[Interview ②] “We Can’t Let Dreamcatcher Go”.. The Reason All Members Decided to Renew Contracts

Dreamcatcher talks about contract renewal, getting past the dreaded 7 year mark, and their teamwork. “It’s not time for us to separate yet”

Reporter Yi Seung-hun / April 24th 2024

Dreamcatcher / Photo by =Reporter Lee Dong-hoon

[Exclusive] “We Can’t Let Dreamcatcher Go”.. The Reason All Members Decided to Renew Contracts [Interview ②]

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– This January 13th was the 7th anniversary of your debut.

JiU = We held a concert that day and it was so much fun. It was the first time we got to use lifts for a domestic conert. We prepared so many stage props and song rearrangements. Lots of people told us it was the concert of their lives. Even my mom told me ‘this was the coolest I’ve seen you be at a concert’, so it was a day that sticks with me.

Dami = I invited an acquaintance and they came with a friend. The friend wasn’t interested in idols but still told my acquaintance that they’d heard this song before, so that felt good.

Handong = It was one of the most fun shows I’ve done. I invited friends too, and they had fun jumping up and down, getting lost in the fun and exciting atmosphere. That was great.

– What gave Dreamcatcher the strength to keep steadily working for 7 years?

Siyeon = I would say it’s the members. When we feel down, the reasons are pretty predictable. But when we can rely on each other, from head to heart, it makes a lot of the difficulties go away. We talk about our problems, and I’ve come to think that even if I can’t find a solution, just having the members by me makes it okay.

Yoohyeon = The members give each other strength, but they also stimulate each other to work harder, which is why this synergy is working so long.

JiU = Our CEO is also amazing. We used to do 2 albums each year. I didn’t think much of it at the time but looking back, that’s tremendous work. Our CEO is great for always preparing new albums for us.

– Do the members ever get into fights?

SuA = The ones who thought fighting was a waste of time and tried to avoid confrontations now try to get their emotions then and there. We changed a lot. If a situation is about to get too heated, we go quiet..

Gahyeon = I think we just voice our opinions rather than fight now.

JiU = If a fight is about to develop, we either go with the majority opinion or decide by rock-scissors-paper.

Dami = And there are members who mediate arguments. We all have our roles..

Siyeon = If I have an opinion that goes against the rest of the team, I say “I’m against this but I will follow the majority”.

– Dreamcatcher has been promoting steadily for 7 years without major controversies, perhaps thanks to that.

JiU = All of our members are good people.

Gahyeon = Everyone thinks about the team first. They know that doing something might have consequences for the entire team, not just themselves. When I was new to Dreamcatcher, we were sitting in a circle in the basement practice room. The unnies told me “don’t go around badmouthing other members. You’re only insulting yourself”. I knew what they meant immediately.

Siyeon = I fought with them a lot when I was young so as I grew up, I got to understand what kind of person they were better.

SuA = I think we all have the mindset that ‘I shouldn’t think just of myself’, ‘I’m living the life of 7 people’, and ‘we may be 7 people, but we are as one’.

– You all renewed your contracts in November of 2022. Did you have conversations with the CEO at the time?

Gahyeon = The CEO told us that ‘this agency will do the best it can for you. We will do our best to make you lots of money’, so we answered that ‘we’ll work hard. We have faith in you.’

JiU, Siyeon = The CEO invited us to his home and cooked for us while wearing our merch. We had only seen him working at the company, so it was the first time seeing his domestic side.

– Did you talk between yourselves before renewing the contracts?

JiU = We kept talking at our dorm together, and we were all positive towards renewal. ‘It wasn’t easy building up Dreamcatcher to this point’, and the ‘Dreamcatcher genre’ we carved out was a big deal, so we wanted to continue with it.

SuA, Gahyeon = ‘It’s not time for us to separate yet’, and ‘we can’t let Dreamcatcher go’, was our thoughts.

Handong = We were focused more about how we could do better after renewal than whether or not we would renew.

– You got past the dreaded 7 year mark and face a new beginning for Dreamcatcher. How do you imagine Dreamcatcher’s chapter 2 to be?

JiU = When you say ‘chapter 2’, it sounds like something special needs to be done, but I think continuing on like we have been doing so far is good.

Dami = I hope that each individual member, as well as the team, get their chance to shine. We see each other and see so much ability and talent, so getting lots of chances to show that off would be great. We’re all doing amazing in our imaginations.

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