07 Jan 2020 Yoohyeon Fancafe Update

Hullo everyone ~~ Yoohyeon here☺️
This is my third birthday as Dreamcatcher!
Wow… I’ve been with you for so long already.
Welcome to all the new fans ~~ We still
have a long way ahead of us hehe 🥳
I never thought I’d be so loved for being born.
I’m so thankful for the incredible love,
and I’ve decided to accept it gratefully as my good luck hehe Thank you☺️😘
What did you wish for in 2020?
I wish all people could be happy at all times, but I didn’t want to force happiness on people so I wished for you to hold on in the face of hardships!
Life may give you many hard days,
but the hard days are what makes the happiness shine more brightly. So!! Even on hard days, let’s keep thinking we’re by each other’s sides and keep a positive attitude! And I will really be rooting for you! 😊
Happy birthday to me, but to all of you about to celebrate your birthdays, thank you for being born, and I love you!

Yoohyeon’s translation:
Hi this is dreamcatcher’s YOOHYEON.
This is the 3rd birthday since I debuted.
Wow we’ve been together for a long time.
And people who just got into here, Welcom! There’s a long way to walk with.
I’d never thought that to be loved like this. So I’m sooo thanksful. What did you wish for 2020? I hope everyone would be happy, but sometimes I feel like giving pressures to be happy so… I just wished that when everyone face to tough situations, to go through well ( omg I can’t translate anymore it’s too hard )
So I mean! We’re gonna cheer you up in your whole life. Thanks for being here everybody☺️


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