[TRANS] (161001) DalShabet’s Subin’s Twitter update congratulating Siyeon on her birthday + Kakao conversation

Spotted deer Siyeon-ah, happy birthday♡

Kakao conversation on screencaps:

: Siyeon unnie, thank you
Siyeon: What ?!?! Unnie!!! Keke
Subin: Our song is in Siyeon unnie’s profile…♡
Siyeon: That’s fairly obvious!!! Our unnies’ song came out
Subin: Our very cute Siyeon unnie
Siyeon: I’m still listening to the unnies’ song, really. It’s very pretty and good
Subin: Kekekekekekekeke, cutie Siyeonnie. Thank you~~~

Trans. cr.: thedalshababies

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