How to stream on GENIE

last update: 02-Aug-2021

International fans can no longer make an account on GENIE since the policy change in January 2021 (sign up requires a korean phone number). However if you had made an account prior to JAN 2021 you can still use it! You can purchase/rent genie accounts and passes from shops, or participate in 7-dreamers projects.

Download the app apk for android (link) or go to

  • If you have limited streams (ex. 50), we recommend streaming manually (searching for the song to play) once per hour only! GENIE will only count 1 listen from a unique account per hour towards the realtime chart.
  • If you have unlimited streams, you can make a playlist & put it on repeat (you can edit & make a new playlist to avoid bot behaviour). The song can play more than once per hour, it won’t count towards the chart update, but it will still be added to the total play count!

More on how the genie chart works in our guide to genie.

  1. login to your account and click the ‘search’ icon

2. search for 드림캐쳐 & click play for the song or on their name for artist page

3. Play the full song without pausing

4. Like Dreamcatcher’s artist page!

To stream you must be logged into your account! Play the full song without skipping ahead/pausing, and don’t mute your volume (you can mute your device if needed).

For audio quality you can choose AAC+ or MP3 320k.

That’s all you need for streaming! Let us know if you have any questions.