[TRANS] Dreamcatcher held a free live in Santa cosplay! Showed off their Japanese debut single!

[REPORT] Dreamcatcher held a free live in Santa cosplay! Showed off their Japanese debut single!


Formed in January of 2017 with a “nightmare concept”, blending a heavy rock sound with their astonishing visual performances is that 7-member girl group, Dreamcatcher.  They made their Japanese debut and celebrated it with a free live at Tokyo Dome City Rock Garden Stage on November 24th.

The members came onto the stage in black Santa Claus costumes and performed thier Japanese debut song “What – Japanese ver.-” (which was released on November 21st) much to the fans enjoyment.  During the MC, the fans sent the message of “Congratulations on your Japanese debut!” which caused all the members to smile. To show her resolve to make this debut successful, Siyeon said, “We still have a lot to go and I am still very nervous.  We are working hard so our songs can be played in the streets of Japan.”

About their free live, SuA said “Today was a little early but we tried really hard to prepare this performance well for everyone.  We are the Christmas presents for everyone!” Talking about their black Santa Claus outfits, she asked “Do we look like dolls?” which made all of the fans cheer loudly in agreement.

There was a talk corner where the members were asked to confess to a food they like as though it were the person they like.  Yoohyeon, who likes the ramen chain Ichiban Ramen, shouted “Ichiban Ramen! No matter how tired I am, no matter how spicy you are, I love you the way you are!”  Siyeon said “Kiri mochi (a type of chewy rice cake), you are mine forever” in a very cool way.

In their live performance they performed Wonderland for the first time in Japan.  The performance used chairs for the dance and showed off the sexy voices of the members which shocked the audience.  Next they sang the Japanese version of Chase Me.

After the photo session for the press happened, the fans started calling for an encore.  The members performed a sexy dance stage for Camillo Cabella’s song Havana.

Finally, leader JiU said, “How was it, everyone?  Thank you so very much. Dreamcatcher is in your hands, please treat us well!” as her closing comment and then the live ended.


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Original source: WWS channel

[TRANS] Kstyle Interview Vol.2 – The true faces of Dreamcatcher

Vol.2 – “On the sidestreets in Shibuya we captured the true faces of Dreamcatcher! What anime characters do the members look like?”


Setting fire with their rock sound and nightmare concept, this dynamically performing 7 member kpop girls group originally took over the kpop scene.  Dreamcatcher made their debut in Japan with their Japanese 1st Single “What – Japanese ver.-” on 11/21. These girls hold a mysterious image that we tried to break through by having a photo shoot and interview in a relaxed atmosphere on a side street in Shibuya


K-style: Shibuya is a town known for the fashion of the youth.  You all wear such cool clothes when you are on stage but what kind of fashion do you usually like?

YOOHYEON: I have been liking vintage clothes recently.  I am searching for a vintage dress on the internet currently.

HANDONG: Maybe because my hair is brightly colored now but I am liking colorful clothes.  But if it fades back to dark again, I may start liking black clothes (lol).

JIU: While being a polished idol I like wearing simple things that match that image.

SIYEON: For me, I think being comfortable is the best (lol).  So my favorites are all oversized items.

DAMI: I also like being comfortable so my shirts are usually just comfortable and easy to put on.  My pants are usually long pants or jogging/training pants.

SUA: Instead of shiny and showy things, I like a simple, plain tshirt.  I also like suits or uniform-style outfits.

GAHYEON: Unlike everyone else, when it comes to picking my comfort outfits, I go for a printed t-shirt or a dress or something that will give me fluffy sleeves.


K-style: It seems like you have a lot of members that like anime.  What is everyone’s favorite anime and anime character?

SIYEON: I like the main character Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul.  Rather than his times when he is kind but I like the times when he is bad (lol).

DAMI: I really like One Piece so I would have to say the main character Luffy is my favorite.

SUA: I like Mama wa Pyopyosaurus ga Osuki.  I watched it a lot as a kid so I think the character Jura is very cute.

JIU: I like Rilakuma.  It’s cute and I just like it.

SIYEON: Don’t you look like him?

JIU: You’re right (lol).  I am also aware that we look alike.

HANDONG: I like Marco from Chibi Marco-chan.  The bowl-style haircut is very cute.

YOOHYEON: It isn’t from Japan but I like Peter Pan a lot.  I always thought he might appear before me one day. As I continued to grow, however, reality opened my eyes…….(lol)


K-style: What anime characters do you think you or one of the other member looks like?

SIYEON: During our promotions for Good Night, with my navy hair, I feel I looked a little bit like Sailor Mars from Sailor Moon when I took off my glasses.  Our company’s staff said it to (lol).

DAMI: I am occasionally told that my personality is similar to Robin from One Piece.  Our way of not saying much and using our silence to observe what our friends do and save them when needed is what I think is similar.

JIU: I am often told by our fans that I look similar to Judy from the movie Zootopia.

GAHYEON: I am told that I look like Peko-chan (the mascot image for the snack brand Milky).

YOOHYEON: Ah! You do, you do.

DAMI:  When I wear bunny ears at fan-sign events, fans say I look like Marshmallow (a popular Korean bunny character).

ALL: Yeah, that’s the best!  You really do!

SUA: I don’t get likened to characters that much.  I get compared to animals such as a fennec fox or cats.

YOOHYEON:  I am also told I look like a dog.  I can’t remember the name of it but it has long hair and is large like a human.


K-style: Dreamcatcher are looked up to and admired by many women but who do you all admire?

GAHYEON: BoA.  She is good at dancing, singing, being an entertainer so there are lots of things I can learn from her that I am studying.  I respect her a lot.

SUA: I also look up to BoA since she inspired me to dream of being a singer.  I also really like Heize.

SIYEON: I like Hyolyn (formerly from Sistar).  She is perfect in every field of entertainment she enters.  She doesn’t fit into one single genre and won’t stop.

HANDONG: I like Taeyeon from Girls Generation.  She looks very cool while she is singing.

DAMI: I also like Girls Generation.  They gave me the dream to become a singer so even now I am a huge fan.

JIU: I like IU.  Whatever I am doing, I always want to listen to her music, it is warm and emotionally wonderful so I really admire her.


K-style: Who is your favorite actor?

SUA: Yesterday, when I turned on the TV, Arashi’s Masaki Aiba was there and I was so happy I couldn’t move away from the screen.  I like all of the members of Arashi. They are funny, fit, I definitely want to meet them sometime.

SIYEON: I like Kate Blanchett.  She is fit, all of her roles are her playing my ideal woman.  She has the image of a woman from today.

GAHYEON: Gang Dong Won.  He is handsome but he is also a good actor and sometimes, when his hometown accent comes out, he is really cute.


K-style: What is your biggest concern right now?

SIYEON: Taking enough vitamins and nutritional supplements.  If I drink those things, I definitely can live (lol). Lactic acid fungus, vitamin D, omega 5.  I take a variety of those 5 a lot. They help with my fatigue but also are good for my aging skin (lol).

GAHYEON: That’s right, if you take care of it from when you are young you can be very healthy…I have a lot for me but first is getting my drivers license!!  I definitely want to get it so I am looking into how to get that a lot. Also, winter is coming soon so I am thinking about getting new winter clothes. Once our activities in Japan end I think we have a day off so I am going to spend that day looking lots of things up.

JIU:  Recently I have been concerned about having enough comfortable clothes and have been looking online for more.

SUA: I am concerned about my bangs(lol).  I don’t like the idea of my bangs separating but even when I hairspray it or straighten it, I always miss something.  I am always touching my bangs.

DAMI: I am concerned with the cold.  I get cold very easily and recently it is getting cold out so I am worried about how I can surpass this coldness (lol).


K-style: Certainly, I see that Dami is the only member wearing a down coat, huh.

DAMI: Yes.  Even before it turns into winter, I prepared lots of warm things to wear for myself (lol).

YOOHYEON: I am concerned with cleaning up.  When it became fall, I suddenly had an urge to start cleaning.  Recently I was doing a huge amount of cleaning in my bedroom. I share a room with SuA-unnie but I only cleaned my side of the room (lol).  I have a lot of clothes so I was able to clearly sort out lots of those.


K-style: If you had some time to go on vacation, what would you want to do?

GAHYEON: I would go to the ocean.  I don’t like swimming in the ocean but I would like to sit in a cafe where I can see it, listening to the sounds of the waves, while drinking a hazelnut latte.

YOOHYEON:  How realistic (lol).  I usually would say the ocean but I think this time I would like to go home and visit my parents.

DAMI: I want to get wrapped up in an electric blanket on my futon and watch a movie.  I want to be able to have that much time to relax.

SIYEON: My home is in Daegu and Suseong lake in that area is a pretty pond-like place.  I want to go there with my family and take in the scenery while drinking a beer.

JIU:  I would also like to go home and relax by drinking a lot of beer and eating delicious foods.


K-style: Do you have a food you know will just make you gain weight but you still eat it because you like it so much?

SUA: I do!  Hamburgers. I could eat a hamburger set every day and never get tired of it.  McDonalds, I love you (lol).

GAHYEON: Chicken.  Bake it or fry it, no matter how you cook it, it is still delicious.  But I don’t like eating samgyetang (T/N: this is a Korean soup with chicken).

JIU: I think Wagyu beef is very delicious.  I want to eat 100 of them (lol).

YOOHYEON:  I like Ichiban’s ramen.  Sometimes when I am in Korea, fans will buy it as take-out for me as a present and I want them to know that I always eat all of it.  Even though I know my face will get all bloated the next day, I like it so much I will still eat it (lol).


K-style: Do you cook often?

YOOHYEON: I only cook ramen (lol).

HANDONG: I make chicken and Pho Ga (Vietnamese dish).  I also really like Japanese sushi. It looks easy but I know that I would gain weight if I knew how to actually do it myself.


K-style: What was it like shooting out on the streets in Japan?

SUA: The town is so pretty that I get a feeling of freedom.  We are in a city but I get the feeling that we are on the fringe of where the surplus is happening and then feeling of being able to go all over the place and hide.

SIYEON: We are near a nursing school and there are children there playing in the garden that were very cute.  Because of that, I got very invigorated by them.

JIU:  Wherever you are in Japan you can feel the kindness of the people, that is very nice.  Even today, while we were walking, I was able to feel some of that impression. To talk of Japan is to talk of a place where lots of kind people exist.


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original source: Kstyle

{author: Abe Yuko; photographer: Asaoka Eisuke}

[TRANS] ‘I Miss You’ Lyric Translation

I Miss You


Composer:キム・ボウン、Super Bomb、Japanese Lyrics:Okano Riho
Arranger:Super Bomb


Japanese English
I miss you ただ信じてる
I miss you 空の果てまでも
重ねた手に残した思い出くれた温もり 想いを乗せて 銀河の果てに
橋をかけて あなたの元へ渡るわ今でもあなたが好きよ
My love My love My love
誓うわ 忘れないと
胸の声聞いてI miss you ただ信じてる
I miss you 空の果てまでも
探すからSometimes 太陽が影落とす頃
One time あなたを想い始めた頃
声は涙 染まるあなた
どんどんと惹かれる胸が そう
さらに膨らむ Oh

見えた瞳 想いを乗せて 星光る空

My love My love My love
誓うわ 忘れないと

I miss you ただ信じてる
I miss you 空の果てまでも


I miss you ただ信じてる
I miss you 空の果てまでも

Promise you
二人会いましょう 夢の中

I miss you Please believe
We will meet again.
I miss you Until the limits of the sky
I will search for you.I wrote down in my daily diary
all of the piled-up memories of that dayI will remember the warmth you gave me until the end of the Milky Way
I will cross over any bridge that will take me towards you.Even now I love you
My love My love My love
I swear I won’t forget and
Will listen to the voice in my heart.I miss you Please believe
We will meet again.
I miss you Until the limits of the sky
I will search for you.

Sometimes The sun falls into shadows
One time The time I first thought of you
You whose voice was dyed with tears
Pulling and drumming on my heart
to expand it more Oh

The stars shining in the sky are nothing compared to your eyes I used to see
I will run across any bridge to get to you.

Even now, I love you
My love My love My love
In order not to forget our vow,
Let me hear your voice.

I miss you Please believe
We will meet again.
I miss you Until the limits of the sky
I will search for you.

Please never let go of this hand
Even if we end up never to meet again.

I miss you Please believe
We will meet again.
I miss you Until the limits of the sky
I will search for you.

Promise you
Let us meet again in our dreams.

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[TRANS] Kstyle Interview Vol.1 – “What – Japanese Ver.”

Vol.1 – “What-Japanese Ver.-” Dreamcatcher making their Japanese debut! What does “What” mean to the members?


The girl group that combines the rock sounds of the bass guitar with their nightmare concept are dynamic enough to take over the the kpop world is the 7 member group Dreamcatcher who are making their Japanese debut on November 21st.  Their debut song is the title song from their 3rd mini-album “AloneinTheCity” which was released in September which, when released on youtube, was viewed 1,300,000 in 10 days. The hit song “What” is being released in Japanese. Last time we talked with these girls, they were very happy and excited about their upcoming debut.  Now we talked to them about the songs on their first Japanese single.


K-style: When you heard that ”What” was going to be the song you debuted with in Japan, out of all of your hit songs, how did you feel?

SIYEON:   Although this is the song we were most recently promoting, it is also the one that feels the most different.  I feel good about debuting with a song that has a bit of a different image from what we already had.

JIU:  I think that “What” matches the senses of the Japanese fans well.  The repetition of the chorus sinks into you so I think after just listening to it once, you can remember it.  I think that is a good thing.


K-style: How was the recording of “What – Japanese Ver.”?

SIYEON: It is important to be able to understand the meaning of the lyrics when recording to know what emotion to put into it but I was struggling with that a little bit at first.  For example the line “探してる” (to search for). I needed to find the right way to sing it to convey the real emotions of that and it was kind of hard. “I’m searching for you!” (lol).

SUA: What was difficult for me was singing strongly while still getting the accent or pronunciation correct.  I thought to myself “What do I do if I can’t get the accent right but can sing it well and vice versa?”


K-style: Your outfits in “What” are all different and I love it but could you tell us a key point or thing you particularly like about each of your outfits?

SUA: When we were doing our comeback showcase, my outfit was black with gold highlights and it was really pretty but because we used it for our first stage, we couldn’t really re-use it.  I really liked it so I want to wear it again but I am so disappointed I can’t wear it again. Even now, I remember that outfit.

SIYEON: My outfits are nice but personally, I think SuA-unnie has some really nice outfits.  I wanted to wear her outfit as just a casual/street outfit.

GAHYEON:  SuA-unnie definitely has a lot of the best outfits.

SIYEON:  That’s why I wanted to steal them (lol).

HANDONG: One of my outfits was this princess-like shirt with black puffy sleeves that I really like.  I like outfits that show off the collarbone and the line of my back.

SIYEON: Because you have confidence in those parts of your body.

ALL: Oooh!!

SIYEON:  I wouldn’t say that about my own outfits.  I have lots of slacks-type long pants. I like those a lot so that is something I am interested in.

GAHYEON: I am the shortest in the group so I am sadly not really able to wear long skirts (lol) so what I realistically like is outfits based around off-the-shoulder shirts.  I don’t like feeling choked in my clothes so instead of tight, body-con outfits, I like blouses or other things that leave my neck open. I haven’t had a lot of them to wear until now so I was really excited to get to wear a lot of them for this time.

DAMI: All of my outfits except one or two were a pair of pants and jacket.  Dancing in a skirt is hard so I was relieved to get lots of pants. I also got interested in jackets that add to broadness or my shoulders.

SIYEON:  Ah, you’re right.  Dami’s outfits were also nice.

JIU: I like outfits that give the polished image of an idol and this time was filled with those styles so I was interested in all of my outfits.


K-style: It seems like Yoohyeon struggled dancing in a long skirt.  How was that?

YOOHYEON:  The skirt was actually longer than I had thought it was so I ended up stepping on it quite a bit.  But except for that, I really liked my outfit for this. The outfits were all matched to the member’s personalities which I think is really good.


K-style: Dami, you participated in the writing of your rap in “What”.  The lines “Tick Tock Tikita” and “Tip Toe Tikita” are like onomatopoeia (sound words) and seem to be a point of interest.  Please tell us your thinking in the writing of these lyrics.

DAMI: The sound “tick-tock” is the sound of a clock so the lyrics “Tick Tock TIkita” were meant to express the way time is always gradually moving and when you are busy it goes even faster. And the use of the English phrase “tip toe” was to express the feeling of sneakily escaping quickly.  Since I started participating in the making of my raps, this was something I was very nervous about. When it got translated to Japanese this time, it was very skillfully expressed so I am satisfied.


K-style: What is your impression after filming the music video for “What-Japanese ver.-”?

YOOHYEON: We actually filmed both the Japanese and Korean versions simultaneously so it was very disordered.  Since we were filming in the same place, I would mix up if I was supposed to be singing in Japanese or Korean.

SUA:  While we were filming both version back to back, I felt like I conveyed the emotions properly and well in Korean.  When we switched to the Japanese, I don’t know why but I felt like I was sad or in pain. Maybe because the lyrics we were singing contain those kinds of emotions, I fleetingly adopted those feelings for myself.  I was singing the same song, same part, and yet the feel of the lyrics was different because the pronunciation changed, making how I expressed them different. It was a weird feeling.


K-style: You also recorded for your coupling song the Japanese version of your Korean debut song “Chase Me”.  How did it feel to sing that in Japanese?

SUA: The melody in “Chase Me” is very fast so when we did it in Japanese, it feels like it became even faster.

SIYEON:  After being taught the meaning of the words in the lyrics, I was able to include the emotion needed to sing it.  The lyrics “嵐みたい” (arashi mitai – like a storm” allowed me to finally know the meaning behind the name of the senior group Arashi as well as understand another word to describe stormy weather.  It was interesting getting to ask “What does 嵐みたい mean?” and learn all of this (lol).

HANDONG: Because both Japanese and Korean are foreign languages to me, I didn’t feel this was particularly difficult.  Rather, because Japanese has no final consonants, it made me more comfortable to sing it in Japanese. While singing in Korean, I got yet another impression.


K-style: What was your impression after you heard your Japanese original song “I Miss You”?

SIYEON:  I like my part that goes “今でもあなたが好きよ” (Even now, I love you).

YOOHYEON: I also really like that part!

SIYEON: When I first heard that part in the guide track, I liked it and thought I would be able to express it well.  I didn’t expect it to actually become my part so I was very happy recording it.

YOOHYEON: I felt like I was singing something that could appear in the first part of an anime.

SIYEON: Like the movie “君の名は” (Your Name).

YOOHYEON:  Yes, yes! A scene like a girl standing alone in a windy mountain came to me.

HANDONG: I really liked my starting line “I miss you ただ信じてる” (I miss you Please believe” so I was always listening to it.

SUA:  To talk about Dreamcatcher is to talk about songs with a heavy beat I think but “I Miss You” seems to have a brighter atmosphere.  The song has the imagery of a bright and clear sky being reflected and I feel it is very different from our usual songs until now.

K-style: Everyone seems to have enjoyed it, huh.

ALL: Yes!!


K-style: Now a question about your song title.  Thinking about the title “What”, what is something your members do that make you go “What”?

SIYEON:  The way Yoohyeon and Gahyeon can lay down and immediately be asleep is strange to me.  The two of them usually sit in the back row of the car. I listen to music and sit in the back too.  I will look back to them, however, and right after getting on the bus, they are already asleep. They even sleep well in brightly lit places.

YOOHYEON:  But I can easily and readily wake up if someone says my name.  But Gahyeon will just not wake up at all. Even if you shake her to wake her up, she is still asleep.  It is very strange.

GAHYEON: There was even a time when someone pulled on my face and I still didnt wake up (lol).

HANDONG: Gahyeon and I are roommates so when it is time to wake up in the morning, I can’t wake her up with just talking to her (lol).  I always have to shake her.

GAHYEON:  But today I woke up early.  Because today is the first day of our activities in Japan I think I was just very nervous (lol).

DAMI:  This was more around the time of our debut but JiU-unnie would go exercising after we would finish our schedule, no matter how tired she was.  I thought that was strange.

SIYEON: JiU-unnie would tell me after “Why did I do something like that then?” is how her approach to exercise was (lol).

SUA: It was like she was addicted to exercising.  Dami and I also had a period of time like that.

HANDONG:  The three of them had an addiction to exercise.

DAMI: I used to anxious if I knew I couldn’t go to the gym and work out…But now I don’t go anymore.

SUA: Now, because our schedules are keeping us so busy, even without going to the gym I am still feeling like I am getting a work out.  When we finish all of our scheduled events after promotions, sleeping will take the place of that as my top priority (lol). To me, Handong is kind of strange.  When we have a day off, most of the members will be resting as much as the can but Handong will meet up with her friends, going out and shopping with them.

GAHYEON:  Even days when we have a schedule that ends in the morning and nothing until the next day, she will still decide to go out.  I asked her, “Unnie, aren’t you tired?” and she replied “Yes! I just need some time to take a breather” (lol).

HANDONG: Yes.  I definitely am the type of person who likes to just walk around.

YOOHYEON:  Your physical strength sure is impressive (lol).


K-style: Is there anyone that your song “I Miss You” makes you think of wanting to see?

HANDONG: My parents.  It’s been 4 months since I have seen them.  Through social media in China, my parents are checking and staying up to date with my activities to support me.

GAHYEON: Handong-unnie contacts her parents every day.

DAMI:  I’d have to say my parents too.  Since we came here to Japan as soon as our Korea activities were finished, it’s been a little while since I have seen them.

SUA: For me I’d say Chris Hemsworth.  He is very tall (lol)!! I want to be able to see him some day.

JIU:  I would say it is my dog, Cherry, who is back at home.  How much has Cherry grown…I miss Cherry.

YOOHYEON: There is a version of the movie Peter Pan I saw when I was a child where the main character Peter was played by Jeremy Sumpter.  I definitely want to meet him one day.

GAHYEON: I would like…

YOOHYEON:  Wouldn’t you like to meet Gang Dong Won?

GAHYEON: Actually that has already happened (lol).  When I was still a high school student, I went to see a preview of one of his movies.  I hurried there during my break time and there at the ticket booth, I met eyes with Gang Dong Won.

ALL: Wow (lol)


K-style: On your October 27th free Halloween concert at Venus Fort, you all wore Halloween costumes.  Are there any other costumes you would like to wear next time?

JIU:  When I had the yellow hair, the members told me I would suit Alice in Wonderland so I would like to cosplay as her one day.

GAHYEON: I have two.  First is a vampire, second is Arare from Dr. Slump.  Something scary and something cute, I want to try both.

SUA: Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants.  Patrick or Jura from Mama Loves the Poyopoyo-Saurus (an anime) is what I want to do but it seems like the costume for Patrick is not sold anywhere.

JiU: If it’s you, I’m sure it would be scary.

DAMI: I want to try a character from One Piece but on the inside I know I would be okay with just any navy general outfit since I find that cool.  The coat hanging from the shoulders over a white suit and a cool hat. I wanna try wearing that.

SIYEON: I want to dress as the Joker from Batman.  I want to try dying my hair green with spray.

YOOHYEON: I want to try something unusual so I was thinking that I might say a pumpkin but after thinking about it I think that would be a little too weird so I’m gonna stop thinking about that.

SIYEON: Huh but that would suit you so well.


K-style: On your world tour you visited Asia, South America, and Europe.  What is something unique to the fans of all of those places?

HANDONG:  In Asia, fans will express themselves by clapping.  But in Poland, they did the same thing by stomping their feet.  At first I was surprised and confused but after I heard that is what they were stomping for, I thought “Oh, I see”.

SUA:  The people in Europe and South America copied the outfits we had worn on stage.  They learned the dances and that made me really happy.

GAHYEON: Asia has the “give and take” culture so there were lots of shy fans.

SIYEON:  In Europe and South America, there were often moments I was worried about communication difficulties being pushed to the limit.  We would speak in Korean and then it would get translated but, even before the translation was said, without knowing what we were saying the fans would react and scream for us.  That made me feel so good.

GAHYEON: It gave me the feeling of receiving energy from them.

JIU: I feel like our Japanese InSomnia are very delicate.  THey worry about our condition and if we got hurt on stage or not, they are looking over us with all their hearts.  I really do feel that warmth.

SIYEON: At our promotions in Japan yesterday, people were crying.  I feel like I will see more of that while I am in Japan.


K-style: Finally please give a message to our readers.

JIU: Japanese InSomnia!  You have waited very long for our Japanese debut, haven’t you?  In order for us to have a concert in Japan, we need you to listen to listen lots to our song “What – Japanese ver.-” and fully understand all of the lyrics.  I am so happy we can experience this together. I am very happy Dreamcatcher is so loved and highly anticipated!!


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originial source: KStyle

[TRANS] Dreamcatcher – Bang Bang Bang DAMI rap intro

Dreamcatcher – Bang Bang Bang at 2018 Jeju Hallyu Festival on 181104


Korean Rap


덕질의 德 (덕)

나 我 (나)

한 一 몸 體

Fangirling is a virtue


One body

덕질과 내가 하나가 되는 경지 The stage where fangirling and me become one
나와 덕이 한몸이다

덕 아 일 체

Me and fangirling is one body

Fangirling and my body is one

덕질의 德

나 我

한 一 몸 體

Fangirling is a virtue


One body

덕질과 내가 하나가 되는 경지 The stage where fangirling and me become one
나와 덕이 한몸이다

덕 아 일 체

Me and fangirling is one body

Fangirling and my body is one

내가 덕질을 하는건지

덕질을 나를 하는건지

24시간 쉬지 않는

나는 덕질한다 고로 존재한다

Is it because I’m fangirling?

Is fangirling doing something on me?

I do not rest for 24 hours

I exist as I am obsessed

여기 덕질에 필요한 세가지 덕목

외쳐 WHAT? 외쳐 WHAT?

체력 끈기 그리고 열정 WHAT?

Here are three virtues required for fangirling

Scream WHAT? Scream WHAT?

Physical strength, endurance and passion WHAT?


우린 깨어나 까만 밤과함께


덕질은 불을 질러 심장을 태워

(빵야 빵야 빵야)


우릴 미치게 하고 있어


소리 질러 모두 다 같이


We’re going to wake up with a black night


I’ll set the fans’ mind on fire, I’ll burn your heart

(Bang Bang Bang)


We’re going crazy


Everyone together make some noise

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[TRANS] Kstyle: Dreamcatcher Japan debut, please actively look forward

“Japan debut” DREAMCATCHER left their country today…Please actively look forward to it


pic credit: Happyface Entertainment

Dreamcatcher are setting out on a new adventure.

In preparation of their upcoming Japan debut, Dreamcatcher have left from Gimpo airport to come to Japan.

In relation to their company HappyFace Entertainment, Dreamcatcher have announced their debut single to release on Sunday, November 21st.  It is the title song “What from their Korean 3rd mini album “Alone In The City” in Japanese.

Along with their concerts in Tokyo and Osaka and their special events they are preparing, they are also getting involved with Japanese media doing interviews.

At the start of their world tour, when they announced their new single they had a good reaction from the Japanese fans.  After this debut, we look forward to what they can show us next.

In a statement from their agency, HappyFace Entertainment had this to say: “We are thankful to the Japanese fans who have been paying attention to and giving love to Dreamcatcher even before this debut.  We are running toward this opportunity to get to our fans who have been far from communications, and are appealing to be the face of the new Hallyu wave.”


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source: KStyle

[INFO] Dreamcatcher Japanese album – 21 Nov 2018

Where to buy Dreamcatcher's Japanese Albums (CD + DVD)

label/distributor: Pony Canyon

First Press Limited Edition A [CD + DVD]

M1.What-Japanese Ver.-
M2.Chase Me-Japanese ver.-

What-Japanese Ver.- Music Video
What-Japanese ver.- Making

First Press Limited Edition B [CD + DVD]

M1.What-Japanese Ver.-
M2.Chase Me-Japanese ver.-

"WELCOME TO THE DREAM WORLD in ToKyo" Concert footage
M3.Which a Star
M4.Chase Me
M5.Good Night
M6.Full Moon

CD: 'What' + 'Chase Me'
DVD: 'What' MV + Making
CD: 'What' + 'Chase Me'
DVD: Concert Footage
Pony Canyon ✔ CD
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CD Japan ✔ CD
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Regular Edition [CD only]

M1.What-Japanese Ver.-
M2.Chase Me-Japanese ver.-
M3.I Miss You
[Additional Japanese original song + Photocard x1 (8 versions in total)] - This is limited to the first prints of the Normal Edition.

*'I Miss You' will only be available in this version.
*The version that will be sold on 11/21 will not contain the special photocard.
*Please note that only the selling channels that specify the CD containing a 'special gift' will come with photocards. If there is no specification, the initial preorders may have been filled up, therefore changing the description to not state it (the CDs will hence, not contain the additional gift). Do be careful when you order the CDs especially if you want the photocard!

CD: 'What' + 'Chase Me' + 'I Miss you'
Pony Canyon  ✔ CD
Amazon Japan ✔ CD
Photocard - not specified
Tower Records ✔ CD
✔✖ Photocard
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*Photocard will only be included if it is specified on the product page that the album includes the additional special gift!
Yahoo Japan ✔ CD
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CD Japan ✔ CD
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[TRANS] Dreamcatcher Immortal Songs: ‘Immortality’ Top 10 autumn pop songs special edition

‘Immortality’ Top 10 autumn pop songs special edition … Ben, Lee Sejoon etc. participate


(from left, clockwise) Ben, Lee Sejoon, Dreamcatcher, South Club / picture: Star News

KBS 2TV entertainment music program will show a ‘top 10 pop songs’ special for ‘Immortal Songs – sing a legendary song’ (hereafter ‘Immortal Songs’).

According to the broadcast on the 14th of October, the recording on the 15th of October for ‘Immortal Songs’ that will take place in the new KBS Open Hall in Seoul, Yeongdeungpogu, Yeoeuidodong, is planned to be adjusted to a ‘Top 10 pop songs in November first place special’.

‘Top 10 pop songs’, which was broadcasted for 18 years from 1981 to 1998, is ‘Music Bank’s predecessor as KBS 2TV’s representative song ranking program. Autumn songs from November in 1980 to 1990, that had received a lot of love, are expected to be reinterpreted by the voices of popular singers that appear on ‘Immortal Songs’. It is expected to bring back nostalgia for the fans that remember the music of these times.

This time, Lee Sejoon, V.O.S, Ben, MONNI, South Club and Dreamcatcher are planned to appear as contestants in the glass box and compete in good faith on ‘Immortal Songs’. The broadcast is planned for the 27th of October.


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Original Source: StarNews

[TRANS] Hanbok interview: Dreamcatcher “Until now, only 6.7 out of 10 points, potential is higher”

[HANBOK INTERVIEW] Dreamcatcher “Until now, only 6.7 out of 10 points, potential is higher”


photo: Sports Seoul


(Dreamcatcher Jiu’s improvised four syllable acrostic poem with ‘Dreamcatcher’)

I want to give (deuri) / my heart to my loved ones (im), like diamonds glittering with 10 / carat (kae) is Dreamcatcher / please take a look (chyeo) at us.


The music of the group Dreamcatcher (Jiu, Sua, Siyeon, Handong, Yoohyeon, Dami, Gahyeon) is good to get closer to on Chuseok.

The team name Dreamcatcher’s originates from a native american decorative item, which, while possessing it, has the effect of eliminating nightmares and making one dream good dreams. Chuseok has a meaning that goes perfectly well with that.

The Dreamcatcher members, who released their third mini album ‘Alone In The City’, unfolding their new nightmare story, on the 20th of September at 6pm KST and revealed the title track ‘WHAT’, had time to put on Hanbok and do a Chuseok greeting for the readers of Seoul Sports before their full-scale promotions.

We asked the Dreamcatcher members to assign a score to their promotions from their debut until now. The seven members’ average score was 6.7 points.

The members said: “We still have a long way to go.”, while promising: “Our potential is high”. The following are questions and answers.


Q: Please introduce your third album.


JIU: The nightmare story is continuing, but a different nightmare has started. Previously, we were the reason for [someone] dreaming of nightmares, but this time, the situation changed to us getting nightmares.
The fact that it is a story about a new nightmare, different from the previous one, is exciting.

SUA: First, the background period has changed [compared to] our previous works. If we we explained before why we were dreaming nightmares in and old-fashioned atmosphere, we dealt with stress that you receive in modern times this time. It is a story the listeners can relate to.

GAHYEON: While before, our clothes were adjusted to fit in unity, this time, we keep alive individual characters, each with different clothes and colours.


Q: Please introduce the title track ‘WHAT’


SIYEON: It is a song of the symphonic rock genre that includes shouting and a hook that overflows with addictive qualities and a strong message.

The part where members shout is very impressive, especially Gahyeon and Sua who do it very well


Q: Last year in January, you debuted. Please grade your promotions since then on a scale from 1 to 10.


SIYEON: 3 points. Before our debut [as Dreamcatcher], I thought we were doing well. Now, I also strongly believing that. It still hasn’t met my expectations yet.

YOOHYEON: 1 point. There will be many days I spend with the members in the future. Until the day I die, I want to fill up the remaining 9 points.

JIU: 9 points. Even though we improve day by day, I gave one point less to show ‘instead of showing off, let’s work hard’.

DAMI: 7 points. I’m giving one point for each member, so 7 points is a perfect score. Let’s stack up the remaining 3 points as a team.

HANDONG: 8 points. There is room for more development, we have a lot of potential.

GAHYEON: 9 points. Even though I want to give our teamwork 10 points, we could not yet reach our peak as a team. We have a long way to go.

SUA: 10 points. [Our promotions] have been without a hitch. I want to give 10 points to the fact that we can rely on each other. I want to go on with self-esteem.


photo: Sports Seoul


Q: What is a wish you have for this full moon? What do you wish for your fans?


SIYEON: I want to dilligently practice composing. I want to let our fans hear it as soon as possible. I hope our fans stay the way they are!

YOOHYEON: [I want to] travel somewhere with my mom during this time of rest. If we could go, I would want to travel. I hope our fans will always be healthy.

JIU: I don’t have any wishes. Right now, I am satisfied. I don’t wish for anything lately. I hope our fans, too, can be happy without worries.

DAMI: I wish I could become fluent in a foreign language. To communicate with our foreign fans, I should to be fluent in their languages. I hope our fans are eating and sleeping well. If we start our promotions, they will [probably] not rest, because we need to spend them together.

HANDONG: Personally, I wish I could take the members to my home country, China. To our fans who always do well, I always feel thankful.

GAHYEON: I wish that nobody gets sick, and that you don’t lack anything.

SUA: I think of myself that I am still young, but I wish to grow up. I hope to become a person that will learn a little more. (?) I want to always develop.


Q: What is Dreamcatcher’s full moon wish?


TOGETHER: We want to chart [with our album]. We wish our teams genre fusion of rock and dance will become popular. Since our overseas online streaming results are rising gradually, too, we hope to become a team that goes abroad more. If we went to a variety show, we could probably show funny images of our individual character explanations.


Q: What are your goals and resolutions for the future?


JIU: We will try hard to always show our sharp group dances and powerful performances. We will do our best to achieve our goals without losing our original intentions.


Q: Please make a four syllable acrostic poem with ‘Dreamcatcher’.


SUA: Finally (deu) / loved ones (im), we came back! / Please catch (kae) us, / don’t only look at us (chyeo), come closer!

YOOHYEON: Dreamcatcher (deu) / Loves (im), why are you so cool? / I keep keep (kae/kye) missing you / go to (chyeo) the portal site (?)

SIYEON: deurirong deurirong (deu) [t/n: sound of snoring] / are you sleeping, loved ones? (im) / I came to carry (kae) you, If you don’t get up, / I will attack

JIU: I want to give (deuri) / my heart to my loved ones (im), like diamonds glittering with 10 / carat (kae) is Dreamcatcher / please take a look (chyeo) at us.


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source: Seoul Sports

[TRANS] Happyface Entertainment Ceo Lee interview about Dreamcatcher



Q: I want to hear about the process of Dreamcatcher’s debut.

A: Dreamcatcher members JiU, SuA, Siyeon, Yoohyeon and Dami promoted as the 5-member team MINX before. Gahyeon and Handong had not joined at that time. When we launched MINX, its style was similar to K-POP girl group styles then. The mainstream visual concept was cuteness, liveliness and innocence. There was also a concept of wearing uniforms, so we thought the right concept for MINX would be lively but it was too much of a ‘red ocean’ market then. The competition was too fierce so there was no results. While we did that concept, I could not see the light at all, so I seriously worried for a long time and then I finally decided to change the direction [of MINX]. I figured it was right to do a concept that nobody has done before. A girl group style which our country didn’t have before, it was decided we should do it again with a group concept that is not out before. During MINX’s promotions, all 5 members were receiving praises for ‘doing well’ during the debut promotions and have been friends for a long time ever since they were trainees. As such, I had the confidence that this group of friends were talented and able to do any concept.


Q: What kind of style is Dreamcatcher going for?

A: Dreamcatcher launching point is ‘let’s do what others didn’t do’. To make a distinct change, we added maknae Gahyeon and Chinese member Handong. Firstly, we decided on a dark concept and a non-mainstream music style. We were going for a slightly strong feel in the music, so it is different from girl crush. In terms of the genre, you could call it a pop metal style based on rock music. The main point would be on nightmares.


Q: Can you give a rough estimate of Dreamcatcher’s influence in Japan?

A: Honestly, I think right now it’s not vastly different from K-POP girl groups’ mainstream music. TWICE and Apink both display a cute, lively and innocent concept which I think is mainstream. Through their activities, overseas fans seem to get used to the mainstream music, too, and Dreamcatcher’s music are somewhat non-mainstream in comparison so I think it seems to be more unfamiliar to these overseas fans too. I also think that the Japanese fans have still yet to realise that Dreamcatcher’s music is non-mainstream here. So, we are working hard to promote as to make sure Dreamcatcher’s music style can become mainstream overseas too. Dreamcatcher is preparing to make its official debut in Japan this coming November.


Happyface Entertainment CEO Lee Joowon. photo: reporter Kim Changhyun


Q: I’m curious about the reactions of Dreamcatcher’s other overseas fans outside of Japan, too.

A: There were many successful shows which were already finished in South America and Europe. There are fans from Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Portugal, Spain and more who really like Dreamcatcher’s music, so please do give Dreamcatcher all the support from all over the world and also do cheer a lot for them.


Q: I would like to hear you briefly introduce about Dreamcatcher’s activities this time round.

A: Until the previous album’s title track ‘You and I’, we presented one single fantasy story, with a concept and world view based on having nightmares, while I think I can say that in this time’s album, we escaped from the antique-style nightmare and express stress that we all get behind a modern-style background. It may be filled with some interesting parts.  Through this album, Dreamcatcher has ended one chapter and is also writing a new chapter. My goal is to tell a story that everyone is able to sympathise and relate to. Of course, the characters we had since their debut until now will come out, and we will maintain the story. The music genre of Pop Metal style will remain the same but we picked up a more exciting style. [The music] will be a lot brighter than before, but I don’t think the feel of the music video will become much brighter. Haha.


Q: What kind of girl group do you wish Dreamcatcher would be?

A: Personally speaking… Dreamcatcher does many concerts. So I hope that they grow as a performance-oriented girl group. Speaking of a goal, I hope that they can become a girl group that can hold concerts at concert halls that can accommodate 20,000 people.


Q: Do you still have any promoting idols other than Dreamcatcher?

A: As of now, we are preparing the launch of a new boy group. Woo Jinyoung, who took first place on JTBC’s ‘MIXNINE’, will probably be included [in that group], and they are currently training with the goal of debuting in 2019.


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Source: Starnews