Voting on Idol Champ

Last update: 21-Jan-2021

NOTE: To have full use of your Idol Champ account, you must participate in the chart realtime (on home page) for 5 days! Simply click on ‘dreamcatcher’ and enter any amount of chamsim to vote. Please make your account before the voting starts so you will be able to use every number of votes and charge chamsims via quiz/community activities.

🌑 Login to the idol champ app (for the tutorial, see here)

🌑 To collect chamsims, click on the store icon on the top of the screen. You can collect ruby chamsim (red hearts) by watching ads, writing community post and as reward for leveling up. Ruby chamsims do not expire. You can collect time chamsim (blue hearts) from attendance check, writing comments, liking community posts and solving quizes. Time chamsims expire on the first day of each month!

idol champ    idol champ

🌑 To vote on idol champ, click on the “vote” with the heart tab at the bottom of the screen and scroll down until you find the Show Champion logo.
idol champ

🌑 Click on the heart next to Dreamcatcher’s title track. You can vote a maximum of 3 times per day per device. A yellow notification at the bottom of the screen will show you how many votes you have left. After voting 3 times you will see the voting % and this pop-up.

idol champ

idol champ