27 August 2021 Kanstarpress Interview: Cute and cool K-pop girl group DREAMCATCHER! With their new mini album title track “BEcause” transforming them into beautiful horror dolls! “Let’s spend the last moments of summer in a splendid way!”

Having both a cute and cool visual, combined with their heavy rock sound at the base of their performance, the whole world is starting to notice the Korean girl group Dreamcatcher. Their summer special mini album ‘Summer Holiday’ came out in Korea on July 30, their first comeback in 6 months after ‘Dystopia: Road to Utopia’. The girls have been developing their concept from Nightmare and Dystopia. In their summer album, the title track “BEcause” has a concept that gives us a taste of horror in a hot summer song. They had a big transformation into beautiful horror dolls on the Korean music programs! Moreover, for the first time, we can finally see their smiles on the stage that we have never seen before. It was also announced that from September 18 to 26 they will be participating in the world-class online K-Culture Festival KCON:TACT HI 5! We held an interview with these charming girls about their promotion activities.

―― Every interview with Dreamcatcher catches a lot of attention here on KanStar! This is our 4th interview with the group. First, please give a greeting to our readers.

EVERYONE: Hello!  We are Dreamcatcher!

Jiu: Hello!  I am Dreamcatcher’s charismatic bunny leader, Jiu!

Sua: Hello!  I am Dreamcatcher’s queen, Sua!

Siyeon: Hello!  I am Dreamcatcher’s angry vocal!  I’m Siyeon!

Handong: Hello! I am Dreamcatcher’s ice princess, Handong!

Yoohyeon: Hello!  I am Dreamcatcher’s puppy, Yoohyeon!

Dami: Hello! I am Dreamcatcher’s panda, Dami!

Gahyeon: Hello, I am Dreamcatcher’s Gahyeon who has turned into Ariel for this promotion (laughs)!

―― Dreamcatcher, you have made your Korean comeback for the first time in 6 months with your new mini album ‘Summer Holiday’ on July 30. You are showing us a cute-but-scary doll-like Dreamcatcher this time. How was it this time?

Jiu: This promotion was short like a summer vacation, but I think it was still strong! I feel we were able to fully express all that we wanted to on stage and had fun with it. It was a happy but sad promotion for our Somnias!

Siyeon: It was fun getting to show off a new side of ourselves. Even though there were some things that were unfortunate that happened, I was able to finish these promotions without regrets! Thank you to the many Somnias who were watching over us.

Sua: It was fun to be able to show a variety of expressions we haven’t been able to before. And it was even cooler to be able to spend the summer with our Somnias.

Handong: There was something that felt different with these promotions from the previous ones, so it felt very refreshing! Even though the promotion period was pretty short, I was still able to feel plenty of passion from our Somnias and that made me happy and look forward to showing an even better form when we come back!

Yoohyeon:  It was very fun to get to try out a unique concept and I feel proud of how I have developed myself.

Dami: Maybe it was because it was a special album, but the stage felt slightly different this time around. I was able to laugh whenever I felt like I wanted to and expressing that feeling was really fun. I’m even happier to know that the fans also noticed this.

Gahyeon: I feel like I was able to grow more with this promotion period than the previous ones which makes me feel good, also it was nice to show more varied forms.

―― Now, what kind of album is Summer Holiday?

Jiu: We recorded 6 songs varying from dance song to ballad with the songs “Intro”, the title song “BEcause”, “Airplane”, “Whistle”, “Alldaylong”, and “A Heart of Sunflower”. I always feel this way but it is always a huge blessing to be able to record and perform our own music for ourselves.

――Jiu, you participated in writing the lyrics for Alldaylong, what was that like?

Jiu: I really like the ‘City Pop’ genre and I’ve been wanting to try to write it. So, it became my opportunity to do it and I had a lot of fun. I think it is a song that will make you feel happier every time you listen to it. So, I hope people listen to it a lot (laughs).

―― For the ‘Summer Holiday’ album, there are one limited version and three regular versions, right? Please tell me about the differences between those versions, about the filming’s impression, and any stories behind them.

Dami: There are four versions of this ‘Summer Holiday’, versions G, I, F, and T. Each version contains photo books, CDs, luggage stickers, photo cards, and the fold out poster. In the limited version G, there was a photo garland set and a photo stand included! The photo book includes the looks of all the jacket shoots. There are film photos included in the regular version I, F, and T, so please look out for those! When filming for the booklet, there was a scene taken at the beach. We were told that it’s better to film the shoot before sunset, so we had to focus on shooting in a very short time. It’s also the point of this filming.

―― What kind of song is the title song “BEcause”?

Yoohyeon: “BEcause” is a song that expresses the heart of someone obsessively in love. The music video is kind of a homage to Jordan Peele’s film “Us”, letting us have fun playing with the concept of doppelgangers.

――In the performance of this song, Yoohyeon gets lifted like a doll, what was that like to perform?

Yoohyeon: The lift is one of the few point dances, at the beginning it was hard to match my breathing to be able to sing while being lifted! But because of everyone’s hard work, I am now able to feel like I am jumping up lightly to fly into the sky. It was fun (laughs).

―― “BEcause” has a slightly horror feeling, were there any scary happenings or ghosts appearing while you recorded? I heard that a ghost appearing in a recording is a sign that a song will be a hit in Korea.

Siyeon: We didn’t feel any ghosts while recording. It was disappointing… But Yoohyeon said she saw a ghost while she was eating! It was laughing! (Yoohyeon is nodding in agreement)

―― To change the feeling, please teach me about the point dance.

Sua: We tried to express the feeling of sadness from the kanji character kanji character “BE” (悲, meaning sorrow). You take your two hands and cross them over your head to make the shape of the kanji. It requires a lot of flexibility to do it but it would make me happy if lots of people tried to copy it.

―― I think the music video is the perfect thing to cool off this summer just like horror movies. Please give me behind the scenes stories and filming highlights from the music video.

Handong: To cool off this summer, we filmed the MV at an amusement park! It was such a hassle to film there and it was really hot like a sauna because of how strong the sunlight and the lightings were when we were filming. But, once the filming started, all the members pretended to be okay with it and we were able to finish the filming while expressing our acting perfectly. Like the professionals we are!

―― Dreamcatcher has always shown us stunning stages. During this promotion, you have done it on the music show, too. Are there any impressions your broadcast performances left on you?

Gahyeon: There was one performance where I bumped into Jiu during rehearsal. We were asked if it was okay to air it. That is what I remember the most, they aired that rehearsal incident (laughs).

―― The title of this album is ‘Summer Holiday’ and I know summer is almost over but what activities would you recommend to spend the remaining days of summer holiday break?

Jiu: I think sitting in a room chilled with air-conditioner watching TV, drinking a beer, and eating potato chips would be good!

Sua: Eating cold food! It is easy to be completely drained of energy this season so I think cold food is a great way to re-energize! Make sure you’re all eating properly!

Siyeon: I definitely think being at home is the best! There is nothing better than doing what you like while eating refreshing delicious food (laughs).

Handong: I dislike feeling hot but have yet to find a good way to avoid it. Somnias, if you know any methods, please tell me~!

Yoohyeon: Hmm… I would say not moving at all (laughs). In summer, I’m the type who likes to try to get everything done in one place without moving (laughs).

Dami: After attaching a fan to the ceiling, I lie down and play my music playlist. I like doing so because it puts my heart at ease.

Gahyeon: Sit in front of the air-conditioner eating cold ice cream!

―― Because your interviews are always a big hit, please tell us some small things that you have all individually been up to.

Jiu: I’m originally a night person but with this promotion, I’ve turned myself into a morning person (laughs). I start getting sleepy at 11 at night and wake up at 10 in the morning.

Sua: I recently bought 20 sheet masks (laughs).

Siyeon: I recently have been having a lot of split ends… It’s because I frequently dye my hair and I have a bad habit. I’ll take more care of it!

Handong: I recently just got my wisdom tooth removed!

Yoohyeon: Hmm… A recent small thing that I did is, I exchanged clothes with Handong and wore them for a day (laughs).

Dami: I changed my work room. I wanted a room with a window, I finally got one!

Gahyeon: I recently bought some pants, haha… It’s really been a long time since I went shopping, so it was fun.

―― Lastly, please send a message to your Japanese fans.

Jiu: Are you doing well? I really miss you. I’m wishing for the situation to get better even just one day sooner. Always be happy and healthy, please!

Sua: Somnias, I’m always thankful to you. Let’s spend the remaining summer in a refreshing way!

Siyeon: It’s been so long since we’ve been able to meet. But I feel like I’ve been able to hear your cheers and love! Always be healthy, please! I love you ♡

Handong: Somnias! We will definitely meet again! It’s been 2 years since I’ve seen you, so I miss you very much. Please watch out for your health until we are able to meet again! I love you ♡

Yoohyeon: I really miss our Japanese fans! You feel very tired, right? Even so, thank you for always waiting for us anyway. I’m really moved by how much you all always love us. I truly love each and every one of you ♡

Dami: I really miss our Somnias! Keep wearing your masks, wash your hands properly and stay healthy so we can see each other soon. Thank you for always cheering us on!

Gahyeon: I really miss Japanese Somnias (laughs). It’s been so long we haven’t been able to see you. Let’s see each other soon. I love you~♡

Source: Kanstarpress

Translation by 7-Dreamers Janjan
Please do not take translation without credit

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