1. Download the app
  2. Log in  (on Android you can use your Google account)
  3. Once you’re on the home-screen pop open the menu from the top left
  4. Go to Starpoint status to get your votes ready
  5. Convert all of your available points into The Show votes
  6. Head back to the home screen and go to The Show voting screen



There are several ways to earn Starpoints:

  • subscription (1 time only)
  • screen unlock (3 starpoints, up to 100 times a day)
  • new photo/video post in contents tab (20 starpoints, up to 5 times a day)
  • rewards for voting on post of others

RESET IS EVERY DAY AT 4AM KST, meaning after that time the counter for posts/screenlock restarts at 0. You will not lose the starpoints you have collected.

– Post photos/videos (5 each per day)

  1. Click ‘content’, then the ‘+’ sign. Choose either photo or video.


  2. Fill in title and content (ex. DC – Yoohyeon, Dreamcatcher – You and I, …), paste the youtube url (in case of video) or upload the picture. Select dreamcatcher as your star, select a member, and upload. You will get 20 points for each post.


– Set up starpass lockscreen:

  1. click “lockscreen” on the bottom right of the home page
  2. enable both ‘use starpass lockscreen’ and ‘use icon password’. Select the icons you want to use as a password
  3. Simply lock & unlock your phone, insert the correct icons to get Starpoints.

(unfortunately it’s not possible for iOS users at the moment to use lockscreen)


– Login with another account

once you have reached the maximum starpoints you can earn with lockscreen/posts, you can login with another google account and start over.

  1. Go to settings – apps (or app management) and find the Starpass app. Go to storage and clear data
  2. Open the Starpass app, and you will be able to login using another google account. You will get 150 starpoints for subscription and can start gaining more points using lockscreen/posting pictures&videos again.