How to Sign Up for Genie


Go to, this will work on both mobile and pc.

Click on 로그인 on the top right if you’re on pc, then choose to login with either Kakaotalk, Facebook, or Twitter. This tutorial will follow a sign up from a kakaotalk account on mobile, but the steps should be similar for each.



on mobile, click the person figure on the top right



then choose to sign up with Kakaotalk, Facebook, or Twitter


it will ask you to agree to the terms and services, agree to the required terms or all of them and click ‘accept and continue’


then it will ask you to complete the form  with your ID and email. Make sure to check 중복확인 after you input your ID to verify it! It won’t let you sign up if you don’t verify it first.


Proceed to check all the boxes that have 필수 written on them. This means they are required agreements to sign up for genie. At the bottom, click the blue box.


it will tell you to check the terms and agreements of the service, click 확인 (check) to continue



It will tell you that your kakaotalk account has been successfully registered to Genie. Click 시작하기.



You might not be logged in right away, so make sure to verify by checking the first step again. And that’s it!

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