How to create a STARPLAY account and vote for “The Show”

Download and install the StarPlay app:



‼️ The Show pre-voting goes from Friday 8pm kst to Monday 2pm kst

‼️ Silver star tokens are deleted every month on the 15th at 12am kst

note: you can sign up with more than one account


🌑 Complete your details and agree to the privacy policy and terms & conditions


🌑 After logging in you will see the home screen. From here you can open the menu, go to the voting screen or the store.

🌑 To change the language of the App to English, click on the 3 lines on the top right, scroll down until you see “Language” and select English


🌑 To purchase golden star tokens, select the “store” icon at the bottom of the screen.

🌑 To earn silver star tokens, you can watch ads (5/hour) to earn 10 stars, or complete missions (rewards variable).

🌑 To convert golden and silver star tokens, select the relevant (green or yellow) option.

🌑 Select the amount of stars you want to convert. You can also choose to convert all by clicking the button below.

🌑  You will get a message saying you are about to convert x amount of stars into x amount of votes. Click to confirm.

🌑  A confirmation message will pop up stating the conversion has been completed

‼️ Silver star tokens are deleted every month on the 15th at 12am, so make sure to convert them!


🌑 Click on the circle at the bottom of the app

🌑 Click on SBS and then on the picture for The Show

🌑 Click on “Vote”

🌑 Put in your votes and click OK!

you have successfully voted for Dreamcatcher!

REMINDER there’s a live voting every tuesday from 6:05pm to 7:05pm kst, so make sure you collect the 3 the show votes and convert them in between the pre-voting closing and The Show starting.


🌑 Click on “select my star”

🌑 In the “group” section, scroll down until you find dreamcatcher (드림캐쳐)

🌑 Once you select dreamcatcher, you will see all the members listed. Select the member you like (you can select up to 2 members as stars, from the 3rd onwards it will cost you silver star tokens)

🌑You will get a message to confirm the star you chose

🌑 Repeat the steps to choose additional stars. Please note that the more stars you want, the more silver star tokens you will have to pay.