[Interview ③] Dreamcatcher’s Goal is Coachella

Dreamcatcher talk about their strengths, future plans, and their fans. “Our members know how to perform while connecting with the spectators. We grew and got more experienced so that’s our strength”

Reporter Yi Seung-hun / April 24th 2024

Dreamcatcher / Photo by =Reporter Lee Dong-hoon

[Exclusive] Dreamcatcher’s Goal is Coachella.. “Experience Made us Feel More Relaxed” [Interview ③]

Continued from interview ② We Can’t Let Dreamcatcher Go”.. The Reason All Members Decided to Renew Contracts

– This is your 8th year as a team. What is Dreamcatcher’s strength?

Siyeon = Our consistency with musical genres and the new stories we tell with each album sets Dreamcatcher apart.

JiU = Our connection and camaraderie with the fans that years of touring gave us. Doing a recent tour and performing with other singers at a venue, I could really feel that our members know how to perform while connecting with the spectators. We’re a lot more experienced, too. We redid 2017 songs in 2024 versions and the members’ voices changed a lot. We grew and got more experienced so that’s our strength.

Yoohyeon = Our rock-based concepts give people a sense of refreshment, and it’s a different charm from most other idols.

– In what area do you feel you have grown the most compared to before your debut?

JiU = I think we’re all stronger mentally. We used to feel hurt by small things before, but now we can let it slide off of us like it’s nothing. Our voices have gotten better too. We used to sound cuter before, but now we sound more mature, and everyone practiced hard.

Dami = We’re more relaxed on stage than before, I think. When we were new, every stage made us nervous and we had to think about what our next move was even while performing. Now, after doing so many performances, we know how to act to sell the performance. Looking good on stage is second nature to us now.

SuA = The staff gives us lots of love. We used to crave the affection of the staff, but now, wherever we go the production staff tell us ‘Dreamcatcher is so cool’, and that gives us confidence. When the production crew love you, it makes you feel appreciated. It’s not something they can do for everyone, but when they always go the extra mile for us, it makes me realize that we are being appreciated and that we’re doing well.

– How did 2023 feel for Dreamcatcher?

Yoohyeon = It was a busy blur of a year. I almost didn’t realize 2023 was over until it became 2024. Looking back, I now realize how busy we were. It means we were working hard.

SuA = I felt I had more leisure than I expected that year. I had my fun, and it didn’t feel too crowded. I hope this year will be filled with more.

JiU = It was the year that I got the song of my life. I enjoy our own music and listen to Dreamcatcher songs even when we’re not promoting, and as soon as I heard Bon Voyage last year, I knew this was the song of my life and was so thankful that the song came to me.

– What are your future plans?

JiU = I would love to release an album on christmas. I also really want to do a carol album and a christmas concert. I told our managing director we need to get the venue before it’s all booked up.

SuA = In 2022, we were invited to Primavera in Spain, one of the biggest music festivals in the world. It was such a good experience on set so I’d love to be invited to other big festivals like Coachella. I’d love to do a collaboration too. A collab with an overseas band for a true hard rock album. Korean bands are great too but overseas bands feel closer to my ideal.

JiU = I really want to do a collaboration with YB (Yoon Do-hyun Band). It’s the rock music we listened to since our childhood. They are sunbaes we admire so much, so it would be an honor to work with them. Siyeon recently did a YB medley and posted it, too.

Siyeon = I was amazed because Yoon Do-hyun gave us a like and applause on that Instagram Story.

– In conclusion, is there a message you want to leave for your fans?

Siyeon = Thank you so much for watching over us for such a long time. Fans, you are the people that make us this strong.

JiU = Recently, streaming services send out notifications when we release new songs, that ‘Dreamcatcher released new songs’. The fans told me they want us to be singers who can always get that kind of notification, and I want to make that wish true.

Gahyeon = Thank you so much for always cheering for us, for always watching over us whatever we do, and for shouting back excitedly whenever I say anything.

– End of Interview

Source: Star News

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