Dec 2018 Haruhana Interview

Don’t you want to see cute nightmares?



The members all look half asleep in the morning?!

Dreamcatcher finally made their Japanese debut with the single ‘What -Japanese ver.-‘.


—How do you feel after your Japanese debut?

JiU: It still doesn’t feel like reality, but I am looking forward to the Japanese InSomnias(fans) singing our Japanese songs in unison during our live shows.

Dami: I got advice from a friend who had debuted in Japan earlier. They said “you just need to enjoy it, just like in Korea.” I want to enjoy myself a lot.

Yoohyeon: I think communication is very important, so I’m working hard on learning Japanese-!


—What are some points that you want people to notice in ‘What -Japanese ver.-‘?

Sua: The songs listed in the single such as the Japanese versions of ‘What’ and ‘Chase Me’ give off different vibes compared to the Korean versions. Please note the differences in the mood.

Siyeon: In the lyrics of ‘Chase Me’, there’s a part that goes ‘Arashi mitai (TL’s note: ‘like a storm’, or ‘Like Arashi’). I thought it meant Arashi, the Japanese group. (Laugh) I learned that Arashi means ‘storm’ during the recording and thought ‘Ah, So that’s what it means.’ That’s an episode. (Laugh)


—The regular version includes the original Japanese song ‘I miss you’. What kind of song is it?

Handong: It’s a bright song that will keep its melodyline ringing in your ear. But the lyrics contain emotional, sad parts as well. I think it’s a song that feels Japanese.

Gahyeon: The mood of the song is different from our music up till now, so I was worried about how to sing it. But the composer told me that ‘if you sing brightly, it’ll be fine’. After that, I was able to relax as I sang it.


—Like the title of your song, was there something recent that made you go ‘What’ because it was surprising or because you couldn’t wrap your head around it?

JiU: Usually, I don’t fall asleep easily. But during our Korean promotions, we weren’t getting a lot of sleep so we’d fall asleep very quickly. That was surprising.

Siyeon: Especially Gahyeon and Yoohyeon. They fall asleep as soon as they sit down. We’d be talking one minute, and then I’d look and find them asleep in the next. (Laugh) I can’t fall asleep unless it’s on a bed, so I was surprised!

Sua: When fans come and cheer for us, I’m always very conscious of the time they have to get up to prepare, and also about how they will return home. We get around by car, but the fans are really amazing. They cheer for us from early in the morning to late in the night, so we’re very thankful.

Dami: I was playing a racing game on my smartphone, but I’d get disconnected from the network whenever I got first place at the beginning of the race. It kept happening even though I tried multiple times, so that was troublesome.

Yoohyeon: I recently lost my earphones. And they were expensive ones that I had to convince myself to buy… (Cry)

Gahyeon: I too dropped my phone, and the back of it broke. Later, the perfume bottle in my bag broke, spreading its scent…

Handong: I lost my wallet recently. I can’t figure out when and where I lost it. (Cry)


—Like in the lyrics, tell us how each member is as she wakes up.

JiU: Everyone only gets half awake.. (Laugh) But Dami wakes up straight away.

Dami: I get surprised and wake up just by the vibration of the alarm. JiU unnie wakes up after we call her name out loud three times, going ‘JiU unnie~’.

JiU: Yoohyeon gets up on her own, but then she falls back asleep before you know it.

Yoohyeon: The one who keeps sleeping till late is Gahyeon. The members always have to wake her up.

Gahyeon: Handong unnie wakes up later than I do~ We’re roommates, but even after setting multiple alarms, she still can’t get up to turn them off.

Handong: I set multiple alarms because I feel uncertain~ Gahyeon can’t wake up unless someone shakes her physically.

Sua: Siyeon wakes up with the alarm, but then looks vacant.

Siyeon: Yeah. For about an hour after opening my eyes, it’s like my body’s awake but my head isn’t yet. (Laugh) Sua unnie washes her face right after she wakes up and gets prepared for the day properly.

Sua: It’s because I wake up right before we have to leave. I have to get prepared fast. (Laugh)


“What” I love

What Dreamcatcher likes


Relating to ‘What’, we had Dreamcatcher tell us about the things they like, as well as what they like about the fans and the group!

includes balloon self portraits


Q1. What food do you like? Q2. What animal do you like? Q3. What saying do you like? Q4. What do you like about the InSomnias? Q5. What do you like about Dreamcatcher?



born on 1997 January 7th

‘I like how honest the members are’

Portrait point

Fans draw me like this in their fanarts, but I couldn’t draw it very well. What stands out is how close my eyes and eyebrows are to each other.

A1 Ichiran ramen. I like spicy foods, so I tried the ramen that’s 9 times hotter than the standard one. It still wasn’t that hot.

A2 I think dogs are the best partners for humans. They give you endless affection.

A3 My motto is “There is no end in learning”

The saying, ‘there is no end to learning’ is my motto. As I age, I want to continue living without forgetting to learn.

A4 I’m happy that they love me, and I’m always thankful. When they come to see us, I think how difficult it must be for them, so I’m thankful.

A5 I like how honest they are and don’t hide what they really think. We may have a scary image, but we’re all kind.



Born on August 10th 1994

‘Curious about everything! I want to try anything!’

Portrait point

Drawing eyes, nose, and mouths to be big is the secret to drawing memorable drawings. So when I drew it, I emphasized my double eyelids and my high nose as much as possible!

A1 A hamburger set. (Laugh) I never get tired of eating them no matter how many I eat. They’re so good. The drink has to be Cola!

A2 I like elephants. They are very wise. Also, I think they have an amazing presence.

A3 ‘Try everything that I want to do!’

‘Try everything that I want to do’. I’m curious about everything. I’m interested in doing my bangs these days, so I carry hair spray around with me. I also want to try driving.

A4 I’m happy just to see them smile when they see me. Them cheering for us in a large voice and telling me that I’m pretty also make me happy.

A5 They’re considerate, they help each other do things that can’t be done alone, each member has her own good points.



Born on May 17th 1994

‘I’m happy thanks to the cheering of the fans.’

Portrait point

Part the bangs and draw a face beneath it. Once you draw a cute face, that’s me. (Laugh) Hahaha! The part that I like within my face are my lips.

A1 I like fruits. My favorites are pineapples, grapes, peaches…I like all of them! (Laugh)

A2 Since fans tell me that I look like a rabbit, I’ve come to like rabbits.

A3 ‘Always be happy’

My motto is ‘always be happy’. I think being happy is important in life.

A4 It’s how considerate they can be in little things. For example, when we look tired, they’ll  cheer for us even louder.

A5 We have really amazing unity as a team. I like how we always respect and give constructive opinions to each other.



Born on March 7th 1997

‘Our strong point is how we each have clear personalities’

Portrait point

I have double eyelids and have large whites, so when I’m not making an effort, my eyes look like this. The corners of my mouth also bend upwards like this. The fans draw me like this as well.

A1 Sweet potatoes. I don’t get tired of them even if I eat them every day. I like anything that’s made of sweet potatoes.

A2 Pandas. They’re cute. I like how they’re usually gentle and are large, but also have their cute moments.

A3 ‘There is no answer’

There is no set answer, so I want to do the things that I want to do.

A4 I’m always thankful for them just being there. I’m thankful that the Japanese fans cheer for us despite us being foreign singers to them.

A5 Each member has different strong points, so we each have very clear personalities. That makes us a fun to watch group. I like that.



Born on March 26th 1996

‘The fans are always lovely’

Portrait point

There aren’t really points of note in my portrait. I drew my eyes to be big, my face to be small, and drew it to be as cute as possible. (Laugh) Does it look like me~?

A1 In Japan, I put shabu shabu in gomadare(sesame sauce). It was delicious and I got refills for that only. (Laugh)

A2 I like cats. We have a cat in my family home. The name is ‘NyanNyannii’ in Chinese.

A3 ‘Nothing is impossible’

‘Nothing is impossible,’ since things that I thought were impossible in the past are possible now. If I continue making an effort without giving up, I think there’s always going to be something that can be accomplished.

A4 There are lots of things that I like about our fans! They always watch over us warmly. They’re always lovely.

A5 The gap between how charismatic we are on stage and the bright personalities that we have in real life. Also, the members are all nice!



Born on October 1st 1995

‘Fans give us a reason to exist’

Portrait point

I tried to draw it to look like me as much as possible. I think the easiest way to recognize me may be my hairstyle, so the point is how accurate the hairstyle is.

A1 I can’t eat raw onions, but I like the ones that aren’t spicy. The onion side dish my mom makes is essential for a meal.

A2 Wolves and cats. Wolves are romantic, and fans call me ‘the wolf of the stage’.

A3 ‘It’s all to keep ourselves fed…!’

‘It’s all to keep ourselves fed…!’ I think that in hard times, we have to keep ourselves fed and live on.

A4 I like how they scream my name in loud voices. It gives us a reason to exist and gives us strength.

A5 I can relax when I’m with the members. We’re like family. They worry for me, and I’m thankful for that.



Born on February 3rd 1999

‘I was able to become a singer thanks to my mom’s words’

Portrait point

My eyes are of different sizes, and my double eyelid lines are also different to each other. I like how plentiful my eyelashes are, so I drew them to look fluffy.

A1 Sushi. I like Salmon and flatfish, but the Unagi sushi that I had in Japan was so good that I keep saying I want to eat it again. (Laugh)

A2 I’m bad at drawing so I can’t draw well at all~ (Laugh) I like dogs because they’re cute. Cats are cute too, but I prefer dogs.

A3 ‘Nothing can be gained without effort.’

‘Nothing can be gained without effort.’ My mom told me this when I was little, and I was able to become a singer thanks to these words.

A4 I like how they think of us and cheer for us to keep our morale up whatever the situation is.

A5 I think it’s great how well defined our concept is. You know that it’s Dreamcatcher immediately when you see us.


“What” is in the BOX?

What is the content of the box? Game challenge!

Two at a time, they played a game challenge where they try to guess the content of the box just by how it feels on the hand.


Round 1

Jiu & Yoohyeon try!

Broccoli in the box

JiU responds calmly while being watched

Yoohyeon says ‘Why didn’t your expression change?’


Sua & Siyeon schemes sneakily…

Sua and Siyeon tells her ‘it’s a chicken head!’, making Yoohyeon scream, ‘Kya-!’ (Laugh)

After calming down, they touch it and say ‘Ah~ It’s broccoli’. Excellent, the two were correct!


There’s a clear contrast between JiU, who stayed calm from start to finish, and Yoohyeon, who got scared after being duped by the mischievous Sua and Siyeon. It seems like she found out immediately because of the circular texture!

The always curious Gahyeon joins in. She says ‘It’s staying still!’, and even sniffs it.


Round 2

Sua & Siyeon try!

Spider in the box

Yoohyeon goes for a revenge and says that it’s ‘a worm’ in the box, scaring Sua and Siyeon.

Sticking in their hands together

For some reason, they both stick their hand in and make a big fuss, going ‘Sua unnie’s hand feels strange~!’

‘Why are you touching each other’s hands?’ Yoohyeon says as she bursts out laughing.

After touching it for a bit, Sua realizes what it is in a flash, and screams ‘I got it~!’

They answer in one voice, ‘1, 2, 3, It’s a spider doll!’

Surprised that ‘It feels worse seeing it that it felt touching it.’

After being told it was a ‘Worm!’ ‘Sea Cucumber!’ or ‘Shrimp!’, they were scared, but they still did well and got the correct answer. They even analyzed that ‘it would be scarier to the touch with some water on it’ as they looked at it.


Round 3

Dami & Gahyeon try!

Sponge in the box!

Dami puts her hand in without hesitating even a moment. ‘What was this called…’

Yoohyeon and Sua taking a peek

Next up, Gahyeon also puts her hand in quickly without any fear

Yoohyeon and Siyeon asking if she’s okay

Gahyeon: looks fine

They put their hands in a few times and kept touching it, but finally they seem to have figured the answer out

The two talking…

They answer in one voice, ‘Sponge!’ The third group also got it right!

Dami and Gahyeon are fearless! ignoring the interference(?) from the other members going ‘starfish!’ ‘conch!,  they did well and got the right answer. Still, Gahyeon said ‘but when i was touching it, it felt really weird~’


Round 4

Handong & JiU try!

Konjac in the box

Siyeon: scared

Peeking as always

The members scaring them going ‘wouldn’t the last one be a bug?; ‘Wow, scary~!’

Handong is the most easily scared

Handong, who gets scared easily, isn’t unable to put her hand in quickly…

The members force her hand in. (Laugh) But her hand doesn’t reach the content of the box

Everyone holds it down…


As soon as she touches it, Handong immediately gets her hand out, shouting ‘Kya-!’

Surprised by her voice, the members also scream ‘Kya-!!’ (Laugh)

The two answer ‘squid’. The members are without mercy, saying ‘since you got it wrong, you have to touch it one more time.’

Checking from the top

JiU sees inside the box and goes ‘ah~!’

Handong says ‘It was a really weird feeling.’

After the game was over, other members touched it and checked its smell too. (Laugh)


10/27 Dreamcatcher dances while in a witch costume!

Dreamcatcher held a Halloween Free live in Odaiba VenusFort Church square, Tokyo. The members wore black and red dresses that were only worn on this day, making them look like cute witches. They brought the excitement up with ‘You and I’ and met fans with a smile on their faces. After that came the first showing of their Japanese debut track, ‘What -Japanese ver.-‘! They shared how they felt, saying ‘When we sing in Japanese, it feels like we’re one step closer to you. (JiU).’ Last came the sexy and cool performance for ‘Full Moon’, closing a seemingly magical live show.



When they were drawing their faces on the balloons, the sharpies made squeaking sounds. The members drew even while worrying ‘what if it bursts?’

Dreamcatcher successfully wraps up Japanese Concerts… “In talks for extra touring in Asia”

Dreamcatcher successfully wraps up Japanese Concerts… “In talks for extra touring in Asia”



                                                                                                                               The girl group Dreamcatcher made a new memory with Japanese fans.

                                                                                                                                                   Photo courtesy of Dreamcatcher Company

Dreamcatcher held four solitary concerts, ‘Invitation from Nightmare City in JAPAN’, on May 2nd and 4th in Tokyo and Kobe respectively, sharing a close moment with fans.

Their Japanese concert was a chance to see their ‘Nightmare’ themed story in one sitting. From ‘Chase Me’, their debut title, to ‘PIRI’, which brought their narrative to a close, they filled the concerts with their unique charm.

Dreamcatcher also prepared various sub-unit stages for Japanese fans. Presenting performances in diverse concepts they haven’t been able to show off before as Dreamcatcher, they gave special enjoyment to fans who came.

Outside of the stages, the diverse special events they held during the Japanese concerts allowed them to step closer to the fans. Since Japan has been home to special memories for the group, serving as the starting point of their previous world tours, the fans there were more passionate than ever.

“Thank you to our Japanese fans who always get us overflowing with emotions,” Dreamcatcher said. “We won’t forget this love as we wait for days we spend with you to return. While we wait for the day we see each other again, we’ll do our best to show you an even better appearance.”

Dreamcatcher started their Asia tour, ‘Invitation from Nightmare City’, off in Jakarta, Indonesia. They so far have met fans in Singapore, Manila of the Philippines, Seoul, Tokyo and Kobe. They are currently in talks to hold extra shows in various countries and cities.

Reporter Kim Ju-won

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[TRANS] 1904 Skream! Interview

Caption: Each of our members has an amazingly deep understanding of our songs


Members: JiU Yoohyeon Siyeon SuA Gahyeon Dami Handong


Featured on the April 2019 issue


Interviewer: Miho Takahashi


Dreamcatcher is a 7-member K-Pop girl group. They debuted in Korean on January 2017. They have also released ‘What -Japanese ver.-‘, their first Japanese single. We were curious about their ‘Nightmare’ concept, and about how their musical style centers around heavy rock sounds. As the group released their second Japanese single, ‘PIRI~Fue wo Fuke~-Japanese ver.-‘, we seized the chance to have Dreamcatcher appear for the first time on our magazine, and had a lengthy conversation with all of them.


–First, how was the ‘Nightmare’ concept, which you’ve been setting forth since your debut, born?

JiU: Our agency first came up with it, and it took shape while we talked about it together.

Gahyeon: We wanted to present a team color that would be different from othe groups.


–You each have a Nightmare assigned to you. What do you think about them?

Gahyeon: I am ‘the dream where you fall from high places.’ In Korea, they say that having dreams where you fall from high places means that you’ll grow taller. So when I first heard it, I thought it got assigned to me because I’m on the shorter side within the group, to tell me to grow taller.


–I see. Another assigned Nightmare that I found interesting was Yoohyeon’s ‘dream where you wander unfamiliar places.’ How does Yoohyeon herself feel about it?

Yoohyeon: I think that the ‘unfamiliar places’ can also be understood in a non-physical sense, that the situation you find yourself in is completely unfamiliar. So it seemed very mystical to me.


–Were you each basically told that ‘this is your Nightmare’?

ALL: Yes.


–And like the two members who already told us, you each have your own interpretations of them. Now, another unique trait of Dreamcatcher is its heavy musical style. Can you give us your thoughts about your style?

Siyeon: I’d liked rock even before becoming a member of Dreamcatcher. So I’m very passionate about our style.


–Which band do you like, Siyeon?

Siyeon: ONE OK ROCK….. (In Japanese) is a band I like.


–Oh! I’m happy that a you mentioned a Japanese band. Are there other members with Japanese artists they like?

ALL: (In unison) BABYMETAL!

-Oh! Do you all like rock a lot?

Siyeon: No, we like music, regardless of genre.

Gahyeon: During live performances, we often cover songs that each of us likes.

JiU: I like Mika Nakashima’s ‘Sakurairo mau koro’.


–There’s another thing that I’m curious about. You all dance on stage. How do you feel about dancing along to these heavy Rock sounds?

SuA: When I saw BABYMETAL’s performance, I thought it was amazing and novel, how a band would go on stage along with the dancing members. Still, since all 7 of us dance, I thought that to express our powerfulness, rock sounds would fit perfectly, like with BABYMETAL. I feel like it allows us to convey our spirit-filled performance to everyone.


–Among Korean groups that sing and dance, there are many that are ‘bright’ or ‘cute’, but groups that could be described as ‘heavy’ or ‘dark’ like yourselves are hard to come by. How do you feel about this uniqueness of yours?

SuA: I really like that about us. Still, we’re not just dark and chic. We have bright songs and we also show off our cute side. We are a group with many faces.


–Uh huh. I see that, especially now that I’ve met you in real life. So you’d like fans to see your various faces as well?

Dami: (In Japanese) We’ll do our best!


–Dreamcatcher has a deep world.

JiU: We’re immersed in it ourselves. (Laugh)


–When I watched the music video, I felt that a lot was being conveyed through your rich facial expressions. What do you think about as you perform?

JiU: Each of our members has an amazingly deep understanding of our songs. So we’re able to be completely absorbed in the world of the song. We carefully read the scenarios and have a deep internal understanding of the world we’re expressing. That shows in our facial expressions and gestures, I feel.


–Do you think about becoming the main character within the song, or something similar?

JiU: I think Dreamcatcher has two selves. For me, I have my original self, and myself as a Dreamcatcher member.


–Along with such deep elements, ‘PIRI~Fue wo Fuke~-Japanese ver.-‘ also contains parts that feel like cyphers that transcend borders. These parts, such as ‘Pirireul Burora’, ‘Pil-lil-lil’, make the song catchy. Do you want everyone to hum along to these parts, or to dance along to these parts?

Siyeon: Yes. We do say ‘this song is very addictive’ when we introduce the song…(In Japanese) The choreography is also easy to follow!

SuA: I want the song to be so widely known that people all over the world think of ‘Pil-lil-lil’ whenever they hear the sound of a flute.




“Pil-lil-lil” is Dreamcatcher’s signal as they attempt to escape the Nightmare

–I also felt that the musical style wasn’t just heavy rock anymore. It became more dancable and melodic, incorporating many elements that make it very trendy. Performance wise, the Raps are sharp around the edges, the vocals are gentle and sad, and it felt like there were many points of note within the song. Tell us how you felt after singing or rapping for the song.

Gahyeon: This time round, I tried out rapping for the first time. The thing that I kept in my mind the most was ‘the attack’.

Siyeon: (Gesturing) That beating feeling?

Gahyeon: (Laugh) In terms of the vocals, I was given directions to perform certain parts sweetly, sadly, and the like. I kept those in mind.

SuA: Regarding the vocals, I tried to avoid simply following the letters and paid a lot of attention to the pronunciation and the like, so that the listeners wouldn’t get bored.

JiU: ‘Pil-lil-lil’ isn’t a real word in Korean, either. It is Dreamcatcher’s signal that we send as we attempt to escape the Nightmare. We talked a lot and put a lot of thought into how we would do the song, saying ‘Doesn’t this feel better?’


-You sang in Japanese for this single. Was there anything that you found difficult or ended up liking?

Siyeon: I found ‘If you could hug me (抱きしめてほしい)’ from PIRI very memorable. The lyrics mean the same thing in the Korean version as well. I closed my eyes and imagined that nobody was left, that I was the only one left behind. The emotions that I felt from that are still with me.

Dami: I’m the main rapper of the group. In Japanese, you have to use more syllables compared to the Korean version no matter what, so it was a challenge to say the lyrics clearly.

SuA: Also, in Korean, there are sounds called ‘Badchim (Stop consonant)’, so a syllable can end with a consonant. In Japanese, all syllables end with vowels. Because of that, the song feels somewhat different. So I thought maybe the song was going to sound off. But when I heard the finished track, I realized that it had it’s own unique feel to it.


–So each version has its strong suits.

SuA: Exactly.


–When I hear something like that, I want to compare the song to the Korean version.

SuA: They’ll give you slightly different impressions, I think.


–I also listened to ‘GOOD NIGHT-Japanese ver.-‘, and ‘Wonderland-Japanese ver.-‘ on the B-side. It was clear that you were trying out diverse styles of music. Please tell us if there were points that you found difficult or liked while singing the Japanese version.

Handong: ‘Wonderland-Japanese ver.- is a very mystical song. It makes you feel like you’re inside something infinite. It felt fresh for us too while we were singing it.

SuA: I always thought that a Japanese version of ‘GOOD NIGHT’ would allow us to convey our charm even better. And then we did it, and it really was like that. I think it’ll be a real crowd pleaser at concerts as well.

Gahyeon: Yeah. It’s a song that works well in Japanese too.

JiU: The lyrics for it were suprisingly easy to pronounce.

SuA: We re-recorded the rap part for the Japanese version. As I listened to the song, I realized that my tone for the rap part was lower compared to the original Korean version. The fans liked it, so I got totally pumped. (Laugh)


–GOOD NIGHT-Japanese ver.-‘ is deep, but also includes cute parts like ‘Tik tok tik tok’.

Dami: That part was really challenging. In Korean, it’s 4 syllables, but in Japanese, it becomes 8.


–I see! What impression do you have about Japan and Japanese fans?

Siyeon: (In Japanese) They’re cute! It feels like there’s a lot of shy middle aged ladies, and it’s cute. But it’s not like we can see them every day. When they see us for the first time in a long time, some fans burst into tears from joy. It hurts to see that. I want to come to Japan to meet with them as often as possible.

JiU: Even in concerts, as soon as we go on stage, the Japanese fans stand up and listen to us. They don’t sit down until the members tell them to. They’re that respectful towards us.


–You have been active not only in Korea and Japan, but world wide. K-POP is also drawing world-wide attention. Dreamcatcher, within just two years since debut, is building up some impressive records, such as reaching 5th place in the iTunes World Album chart. How do you feel about it?

Gahyeon: It doesn’t feel real.

SuA: I keep thinking, ‘really? THE iTunes that I know?’ (Laugh)


–(Laugh) Still, you probably do hope that people from around the world would listen to, and dance along to your songs, right?

All: Of course.


–I’ll look forward to your activities, not only in Japan, but world-wide. Lastly, please send Japanese fans a message!

Yoohyeon: Soon, we’re going to be holding concerts in Tokyo on May 2nd and in Kobe on May 4th as a part of our Asia Tour, ‘INVITATION FROM NIGHTMARE CITY’. To meet your expectations, we’re doing our best to prepare for them. We’ll be glad if lots of you come to play with us.



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[TRANS]190408 Ananweb Interview

Dreamcatcher with the ‘Nightmare’ concept. What is the mystery of the ‘hey’?

Photography: Ogasabara Masaki (stills) Chiba Satoru (Video) Article: Yi Soohee – 2019.4.8


Since their debut in January 2017, Dreamcatcher has stood out as a unique group in the K-Pop scene, featuring the “Nightmare” concept while singing and dancing to Metallic rock sounds. Employing heavy sounds and armed with vocal and performance skills to match, as well as music videos with strong story elements, they have gained worldwide recognition. In just 5 months after their debut, they had grown enough to hold world tours that included Asia, Europe, and Latin America. They made their much-awaited Japanese debut last November with 「What-Japanese ver.-」. On March 13th, we interviewed Dreamcatcher members as「PIRI~笛を吹け~-Japanese ver.-」was released. We talked about the charm of Dreamcatcher as a group.


From the left, Siyeon, Gaheyon, Handong, SuA, JiU, Yoohyeon, Dami.


–‘PIRI ~Fue wo Fuke~ -Japanese ver.-’ is your second Japanese single. What is the song like?

JU: ‘PIRI ~Fue wo Fuke~ -Japanese ver.-’ is a song that expresses the loneliness that people face in modern times. The song depicts an attempt to escape the Nightmare, which is also our concept.

SA: To relieve the stress and melancholy of modern life, listen to our song, ‘PIRI ~Fue wo Fuke~ -Japanese ver.-’. We hope it helps reduce stress, even if it’s just a little bit!


–The song was a big hit in Korea as well. Are there any stories from during the recording or the Korean promotions?

SA: This was a song that got us excited even as we were recording, and a song that allowed us to realize just how much we’d grown. We were nominated as a candidate for first place in music shows in Korea, though we sadly didn’t win. Even so, it was a valuable chance for us to get a feeling for our growth. The song also got us excited for our next promotion.

JU: There are parts where we say ‘hey!’ in the song. We say it on stage as well. On one music show, during this part, the voice of only one of us got broadcast. And it was a very threatening voice, too. (Laugh) The fans were also making a big deal about whose voice that was. We actually still don’t know whose voice that was. It wasn’t me, though.

SA: It wasn’t me either! Maybe it’s Yoohyeon.

JU: I think it’s Dami!

SY: Wasn’t it Gahyeon? She said herself, ‘It’s probably me.’

GH: Ehh. But it still could be someone else.

JU: Then let’s just leave it at this being a mystery forever. (Laugh)

SY: When we were recording that part, we thought doing it normally wouldn’t be any fun, so all seven of us did the part in seven different voices. That was fun.


JiU Leader, Sub vocal. Born on May 17th 1994, 167cm, Blood type: B, Assigned Nightmare: The dream where you are chased by someone.


–About Dreamcatcher, your concept of catching nightmares is a unique one. Are you happy with the concept?

YH: When I first heard that our concept was ‘Nightmare’, I honestly was concerned. How in the world would we express it? But once we did it, it was so much fun.

(Laugh) There really aren’t any other groups that go with such a different concept, so I think it helps us be noticed. In the past, I didn’t really listen to rock on my own, but as our promotions went on, I’ve come to really like rock!

SY: From the time I first heard of the concept, I thought it would fit us perfectly! I also personally like impassive expressions. I knew there would be someone out there who would see the charm of this concept.

SA: I feel that the Nightmare concept goes very well with metal and rock. Also, I think that thanks to this concept, our facial expressions turn out cooler, chic, and scarier. There are people who say they don’t really want to watch our music videos because they are scary. When I hear something like that, I feel just a little bit happy. (Laugh)

JU: Also, while ‘PIRI ~Fue wo Fuke~ -Japanese ver.-‘ is a rock song, it’s catchier than the songs before it. I think it’s a song that can reach people who haven’t heard of Dreamcatcher until now. Dreamcatcher’s basis is rock. But we think we proved that we can present diverse styles of music to everyone.


Yoohyeon Lead vocal Born on January 7th 1997, 168cm, Blood type: O, Nightmare assigned: The dream where you wander unknown places.


–When I think of Dreamcatcher, the guitar riffs and the beautiful melodies stand out. What are the charms that Dreamcatcher offers as a group?

GH: Dreamcatcher is cool just for being Dreamcatcher! Friends told me that ‘your group is good at everything.’ Being thought of like that made me really happy, and boosted my confidence!

YH: Musically, our songs are rock based, so the strong vocals and sounds in them are charming.

JU: We think it’s great when we can get fans curious! For instance, the story is an important part of our music videos. If you watch them while thinking about the storyline, you’ll become a Dreamcatcher fanatic before you know it. (Laugh) In terms of our music, we covered many different genres outside of rock, so there’s bound to be one song that you like.

DM: The fact that all of us are eager to learn is another charm of Dreamcatcher! We are never content to stay where we are now.  We train ourselves to do what we want to do and try new things. Even as a member, that’s awesome!

SY: I think the gap between us on stage and us off stage is charming! When we do interviews like this, we’re often told that we’re cheerful and energetic, unlike how we look on stage. (Laugh) I think it’s fun how different we are on and off stage.

JU: Also, the fact that the members are as close as family!

SY: We’re often told that we’re like girl’s school students, because we don’t pretend to be innocent at all. (Laugh)

HD: I think every member is cute off stage. (Laugh) Especially Siyeon. She has a fierce look in her eyes on stage, making her look almost scary. But she’s actually cute and jokes around a lot off stage. Everyone likes eating, and also likes talking.

DM: I think JiU’s like that too. On stage, she’s a perfectionist. But off stage, she’s unexpectedly clumsy. (Laugh) Also, she usually likes to wear comfortable clothes. And though she may not look it, she’s the biggest eater among us.

JU: I’m not picky. I eat anything!

SA: Everyone isn’t afraid to try new foods. Even when we’re overseas, we eat well. We clean off our plates and don’t leave leftovers. (Laugh)

JU: Yesterday, we had Tendong, and it was so good. But it felt like I’d gain weight if I ate too much of it.


Siyeon Main vocal Born on October 1st, 1995, 166cm, Blood type: A, Assigned Nightmare: The dream where you are confined to a small place


–Yesterday’s events were the first you held in Japan in a while. How did it go?

JU: We met our Japanese fans for the first time in a long time. They are always warm. Whenever we meet them, they make us feel happy. We’re so thankful!


–You must be realizing how popular you are in Japan by now. Are there any memorable stories?

GH: We were out shopping in Osaka when a fan recognized and approached us. At the time, I was surprised that there were people in Japan who knew us.

DM: Yesterday, a fan recognized us while we were waiting to get on the car, so we waved at them. For me, that was memorable.

SY: With this song, we reached 8th place on the Oricon chart! It’s the first time we’ve entered the top 10 on the Oricon chart. I truly realized how much support our fans give us, and decided that we needed to work harder!

SA: When we went to Tower Records to do autographs, our album was sold out! It made me realize how popular we were. Yodel-ay-hee-hoo! Ah, please include the Yodel-ay-hee-hoo in the article!


SuA Main dancer, Sub vocal, Lead rapper Born on August 10th, 1994, 162cm, Blood type: O, Assigned Nightmare: The dream where you can’t move your body


–I will. (Laugh) What are you looking forward to during your time in Japan?

JU: The food, of course! The food in Japan tastes good and the plating is also pretty. The bentos are also plentiful. I always look forward to it!

DM: I look forward to the food, too. I really like the convenience store foods! When I go to convenience stores, I’m always checking for new products. Yesterday, I bought two and they were both great. Yoohyeon generally doesn’t eat food she hasn’t seen before. But this time, she took and ate what I was eating. (Laugh)

YH: It was something made of Sunagimo (Chicken gizzard) I think. It was totally delicious.

JU: There’s something that I want to ask. Do Japanese people also go to convenience stores every day?


–The people who go frequently seem to go every day.

JU: So it’s similar to Korea!


Gahyeon Sub vocal Born on February 3rd 1999, 160cm, Blood type: AB, Assigned Nightmare: The dream where you fall from high places


–Though in Korea, convenience stores have areas to cook ramen, as well as seats where you can eat food. In Japan, stores like that are hard to come by.

SY: Japanese convenience store food is so good, though! Ah, I look forward to talking in Japanese. I like the Japanese language, and when I speak in Japanese, I feel like I get better at it more quickly.


–Is there a Japanese word that you memorized during your stay?

SY: Um… Let’s see. (in Japanese) I can’t remember… Ah, tonari(隣: adjacent, neighbor)! I memorized tonari.


Dami Main rapper. Born on March 7th 1997, 163cm, Blood type: A, Assigned Nightmare: The dream where you get hurt


–You always sport fierce looking makeup on stage. Usually, what kind of makeup do you like to put on? Is there a type of makeup that you want to try this spring?

JU: I like to do my cheeks. I want to try the famous Japanese Igari makeup in various colours. Maybe purple. Wouldn’t that be great!

HD: I’m very interested in makeup. This spring, you can’t miss pearl colors!

GH: But Handong always likes pearl colors, not just during spring! (Laugh)

HD: Yes, yes. (Laugh) Pearl makeup is the proof of one’s resolve. Cheeks are also important. For the color, I like coral.

GH: I like Peach Pink. It looks fresh, and I think it fits my face well. I try to make my makeup look natural.

SA: These days, it feels like matte has become less popular while glossy lips are back in fashion.

JU: In lip care, lip balm has become less popular while lip plumpers are in. They make your lips more pouty.

GH: In addition to lip plumpers, I like putting on glossy lipstick. I can’t do it on stage, though. My hair gets stuck. (Bitter laughter)

DM: I’m okay. (Laugh) I’m not that into makeup. Usually, I’m often not wearing any makeup. Still, I don’t like my lips being dry, so I never forget using lip balm. Recently, I really liked a honey colored lipstick that a Japanese fan gave me. I ended up ordering more of it online. (Laugh)

YH: Since it’s spring, I want to try putting on cherry blossom stickers!


Handong Sub vocal Born on March 26th 1996, 165cm, Blood type: O, Assigned Nightmare: The dream where you are watched by someone


–How do you spend your days off?

DM: These days, I’ve started composing, so I often stay in the practice room alone, playing the piano.

SA: Awesome!

JU: I generally spend holidays with my family. We have meals, take foot baths, and eat delicious food together. Now I’m talking about food again. (Laugh)

SY: It’s springtime, right? So I want to go hiking. The weather’s  great too, so I also want to relax on a terrace of a cafe, maybe drinking some coffee.

SA: Again with the hiking talk!

JU: She’s talked about going hiking before, but she hasn’t gone hiking yet. (Laugh)

SY: But nobody wants to go with me!

GH: On holidays, I want to get up late. After sleeping in, maybe go get a massage, or go out with friends. I want to eat something good, or go to an amusement park. I haven’t been to an amusement park in Japan yet. We did stay in a hotel that was right in front of one, though.

YH: On off days, I don’t want to get up from bed. Watching movies in my warm bed is the best!

HD: Whenever we get days off, I go eat chinese food.  Though I usually go with friends, on days when I just have to eat it, I’ll go alone. (Laugh)

GH: Handong is the one who makes the most of her off days. By the time I get up, she’s already gone. (Laugh)

HD: Not every day’s a holiday. I’ve got to enjoy it!

SA: If we can get a long holiday, I want to go travelling. Though I’ll probably just stay in bed while thinking that I want to go travelling. (Laugh)


–Lastly, can you set forth the strong points of Dreamcatcher for readers who haven’t heard of Dreamcatcher before?

JU: Everyone, you’re really missing out! You’re wasting half your life! Not having heard of Dreamcatcher songs. (Laugh) It’s still not too late. Please try listening to them once. It might just change your life!


This is Dreamcatcher’s Q&A video!



[TRANS] June 2018 HIM JiU interview

What dream did you dream today

JiU, goddess of sweet dreams

A pale beauty was apparent every time the innocent flaps of her skirt rustled. And yet, an alluring see-through look suited her particularly well. Her two eyes, seemingly filled with stars, shone through her hair, as dark as the night. JiU, the leader of Dreamcatcher, a girl group armed with an unusual metal rock style. As she cleared away your nightmares with her sweet voice, she smiled mystically.


Written by Jo Sang-mok Photography by Park Geun-wan Stylist Lee Yoon-jeong Hair & Makeup Lee Jeong Wardrobe courtesy of Combat Military Shop


#Recent News TALK

It’s been a while since we’ve met in the last September issue.

Being on world tour, preparing for the concert in Korea, preparing for the comeback, I spent more time with the members than I spent alone. We’ve been pretty busy between shows and practice.


What has happened to Dreamcatcher since then?

Hm, the domestic (Korean) concert sticks out the most in my memory. It’s been just over a year since we’ve debutted, so it was unbelievable that we were already doing concerts and that goods made just for us were being released.


How have you been spending your time alone?

I honestly don’t have much alone time. We’re preparing for shows, so group life comes first for now. Like me, the other members are also focused on team activities.


Today was the photoshoot for your solo cover appearance. Was there anything difficult?

It’s the first time I’ve been in a photoshoot alone, so it was a bit flustering. When the members are doing the shoot with me, I get some rest or get changed while the others are getting fixed up. Being alone, getting changed, getting fixed up, it was busy.


What did you think of the military concept outfit?

It was the first time I’ve worn military style since our debut. It was cool and gave off a sense of strength, so it was good.


What kind of clothes do you usually like to wear?

I usually like shirts and jackets. I like to wear formal wear style clothes.


#JiU’s Dreamcatcher

Please introduce us to your new track.

The title of our comeback track is ‘You and I’. It utilizes orchestration sounds, making it a more imposing, rich metal number. The lyrics are charming, as they contain the message that no matter what the circumstances are, we’ll always be on your side.


Last week, your music show performance attracted enough interest to make it high in the search rankings of portal sites. What’s the concept behind this promotion?

Our albums have continued to tell a story about nightmares, but this is the last story about  nightmares. It’s heavier than before and… how should I put this. The concept is more serious. We’ve prepared two kinds of stage costumes, and they both are heavy and feel fiercer.


What are you focusing on for this promotion?

We’ve focused on our on-stage performance and our lives. Personally, I’ve been thinking a lot about my facial expressions, like what to do to make my facial expressions in the beginning and end feel fresh and not stale.


Your name, JiU, also has a special meaning.

My real name, Kim Minji means ‘the more you share, the more good fortune you’ll bring’, and the name, ‘JiU’, is one that my mom received from a naming place herself as my stage name. It means ‘the more you respect your elders, the more good fortune you’ll bring’.


Generally, idols seem to receive names from their agencies. It’s surprising that your mother gave it to you.

Yeah. Maybe it’s because of this, but I don’t even get called Minji at home these days. Even my mom and dad call me JiU.


You are the group’s leader. Do the members do as you say? You also probably feel responsible as the leader as well.

Yes, they’ve been amazingly compliant. They each have clear goals, so they practice hard to avoid making mistakes on stage, and they only need to be told everything once. As the leader, I haven’t really run into hardships or problems.


Is there a JiU way to reconcile the members?

For better teamwork, I avoid being high-handed and speak gently and nicely. I try to speak in a friendly way. We can all understand and know what’s being said.


Do you have arguments with the members?

Yes, of course we’ve had arguments. Living in the same dormitory, arguments happen over small matters when we’re sensitive. But the members are so easy-going that we forget our anger make up soon after arguing.


How do you want to be remembered by fans?

I want to be remembered as a reliable person. I want to hear people to say ‘I always have faith in JiU! JiU is always reliable’. Someone who you want to see more of, and to see more often. I think that kind of person is the real deal. I want to be someone who fans can trust and have faith in.


What was the most touching moment that you had with fans?

The fans singing along to our songs was very memorable. Ah, the rice wreath as well. I was told that the rice gets donated. Not only were they congratulating us, they were also making a donation at the same time. I thought they were all so sweet.


Is there something that you’d like to say to the members through our magazine that you haven’t had the chance to?

After doing a photo shoot alone for the first time, I miss the members a lot. Thanks for being so compliant. It’s going really well right now, so let’s keep being like family, being comfortable with each other and getting along well. I love you all! (Laugh)


#What interests JiU

If you had to pick between singing and dancing?

Wow, this is hard. At first, I wanted to become a singer because I liked singing. But after working hard on my basics, I can’t do without dancing, either. It’d be best if I could dance while singing, right? I think it lets me express myself better.


Last year, you did well on ‘Mix Nine’. It was sad to see you leave mid-program.

I heard that I was to leave the program in Brazil.  At first, I was told that I wasn’t leaving, that I’d be back in the program, so it was sad to leave. There were good songs for the competition outside of Dreamcatcher songs. I wanted to express more and to show more to the viewers, so it was a shame. It felt like suddenly having to say goodbye to friends.


We got to see you acting, as well as in variety shows.

I was in a web drama called ‘Hororong Story’ a while back. It was a lot of fun.


Does acting suit you well?

I’m not sure yet, since I haven’t tried acting in a orthodox drama piece. It was a sitcom web drama. Acting is a new challenge for me. I think it’d be a bit frightening if I seriously tried acting. Still, I want to try doing it!


Is there a variety show that you’d like to be in?

Um, I’d like to be in Beauty shows or programs like <Tasty Road>. I really enjoy my food. People say that I make whatever I’m eating seem delicious. (Laugh) I’m confident that I can enjoy my food and express how good it is better than anyone else.


Is there some other field that you’d like to try or are interested in?

I’m actually interested in cooking and dream of opening a brunch cafe. When I’m in restaurants, I always want to eat small portions of delicious foods so that I’m not too full and feel like I’ve had a neat meal. I enjoy looking at photos of brunch cafes while thinking of what to put in the menu.


Do you cook often?

No, I don’t cook often. (Laugh) But in high school, I made my own lunch boxes. So I think I have the talent!


Have you cooked for the members?

Sadly, no. (Laugh)


We’re already halfway through the year. Have you been meeting your goals so far?

Dreamcatcher is the most important thing right now, so my goal was to gain recognition domestically. We haven’t gotten definite results yet, but more and more people are interested in seeing us and we’ve been received well, so I think we’re halfway there.


#On a Starry Night

The topic for the special section of our June issue is ‘On a Starry Night’. Is there a starry night that you find memorable?

When I was attending high school in Daejeon, I rented bicycles with friends, packed waffles and went to the Expo bridge to look at the night view. The night views are really pretty there. That night, making small talk with friends, being so carefree, was a beautiful time for me.


What do you do on nights when you are filled with sentimentality?

I really enjoy lower-body bathing. I like playing a song on repeat, putting a bunch of bath bombs in, and then taking a bath. So when I get washed, it takes somewhere between an hour and an hour and a half. Haha.


Is there something that you do better at night?

I do a lot of monitoring during the night. I often think ‘I didn’t realize at the time, but that’s how it looked back then’. Even though I have trouble watching movies and TV shows to the end, I’ll frequently monitor videos of us for over an hour with careful attention. Other than that, I also write down my thoughts of the day on my phone.


Can you recommend good songs to listen to at night?

Songs that you can quietly listen to alone. I like that Piano song, ‘Mondo Grosso 1974 way home’. At first, only the piano plays until the drumbeat starts. It starts quietly and becomes grand, so it makes your mind jolt and rings your heart.


Is there something else that you want to try that can only be enjoyed at night?

I like walking, so I want to take walks at night while listening to music. When I go on holidays, I often take night walks.


If there was a restaurant that operates at night like in the drama, ‘Midnight Diner’, what would you order?

Hm. Galbitang (Korean short ribs soup)! It has meat and it’s delicious! I like Korean dishes a lot, too.


Is there a recent dream that you found memorable?

Before the release of the album, I had a dream where I was bleeding. I wasn’t hurt, just bleeding. Apparently, that’s a lucky dream. Maybe that’s why the album was received so well.


Do you have a dream, not the type that you have at night, but a dream or goal for your life?

My dream is for Dreamcatcher to do well. Our agency president being able to buy a new company building, things like that. (Laugh) I want to buy a house and present it to my parents as well. After Dreamcatcher, I want to open that cafe that I talked about earlier. A brunch cafe or a dessert cafe! I’d like to develop new foods myself.


#How JiU views servicepersons

We’ve heard that your younger brother is serving in the military.

My younger brother is 23 years old. He’s gotten through boot camp recently and is serving as a public service agent right now. He sent a letter to dad, and it was so cute. He asked dad ‘how did mother wait for father (to get through military service).’ He must have gone through a lot emotionally during that month. I realized that he’d become a lot more mature during those few days. My brother wasn’t really into sweet foods, so it was interesting to see him say he wanted to eat something sweet like Choco-pie.


We’ve heard that people with pretty girl group members as sisters will brag about it or that it’ll help them have an easier time in the military.

My brother actually doesn’t tell people that he has an entertainer as a sister. He’s worried that he might make mistakes and cause trouble for his sister. I’ve been to the unit that he’d be training in for a show. My brother was accepted into the boot camp of that unit later, and I heard that the soldiers there were happy when they heard that his sister had been there.


How does it feel to do shows for the military?

It’s great because service people are so enthusiastic. They love even the smaller gestures, and it’s very cute. (laugh) I’m worried that the two years or so they serve in the military may be hard. I think that they’re amazing.


Seeing you now, you’re filled with aegyo and laugh a lot. Don’t you want to try a more lovely concept?

I like our concept. It doesn’t appeal to everyone and is a bit minor, but it’s a unique charm. I’ve also come to like rock and metal more since becoming a Dreamcatcher member.


Lastly, is there a message that you’d like to send to fans in the military and other male fans?

We can’t smile a lot or show you lots of aegyo on stage because of our dark concept, but it’d be great it you could get powerfully energized through our dances, performances, and music.

[TRANS] Music Natalie Interview

Caption: The unique K-Pop girl group burdened with the ‘Nightmare’ debuts in Japan




The unique K-Pop girl group burdened with the ‘Nightmare’ debuts in Japan

Dreamcatcher, a Korean 7-member girl group, is set to release ‘What-Japanese ver.-‘ on November 21st through Pony Canyon. Dreamcatcher debuted on January of last year, and has been promoting while presenting ‘nightmare’ as their concept and adopting a heavy rock style as their characteristic. Music Natalie interviewed the 7 members, and asked them about the lead track of their single, which is the Japanese version of ‘What’, the lead track of their 3rd mini album, ‘Alone in The City’. We also asked them about the characteristics of the group as well as the personality of each member. There is a relationship chart of the members inside the article.


Interview, text: Onoda Masaru Photography: Tsukahara Takaaki Interpretation: Hwang Ja-seon


A group that emphasizes the coolness and strength of women

—First, could you explain Dreamcatcher’s concept, and what the group’s characteristics are?

Siyeon: I think a distinct trait that no other K-Pop group shares is how we set forth Heavy Metal sounds prominently.

JiU: The music videos are also uniquely made, and include storytelling elements.



Siyeon: The music videos for every song we’ve released so far are connected.

Sua: The theme of the overall story is “nightmare”, and the story continues to unfold little by little.


—What kind of story has been unfolded up till now?

JiU: Girls who were living in a peaceful world exterminate a spider, making the spider god angry. In the story, the girls are cursed and are burdened with Nightmares.

Gahyeon: Have you heard of the talisman called dreamcatcher?


—It’s the one with the feathers hanging from a ring.

Gahyeon: That’s right! Dreamcatchers are talismans made by Native Americans to chase out nightmares.  It’s said that the spider god gave it to a boy who saved a spider. But us members who killed the spider, on the other hand, were cursed with the nightmares.


—It’s filled with fantasy elements.

Dami: It is. It’s a very sad fantasy.

Yoohyeon: Among the numerous girl groups with shiny concepts in K-Pop, I think we are unique in that we emphasize the strong and cool side of women.


—The ‘Nightmare’ concept is definitely an unusual one in the K-Pop scene. What did you think when you were first told of this concept?

Sua:  It was a genre without a precedent, so I was worried, thinking ‘Can we do this well?’ But once we actually started promoting, we were able to absorb it more smoothly than I thought.


—By the way, were there times where you went ‘This is a nightmare!’ during everyday life?

Siyeon: When I couldn’t find my passport at the airport was a real nightmare…

JiU: That was flustering. We  said ‘first, let’s search for it together’, but Sua had Siyeon’s passport for some reason.

Sua: I couldn’t understand it myself. It was like, ‘Why do I have this?’ It’s the biggest mystery in Dreamcatcher history. (Laugh)

Gahyeon: Though it’s cliched, it was when I lost my cell phone. It’d be bad if my phone got lost or broken, so I always keep it in a sturdy case.


The Leader loves dad jokes

—From here on out, I want to hear more about the personality of each member. Can each member be introduced by the other 6 members? Let’s start with the leader, JiU.

Yoohyeon: JiU is a model leader for the group. You could say that she presses the places that need to be pressed. She cares takes care of each member mentally as well. She is always carefully watching what state the other 6 members are in.

Handong: I also think that she’s a very positive person. When such a person stands in the front, it encourages the whole group.

Sua: Though she likes dad jokes a lot. (Laugh)

Siyeon: Every joke she tells is old. She only tells jokes that were popular a long time ago. They’re not upgraded to newer versions at all. (Laugh)

Caption: What she’s interested in these days

I’m interested in studying how to look sexy.  (Laugh) -JiU


—(Laugh) Let’s keep going like this. Next, Sua.

JiU: Sua is fun to be around! Unlike me, her jokes aren’t outdated either. (Laugh)

Dami: She’s also mischievous. For example, there are times where she’ll point at nothing and shout ‘ah!’ I wish she’d stop doing that. (Laugh)

Gahyeon: Dance, vocals, rap… Sua has great performance skills all round. She’s good at everything, and is charismatic, too.

Siyeon: To give you some information that even the fans don’t know, her hands and feet are tiny! They’re like a baby’s. (Laugh) What was your shoe size again?

Sua: 22cm! They’re not baby sized. They’re about the size of an elementary schooler’s at most. (Laugh)


The first member that fans think of, Siyeon

—Moving on, please introduce Siyeon.

Gahyeon: I often ask Siyeon for advice about vocals. She always tries to give me all the knowledge she has. She’s very kind and I rely on her.

Yoohyeon: When you talk to someone who knows Dreamcatcher, Siyeon would probably be the first member they think of. It feels like she fits our concept that well. She’s also the main vocal.

Handong: She takes impeccable care of herself. In both regulating her diet and maintaining her figure, she’s really perfect!

Sua: Siyeon has a definite style of her own. She selects clothes that suit her well as her everyday wear as well.


Caption: What she’s interested in these days

I search for songs that fit autumn well, and relax while listening to them.


Dami: Yeah. She usually likes to wear Hip-hop style clothes.

JiU: You know how when you describe someone’s face, you use expressions like ‘dog-like’ face, ‘cat-like’ face? Like that, I think Siyeon’s face could be called ‘wolf-like’, or ‘coyote-like’. She gives off a chic, cool impression but actually likes to joke around and laughs a lot too.


Off stage, Handong is a complete angel

—Handong is the only Chinese member.

Handong: Yes.

Siyeon: Handong truly is an angelic being. Even though Dreamcatcher is a group with the ‘nightmare’ concept, Handong is a complete angel off stage. (Laugh)

Sua: What I find amazing about her is how considerate she is. It’s to the point where I think ‘Could anyone be more considerate?’ She is a person that keeps everyone in mind. On top of that, she’s friendly and fun to be with!

Siyeon: To sum up Handong’s presence on stage in one sentence, she’s elegant! She moves like how water flows.

Gahyeon: She is graceful. Such elegance.


—Next up is Yoohyeon.

Dami: Yoohyeon is a practice-aholic. She takes lessons very diligently, so I always think that I need to learn that from her. Another thing that I’m envious about Yoohyeon is that she doesn’t gain weight despite eating! It’s unfair. (Laugh)

Siyeon: First off, Yoohyeon is nice! Since she compliments my straight long hair and tells me that it’s pretty. (Laugh)

JiU: I think it’s charming how though she seems innocent, she displays sexy expressions from time to time.

Sua: She also watches Youtube often, so she’s very aware of recent trends. Performance-wise, she gets what she’s learnt done accurately.  She’s fundamentally diligent.

Caption: What she’s interested in these days

I like window shopping. I also often shop online. -Yoohyeon


Of self-proclaimed lovely personality, Gahyeon

—Next up, what kind of member is Dami?

Yoohyeon: Dami is almost like a chameleon. Dreamcatcher has songs in many different musical styles. But regardless of which track it is, she seems to blend into the music and makes it her own.

Sua: We often learn from how Dami performs on stage.

Siyeon: About her personality, first and foremost, Dami is kind. She’s someone who takes care of people!

Handong: She’s not the type that talks a lot, but is the member that does what she needs to do quietly. She’s trusted by everyone.


—Lastly, the Maknae, Gahyeon.

Siyeon: First off, Gahyeon is filled with aegyo! She seems to give off aegyo without effort in everyday life. (laugh)

Dami: Being the maknae, she often acts all child-like to others. She is the one with the self-proclaimed lovely personality after all. (Laugh)

Gahyeon: Saying it’s self-proclaimed…That’s harsh. (Laugh)

Caption: What she’s interested in these days

As the maknae of the group, I’ve been interested in looking for places where I can spend a relaxing time with the other members.  –Gahyeon


Yoohyeon: But she listens carefully to what other members have to say.

Sua: Not only is Gahyeon friendly, she’s also smart. I’ve heard that she even got first place in the entire school on a test once.

Gahyeon: Uhuhu… I’m most confident in Math.


Dreamcatcher member relationship chart


The emotions contained in each word of the lyrics are real

—On November 21st, your Japanese debut single ‘What-Japanese ver.-‘ is to be released. The lead track of the single is going to be the Japanese version of ‘What’, the lead track from your 3rd Korean mini album, ‘Alone in The City’. What are the points of note within the track?

Yoohyeon: First, vocal-wise, I think you can enjoy the distinct voices of all seven of us.

Sua: This was the first time we recorded in Japanese. We tried our best, but there may be places where the pronunciation and such don’t sound quite right. Still, the emotions contained in each word of the lyrics are real, so I’d like everyone to feel those emotions.


—Was the recording challenging?

JiU: Yes. It was challenging as expected. It took longer to record than the Korean version.

Siyeon: Unlike in dialogue, there are accents and tempos in a song. I found that pretty difficult. ‘Sing this part in a weak accent’, and other nuances like that were challenging to express. Still, it makes me very happy to think that the Japanese version of our song may be put in karaokes.


—Have you ever felt any differences between Japanese and Korean fans?

Dami: Korean fans seem to feel uneasy if they don’t get everything recorded. So, when we are on stage, they all turn their smartphones towards us. Japanese fans, on the other hand, don’t begin filming until they are told that ‘photography is allowed.’

Caption: What she’s interested in these days

I recently got a new phone, so it’s been fun searching for cute cases and decorating it. –Dami


—Korea definitely has a well-developed fancam culture.

Gahyeon: What surprised me when I saw our Japanese fans was how all of our guests sincerely listened to our song. I felt that they didn’t just want to shout out, ‘wah-!’, and that sincerely listening to music was firmly established as a culture.

Sua: They definitely have different styles for cheering for us, but I think Korean and Japanese fans are identical in that they passionately love Dreamcatcher.


Sua loves sunagimo

—Does everyone have Japanese artists they like?

Sua: For me, it’s Arashi.

Sua: ONE OK ROCK for me! They also utilize hard rock sounds like Dreamcatcher.

Yoohyeon: Though she’s not an artist, I’ve come to like the actress Komatsu Nana while watching movies.


—I see. There are a lot of K-Pop artists who say they look forward to the food the most when they come to Japan. Is Dreamcatcher similar?

JiU: I’m the same. The best is definitely Sushi!

Yoohyeon: Wagyu(Black cow beef) is also the best!

Sua: For me, it’s sunagimo (Chicken gizzard)!


—Sunagimo?! Where did you eat it?

Sua: I wanted to try it even before coming to Japan, but there really wasn’t a chance to try it. But yesterday, I came across it in a convenience store! Even the sunagimo from a convenience store felt amazingly delicious. I thought, ‘it really is different in Japan’. (Laugh)


—There are a lot of Japanese-style Izakayas in Seoul as well these days.

Sua: That’s true, but the Japanese-style Izakayas in Seoul don’t serve Sunagimo for some reason.

Handong: Then how did you come to know sunagimo’s existence?

Sua: My dad cooked it for me once. He bought raw chicken gizzard and cooked it at home. I also helped him with the preparations. There are sunagimo dishes in Korea as well, but they seem to be cooked differently.

Caption: What she’s interested in these days

These days, I’ve been really into searching for places that I want to travel to. –SuA


Handong: Since coming to Japan, I was moved by how delicious Gomadare (Sesame sauce) was!


—Do you mean the Gomadare salad dressing?

Handong: No, the sauce that you dip shabu-shabu in. I went to eat shabu-shabu with our staff and members, and it was so good that I ended up getting the Gomadare refilled 5 times. (Laugh)

Siyeon: I’ve always liked Tamagoyaki (Japanese egg rolls). Korean egg rolls have a lot of vegetables in them and are inflated softly. But the Japanese egg rolls are sweet and are delicious in a different way. They are the best! I love both of them.


There is nobody better than her in cooking ‘Ichiran’ instant ramen

—The seven of you are living in the same dormitory. Do you cook for yourselves?

Sua: We do cook various things, but the food that we get to cook overwhelmingly often is Ramen. Yoohyeon in especially great at it. There’s probably nobody better than her in cooking ‘Ichiran’ instant ramen!

Yoohyeon: We buy ‘Ichiran’ instant ramen in bulk in Japan, and eat them little by little in Korea. The important point is putting the powder soup base in before the water begins to boil. The taste definitely gets a lot better if you do.

Dami: Other than ramen, we’ve also made Vietnamese Spring rolls often.


—Has Hadong ever treated everyone to Chinese food?

Gahyeon: I don’t think she’s done that. She has cooked some herself and eaten it on her own, though. (Laugh)

Handong: I like hot pots. I put plenty of spices in my hot pots, but there are members that can’t eat spicy foods. So I use a small pot that take single helpings to cook hot pot and eat it alone.

Caption: What she’s interested in these days

I’ve been focusing on skin care. Off days are especially important. I need to let my skin properly rest…


Sua: I haven’t cooked sunagimo, as you’d expect. (Laugh) But I have cooked abalone at our dorm.

—Abalone is a luxury ingredient in Japan.

Sua: Actually, my aunt is an abalone trader. (Laugh) But the kitchen is difficult to use in our current dormitory, so I can’t do serious cooking. That’s bothersome.


We want to appeal to the Japanese audience with a strong heart

—You’ve visited Japan a few times now. Has your Japanese improved?

Siyeon: No, not yet. But I did memorize ‘ukeru (受ける: receive, accept)’ recently. Sadly, it’s still difficult to accept our leader’s dad jokes. (Laugh)

JiU: I’ve memorized ‘kidoku suru- (Already read)’. This Japanese word got memorized naturally while using KakaoTalk.

Sua: I first heard of the gag ‘Hyokkori han’ in Japan.


—Hyokkori han isn’t really a gag. It’s the name of a Japanese comedian. (Laugh)

Handong: The Japanese I memorized is ‘tokimeku (ときめく: for the heart to throb)’.


—Oh, finally, a word that befits an idol. What recently made your heart throb, Handong?

Handong: These days, every day makes my heart throb, since we’re meeting Japanese fans…

JiU: A perfect answer. (Laugh)


—Right now, You are visiting many different parts of Japan for promotions. Is there a place that you’d like a visit? (The interview was held in mid-October)

Yoohyeon: Disneyland!

Gahyeon: Hot springs! I want to visit hot springs in Hokkaido.

Handong: Universal Studio Japan! It’s in Osaka.

Siyeon: I want to go shopping in WEGO~

JiU: Okinawa is also great. The sea is pretty. Since we’re debuting in Japan, I want to visit many different places!


—Lastly, please tell us about your attitude towards your Japanese debut.

JiU: In order to promote properly in Japan, for now, we’re just going to do our absolute best. We’re going to come together and appeal to Japanese audiences with a strong heart!

Siyeon: It’d be great if we could hear our songs being played while walking around shopping in the streets of Japan. We’ll study hard and work hard to make that happen.

Dami: We’ve just come from Korea, so our pronunciation and word selection may seem off to Japanese audiences. But it’s a first new step for us Dreamcatcher, so please watch over us kindly!

Original article:

[TRANS] [The End of Nightmare] – Idology Review

Dreamcatcher – The End of Nightmare (2019)


The End of Nightmare

Happyface Ent.

Feb 13th 2019.





그리고 아무도 없었다 (And There Was No One Left)

Daydream (백일몽)

PIRI (Inst.)


Mano: A new track that declares itself to be the end of the ‘Nightmare series’ which Dreamcatcher has tirelessly continued till now. While one can’t help but be reminded of how homework or project files end up with names like ‘Nightmare_series_real_final’, as they have declared the series to be over in the past, the album’s quality is nothing to laugh at. This time, in the lead track, PIRI, the group joins Trap beats with the team’s signature heavy metal sound. ‘Diamond’, on the other hand, is a successful crossbreed between Moombatone and heavy metal. Beginning with ‘Intro’, a track notable for the usage of the PIRI main theme to lead the track, as well as imposing orchestrations and drum-and-bass sounds, followed by the lead track and then throughout the rest of its running time, the album keeps up a tight sense of tension and interconnectedness, displaying a level of quality befitting the finale of the series and of Dreamcatcher’s world building. The performances from the members, who seem to have reached a certain level, are also superb. The music video, which implies a story of how the girls chose to become the Nightmare itself within the ever-repeating Nightmare, almost seems like a summary of the series up to this point. While it’s sad to see the ‘Nightmare series’ end, I hope they bravely continue on their new path without forgetting their dark past.


Mimyo: What stands out more than anything else in PIRI is the musical evolution that Dreamcatcher has gone through. Simply putting together the given elements could have been done immediately, but was risky. Dreamcatcher manages to avoid this trap, though the risk is felt as they teeter on its edge. PIRI successfully brings a drop-type hook, unheard of in previous Dreamcatcher tracks, into the spectrum of metal (while drawing from the vague similarity between Gugak-Korean traditional music-and Hip Hop), and then reinterprets it into a polished K-Pop style. Through the contrasting gap between the blunt rap and sweet vocals, the group’s voice and its characteristic performance fully shine through. Dreamcatcher’s music, which began without any precedents to follow, now presents a completion of sorts. I salute the experimentation and self-improvement that the team has  undertaken.


Eunjae Cho: If nothing else, their untiring efforts in advancing the story while maintaining their unique charisma deserves praise. Compared to the group’s past tracks, which seemed to sprint breathlessly, this time they reigned the tempo in somewhat and presented a calmer, yet heavier performance which highlights the team’s growth into a middle-tier group. Another point of note about the team is how they fill their albums with songs that are of consistent moods and themes. Despite traversing different genres, Dreamcatcher’s cold, proud yet powerful image is apparent in every track, even in ‘Daydream’, a ballad number. Now that they’ve so perfectly wrapped up their two-year-long project, one can’t help but have high hopes for their upcoming story.


1st Listen: Mid February 2019.

1st Listen: Mid February 2019 contains reviews for albums From SF9, Kim Bo-hyung, Nichkhun, Dreamcatcher, Ravi, MonstaX, Saturday, Seven Senses, WannaBe, Yoon Ji-sung,  LOONA, INFINITE, TOPSECRET, ITZY, Taemin, TREI, HI CUTIE, Hwasa, and Hyomin.


Album introduction

Dreamcatcher’s never-ending ‘Nightmare’, a ‘da capo’ within the fantasy, the 4th mini album [The End of Nightmare]


The story of a Nightmare that has captivated the whole world now draws to a close. This is through Dreamcatcher’s new album, [The End of Nightmare].


Dreamcatcher’s ‘Nightmare’ started on January 13th 2017. The Nightmare that they portrayed has continued to evolve. From Prequel to modern era, the Nightmare has continued to change, captivating the whole world. It could be safely said that Dreamcatcher’s extraordinary growth that went beyond Korea, highlighted by the group’s two world tours,  was thanks to the group’s ‘Nightmare’ concept.


In their first Album, [Nightmare], Dreamcatcher members each takes on the form of a nightmare and visits us. Common nightmare we have, such as ‘the dream where you are chased by someone: JiU’, ‘the dream where you are watched by someone: Handong’, ‘the dream where you are trapped in a tight space: Siyeon’, ‘the dream where you fall from high places: Gahyeon’, ‘the dream where you can’t move your body: SuA’, ‘the dream where you wander unfamiliar places: Yoohyeon’, and  ‘the dream where you get hurt: Dami’ were the mischievous doings of Dreamcatcher.


Their story was continued in [Nightmare – Fall asleep in the Mirror]. Dreamcatcher’s mischief awakens the brute nature within the Nightmare hunter, and a chase between the Nightmare hunter and the seven Nightmare ensues. The invitation from the Nightmare hunter, the escape that follows, the capture of the Nightmares, and the desperate chase that ensues in order to save them continues to present twists and turns, and doesn’t let the viewer relax until the very end.


Thus the Nightmare storyline was continued, but there remained an unresolved mystery. It was ‘how the girls became the Nightmares’. They presented the answer to this question in their first Mini album, [Prequel]. Dreamcatcher perfectly satisfied the taste of InSomnias worldwide.


Then a new ‘Nightmare’ unfolded. Dreamcatcher’s ‘Nightmare’ didn’t stay in one era. [Nightmare – Escape the ERA] continued the unique Nightmare fantasy story while signalling an end to the Antique era. The absorbing story, perched on the indefinite line between reality and dream, between inside and out, and between one and two, helped build a team identity that was unique to Dreamcatcher.


Then came [Alone In The City], where Dreamcatcher points to the stress of modern life as being the cause of the ‘Nightmare. The group depicts youths of the world who inhabit an uncertain reality, their fantasies of every tormentor they face being recreated in a nightmare, as well as the conflict between the ‘seven Nightmares’, enriching their story.


Dreamcatcher’s epic, which the team has so tirelessly expanded upon, finally comes to its end in [The End of Nightmare]. [The End of Nightmare], like the title suggests, is the installment that completes the ‘Nightmare’ story that Dreamcatcher had laid out so far.


The conclusion that Dreamcatcher presents is far from what one would ordinarily expect. Like how they started off with a twist by bringing ‘Nightmares’ into ‘Dreamcatcher’, an object that is supposed to drive out nightmares, this time, they trap you in a Nightmare that repeats infinitely. Thus, [The End of Nightmare] is not only the last ‘Nightmare’ presented by Dreamcatcher, but a new starting point, a ‘da capo’ within the fantasy.


Where will the ‘Fine’ of Dreamcatcher’s Nightmare be? With Dreamcatcher’s PIRI, we invite you into an never-ending Nightmare.


<Track List>

  1. Intro

Composition: LEEZ, Ollounder

Arrangement: Ollounder, LEEZ

Guitar: Ollounder

Synthesizer: LEEZ

The orchestration sounds in the opening of the track that are reminiscent of war films, and the Drum & Bass rhythms of the later half blend together in this Intro track. The allusion to the PIRI theme heightens one’s expectations.

  1. PIRI

Composition: Ollounder, LEEZ

Lyrics: Ollounder, LEEZ

Arrangement: Ollounder, LEEZ

Chorus: Siyeon, LEEZ

Guitar: Ollounder

Bass: Ollounder

Drum: Ollounder

Keyboard: Olloudner

Synthesizer: LEEZ

Dreamcatcher’s new track, ‘PIRI’ is a song that depicts the emotions of modern life, where one wants to escape the solitude and anxiety of being left behind. They used ‘PIRI’ within the lyrics as a medium to express their SOS signal. Unlike their previous lead tracks, which featured fast tempos, PIRI creates tension with a different styled beat. The repeated melodyline, featuring an ear-catching usage of flute and whistling sounds, is noteworthy.

  1. Diamond

Composition: Ollounder LEEZ

Lyrics: Ollounder LEEZ

Arrangement: Ollounder LEEZ

Chorus: Siyeon, LEEZ

Guitar: Ollounder

Bass: Ollounder

Drum: Ollounder

Keyboard: Ollounder

Synthesizer: LEEZ

The track expresses the group’s ambition to be as strong as a Diamond, the strongest gem, so as to not break and triumph over the threat of the Nightmare. The intense beat of the chorus symbolizes their firmness. It is the first Future Rock track from Dreamcatcher.

  1. And There Was No One Left

Composition: Ollounder, LEEZ

Lyrics: Ollounder, LEEZ, Kim Jun-hyeok

Arrangement: Ollounder, LEEZ, Kim Jun-hyeok

Chorus: Siyeon, LEEZ

Drum: Ollounder

Guitar: Ollounder

Bass: Ollounder, LEEZ

Synthesizer: Kim Jun-hyeok

A retro pop number, this track tells the prologue story to the lead track, ‘PIRI’. The lonely, empty emotions of the lyrics are set to a simple rhythm and guitar theme.

  1. Daydream(백일몽)

Composition: LEEZ , Ollounder, Kim Jun-hyeok

Lyrics: LEEZ , Ollounder, Kim Jun-hyeok

Arrangement: LEEZ , Ollounder, Kim Jun-hyeok

Chorus: Siyeon

Guitar: Byeon Do-young

Bass: Kim Jun-hyeok

Drum: Kim Jun-hyeok

Keyboard: LEEZ

Synthesizer: Ollounder

Though you wait for a promise with someone to be fulfilled, every memory is but an empty daydream of your imagination. A sad ballad number that expresses unchanging emotions and longing.

  1. PIRI (Inst.)

Composition: Ollounder, LEEZ

Arrangement: Ollounder, LEEZ

Guitar: Ollounder

Bass: Ollounder

Drum: Ollounder

Keyboard: Ollouder

Synthesizer: LEEZ


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[TRANS] Regarding “INVITATION FROM NIGHTMARE CITY in JAPAN” part 2 events for premium ticket holders

[Event change notice] Regarding “INVITATION FROM NIGHTMARE CITY in JAPAN” part 2 events for premium ticket holders

We are truly grateful of your continued warm support.

Due to delays with the entertainment visas for the Dreamcatcher Asian tour, “INVITATION FROM NIGHTMARE CITY in JAPAN”, which will be held in Tokyo on May 2nd and in Kobe on May 5th, we have had to alter the contents of the part 2 events for premium ticket holders.

We are truly sorry for customers who bought the tickets and were excited for the events. We express our sincere apologies. We ask customers to be understanding.

Show part 2 premium ticket events
[Before] After show ‘good work’ cheers event(乾杯会)

[After] After show ‘good work!’ High touch event

Event content: After each part 2 show in Tokyo and Kobe, the members will share their thoughts on their live performance, and send ticket holders off with high touches (high fives).

To see more about each show, click here.

Please send your inquiries about the special events listed above here.

Ponycanyon customer service center
Operating hours: weekdays 10:00~13:00/14:00~17:00
(Closed on saturdays and holidays specified by the company)

(While we accept forms 24 hours s day, we only respond to them during operating hours.)

※Please refrain from making inquiries outside of the method mentioned above, especially inquiries regarding the concert venue and store.
※Inquiries regarding fan events should be made within the time mentioned above.
※On the day of the events or on the day before, response to your inquiries may be limited.

Dreamcatcher’s official Japanese site:

[TRANS] K-POP GIRL’s Dreamcatcher Interview, Discography

K-POP GIRL’s Dreamcatcher Interview, Discography

Our concept is “Nightmare.” At first, it was so terrifying that I screamed. Kya!

Dreamcatcher (commonly called Deukae) is a 7-member Korean girl group that made its debut in January of 2017. Their arrival was an impactful one. Though there are countless girl groups in Korea, they generally fall into a few categories: the innocent type, the sexy type, or the so-called girl crush type. However, Dreamcatcher put forth ‘Nightmare’ as their concept, refusing to fall into any of these categories.

The music video for their debut title, Chase Me, is horror themed, and features the ghosts of 7 beautiful girls that appear in an old hotel. Everything about the dance track, laced with a strong rock beat, from its heavy metal style guitar sounds, sinister pianos, to its emotional vocals, was fresh and shocking. Even in their music show appearances, Dreamcatcher kept their performances cold and threatening.

Even so, I didn’t fall for Dreamcatcher on first sight. It was at K-CON (a convention that showcases Korean culture, with a focus on K-Pop), held in Bakuhari on May 2017, that I fell for their charm. It was Dreamcatcher’s first time in Japan, and before the main stage, they performed on the convention stage for about 30 minutes. In addition to Chase Me and Good Night, the girls also sang ballads. Their ability to express – their near-perfect group dances, as well their vocal mastery—had done me in.

Not only that, the girls, so cold and threatening on stage, were unbelievably cheerful and friendly off stage. This gap is also charming. It’s better if you just see them in real life. You have to see them in real life.

Dreamcatcher is made up of 7 members, starting with the Leader, JiU, there’s SuA, Siyeon, Yoohyeon, Dami, Gahyeon and the Chinese member Handong. They have diligently built their career in Korea, being nominated as a candidate for first place on music shows with YOU AND I (May, 2018) and again with What (September, 2018). Between 2017 and 2018, they toured in Europe and Latin America. Dreamcatcher is a rising star, with a growing popularity overseas.

In that period, after meticulous preparations, they finally made their debut in Japan on November 2018. We interviewed the girls during their stay in Japan at that time.

images that feel like being in nightmares 
Yoohyeon, seated closest, was whispering things into the microphone of the recorder. As such, the interview started with her que.

YH: Interview Start!

-First, can you introduce yourselves as a group?
ALL: (In Japanese) One, two, Hello! We are Dreamcatcher!

-Great! Could you also introduce yourselves individually?
YH: I am the Lead vocal and the puppy of Dreamcatcher, Yoohyeon.
DM: I’m the rapper of the group, Dami.
HD: I’m the cat of Dreamcatcher, Handong. I’m a vocal.
JU: I am the Leader of the group, JiU.
SA: I am the main dancer of Dreamcatcher, Kim SuA!
GH: I am the lovely Maknae of Dreamcatcher, Gahyeon.
SY: I am Dreamcatcher’s main vocal, Siyeon.

-I noticed you were all trying to pronounce Dreamcatcher in the Japanese way (Kyatcha-).
JU: Thank you! (laugh)
YH: That’s a relief.

-This is our first interview, so let’s start with the basics. First, what is Dreamcatcher’s concept?
ALL: Nightmare!

-So what does that mean? (laugh)
JU: On stage, our performances are somewhat dark and very charismatic. We show everyone images that feel like being in nightmares. That’s our concept.

-When you first heard of this concept, how did you feel about it?
SA: At first, I wasn’t sure how to embody the concept. I couldn’t get a feeling for it.
YH: I thought that we’d be doing a bright concept for sure, so I was surprised that it was so dark. I thought it would be somewhat difficult.

-However, it is a concept that is uniquely yours.
SY: Exactly. I think we present a team colour that no other group shares.
JU: At first, it was so terrifying that I screamed. Kya! (laugh)

-Your debut was amazing, with the lead single being Chase Me. How did the guests and listeners respond to the song?
JU: We were worried, but the response was more positive than we thought. We were told that the choreography felt fresh, that the song felt new. The part where we grab our hair during the dance was also well received.

-The music video also felt new and different. Chase Me and GOOD NIGHT seemed to be connected. Were they filmed at around the same time?
ALL: They were filmed separately.
SY: When the promotion for ‘Chase Me’ was almost over, we filmed the GOOD NIGHT music video.

-Were they filmed at the same location?
YH: No. They were filmed on different sets.

-Ah, I see.
JU: The director (Digipendi) was the same person.

-In the music video, Jo Donghyeok, the actor who starred in dramas such as “Bad Guys” makes an appearance. Within the video, what is his relationship with Dreamcatcher?
SA: He is the ‘Nightmare Hunter,’ who tries to catch us.
JU: So you could say that Mr. Donghyeok is our enemy.

-In the end, Dreamcatcher wins.
SY: Yes. We trap him in the mirror.

This is us, completed
– on May 17th, after the release of GOOD NIGHT, you attended KCON in Japan. How was your first visit to Japan?
SY: While on the bus, I was looking at the buildings and the towns of Japan. It was as though I’d wandered into a fairy tale.
-Was it your first time in Japan, personally?
GH: It was my first time.
JU: I’d been to Japan with my family before.

-It was during this time that I first saw Dreamcatcher in real life. You were unbelievably cute, your dances were great, and you sang well. I fell in love with you girls.
ALL: Oh! Thank you! (Clap)

-At the time, you sang ballads too. I thought ‘wow, they sing ballads well too.’
SA: Did we sing a ballad number at KCON?

-Not during the main performance. It was on the convention stage.
ALL: Ah! Thank you.

-Moving on, Let’s talk about Fly High. Looking at the music video, it seems to take place before Chase Me.
ALL: Yes it does.

-The music video was mysterious, but the CD booklet felt a bit refreshing.
SY: We have two concepts. The album has two versions, one for each concept.
SA: The album’s concept is us before we became nightmares.

-I’ve heard that you got cursed for killing the spider in the music video, or something like that.
JU: We didn’t mean to kill it. We were curious about what it was, and the spider got killed while we were looking at it through a magnifying glass. By its curse, we became Nightmares.

-In a sense, your origin story is like Spiderman’s, then.
ALL: Ah. (Laugh)

-Also, you have been on world tour since September. How has it been? Which place left the deepest impression?
GH: At Columbia, our fans came to meet us at the airport. They screamed loudly, and warmly welcomed us. That was memorable.
YH: Since Japan was the first concert of the tour, I found Japan memorable.

-Next up is YOU AND I. I felt that YOU AND I basically completed Dreamcatcher’s concept, in terms of the makeup, fashion, choreography and musical style. What do you think?
YH: I felt the same way.
JU: Definitely. During the production, I really thought that this was us, completed.

-In ‘YOU AND I’, Dami revealing the stick while rapping was very memorable. Weren’t there times when you dropped the stick?
DM: During the actual shows, nothing happened. But during rehearsals, the stick sometimes wouldn’t open, or get flung up high. It was pretty hard.

-In the same vein, every member waving a scarf during the dance was also very memorable. Didn’t you drop it at times?
ALL: Ahh. (Laugh)
JU: During the live shows, we are in such a hurry that one time, I forgot to take the scarf with me. I did the dance while pretending to have the scarf. (Laugh)

-With “Nightmare: Escape the ERA”, the album that contains YOU AND I, you reached 7th place on the Billboard world album charts. Aren’t you gaining popularity worldwide?
JU: We are just so grateful for it.
YH: With YOU AND I, we were also nominated as a candidate for first place on a music show for the first time.

-Ah, yes. You can also vote for that music program in Japan using a smartphone app. I voted too.

Being able to interact in Japanese would be beautiful
-You made your splendid formal debut in Japan with “What – Japanese ver.” Could you tell us more about the track for Japanese listeners?
JU: ‘What’ is an addictive song that combines Symphony with Rock, conveying a powerful message.

-The Japanese music video was very similar to the Korean version. Were they made at the same time?
SY: We filmed on the same day.

-Does that mean that by the time of your comeback in Korea, the Japanese version was also completed?
JU: We prepared for both versions at the same time.

-I see. The regular version of this album also contains “I Miss You”, your first original Japanese song. What are your feelings towards this track?
ALL: We love it!

-‘I Miss You’ feels like it would be very moving at concerts.
JU: Yes. It is a special number, being our first original Japanese song. If we could perform on a concert in Japan, that would make it a very special day.

-Now that you’ve debuted in Japan, what are Dreamcatcher’s ambitions?
JU: Ambitions? (Laugh) I want us to do be able to do a Dome tour.
SA: I’ve heard that Korean styles and fashion have become popular in Japan. If possible, I want to become something of an icon in fields like makeup or fashion. I also want to be involved in those fields.
YH: I think it’d be beautiful if I was able to communicate and interact with Japanese Somnies in Japanese. I want work hard to be able to do more in Japanese.

-Thank you.
YH: The end!

Dreamcatcher released their 4th mini album, “The End of Nightmare” on February 13th. They are currently energetically promoting with the lead track, “PIRI.” At the time of this being written, they were already nominated as a candidate for first place on a music show. Sadly, they did not win first place. It would be great if they won first place by the time this book gets published. In addition, around the time of this book’s release, on March 13th, the Japanese version of PIRI will be released. On May, the group’s Asian tour, “INVITATION FROM NIGHTMARE CITY”, which goes through 6 cities in 5 countries, is planned. As part of the tour, Dreamcatcher will hold concerts in Tokyo on May 2nd, and in Kobe on May 4th. Opportunities to meet Dreamcatcher in Japan will continue, it seems. You need to see Dreamcatcher in real life!

November 23rd, Bunkyou-ku, Kawaguchi.


Label: Happyface (Kor)
Lead Track: Chase Me

The first installment of the Nightmare series is a shocker that set Dreamcatcher’s image. In the Lead Track, Chase Me, the members lead the listeners into a dream, while playing mischiefs on them. They provoke us, telling us to “Catch me.” But try as we might to capture them, they slip through our fingers, and play more tricks on us. They sensually grab their hair, as if to goad us, saying “try to touch even one hair on my head.” The track exhilaratingly gallops towards the end, utilizing metal sounds. In a sea of undistinguishable girl groups, Dreamcatcher successfully manages to set itself apart.

Nightmare: Fall asleep in the mirror
Label: Happyface (Kor)
Lead Track: GOOD NIGHT

Dreamcatcher toys with us again in the second installment of the Nightmare series. If you just listen, you are sure to be encaptivated in a blissful state of sleep paralysis, unable to wake up from the terrifying dream. The Lead track, GOOD NIGHT, convinced fans who suspected Metal to be a gimmick, of the sincerity of the members towards Metal. Though the seven members openly admit to being fans of BABYMETAL, they are no simple followers. Fierce sounds, the horror concept, and the dynamic choreography blend together to open up a new playing field that is unique to Dreamcatcher. Lullaby, a track that seems to calm and gently comfort the listener, is on the B-side.

Label: Happyface (Kor)
Lead Track: Fly High

Released as Dreamcatcher marked their sixth month, their first EP serves as a prequel to their two previous singles. It goes back to a time when the members were all students living in the same dormitory, and shows us how the Nightmare series began. The lead track “Fly High” was written by SEION, the hit maker for female singers. Under his influence, the track features a sprinting feeling, instead of the darkness of the previous singles. It would fit perfectly as an opening theme for an anime. It widens the spectrum of the Nightmare series. On the B-side, Sleep-walking, a song that could be called “the golden standard for lives”, which features cool Drum-and-Bass tunes, and ‘It’s Okay!’ a rock ballad number that comforts fans, are listed.

Nightmare – Escape the ERA
Label: Happyface (Kor)
Lead Track: You and I

Yoohyeon burning the spider to death was the start of everything… This much was revealed in the previous track, Fly High. This time, Yoohyeon is cursed by the spider, which transformed into a woman. The spider woman takes over her body. To free Yoohyeon, the members form a circle and perform a ritual. On stage, this is translated into magic. It’s like watching Princess Tenko’s (a Japanese female magician) illusions! Dami’s stick tricks and the seemingly magical scarf dance of the members bring Metallic K-Pop into a whole new dimension.

Alone in The City
Label: Happyface (Kor)
Lead Track: What

In the previous album, Dreamcatcher ended an era of the Nightmare series which focused on the killing of the spider, which happened when the members were young. The Nightmare series enters a new ERA with the lead track of this album, ‘What.’ Even in the visual images which were released before the album, the members, with the night streets of Shinzuku and Shibuya as the background, hint at a new theme. That theme being the distress of young adults living in the cities. Dreamcatcher’s clothing, which had been unified up to this point, became more vivid, rock-inspired and individualized for each member. Dreamcatcher renews its image and conveys a strong will to free oneself from the nightmares of modern life through hard sounds.

What – Japanese Ver.-
Label: Ponycanyon (Jap)
Lead Track: What -Japanese ver.-

On July 2018, during their Tokyo performance, Dreamcatcher announced their upcoming official Japanese debut, to the excitement of fans. 4 months later, their Japanese debut single, ‘What -Japanese ver.- was released. The sound remained identical to the Korean version, and the lyrics also stayed true to the original Korean lyrics. However, the Japanese music video had subtle changes added, making comparison between the two versions interesting. You can enjoy two tastes with one bite! The B-Side contains the Japanese version of Chase Me. Thus, their first Japanese single contains the song that represents the first two installments of the Nightmare series. With this ‘Best of Dreamcatcher’-esque album, which contains both the starting point and the Latest installment (at the time of writing), Dreamcatcher makes a strong debut.

The End of Nightmare
Label: Dreamcatcher (Kor)
Lead Track: PIRI

This is the End of the Nightmare Series. The intro elevates your expectations to the max with Drum-and-Bass sounds, and then the album explodes into excitement with the lead track, PIRI. “PIRI” means flute in Korean. On top of a heavily electronic rock base, the flute sounds used in the chorus add a folky taste. Another point of note is Sub vocal Gahyeon creating freshness overload with a cool rap part. Suffering from solitude and uncertainty, Dreamcatcher sends out an SOS call through the sound of the flute. But nobody realizes, and the nightmare known as solitude comes to an end. But the Nightmare isn’t quite over. The End of Nightmare was merely a prologue for the nightmare that is the second Japanese single.

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