01 Sept 2019 ‘Dreamcatcher concert cancelled due to a fire accident → hold a guerilla event’

Dreamcatcher, who are currently holding a tour in Australia, respond to the fans’ disappointment.

The seven members of Dreamcatcher visited Hosier Lane in Melbourne, Australia, to meet with InSomnias. The visit was due to a concert that was canceled because of a fire accident. After hearing that fans were consoling their sadness from the cancellation at the graffitied street, Dreamcatcher members had taken to the streets to meet them themselves.

Dreamcatcher met Melbourne ‘InSomnia’, expressing their regrets towards the cancellation, as well as their gratitude towards fans for having waited for them for so long. They also took commemorative photographs in front of the graffiti, presented to them by fans, consoling ‘InSomnias’

“Though we couldn’t hold the show and the events at Melbourne, our time in Australia was a chance for us to realize again how many passionate people out there love Dreamcatcher,” “It was a valuable time that let us know again what our presence means,” Dreamcatcher said.

They added “We would like to express our gratitude to Sydney, Melbourne, Australia, and InSomnia all over the world for the support and encouragement. We look forward to meet everyone in Melbourne again.”

Dreamcatcher’s Australia tour isn’t the last stop. They will continue to Malaysia, and continue with an European tour on the upcoming October.”

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Source: Naver

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