song enthusiastically and work on it. The lyrics with context that can give listeners strength and comfort which makes it attractive”. 

“In addition, Siyeon stated that “the title ‘Good Sera’ also makes it attractive. She added, “I think it is similar to the name of the main character Gu Seera, and it also implies the meaning of ‘Strength’!

For the singer that has been active as the main vocalist of the Dreamcatcher since 2017, ‘Into The Ring’ OST was a special work that filled the song with her voice.

“It was a work full of excitement but different compared to when I was working on a Dreamcatcher album,” said Siyeon. She added, “In the future I hope to work on many OST’s. I hope that many people would like to spend an energetic day with ‘Good Sera’ and Dreamcatcher.”

Meanwhile, Dreamcatcher held their first online concert ‘INTO THE NIGHT & DYSTOPIA’ on 4th July and communicated with fans from more than 100 countries. Dreamcatcher is currently busy preparing for a comeback.


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